Well, thanks! Was it difficult to learn the talkbox? Roger Troutman’s music and Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” were inspirations for the talkbox section of this arrangement. Slider cover I made. Games Movies TV Video. New Year's Themes • Groundhog Day Themes • Festivale Theme • Bunny Day Theme • Cherry Blossom Festival Themes • Sports Fair Themes • Morning Aerobics Theme • Fireworks Show Theme • Halloween Theme • Harvest Festival Theme • Toy Day Theme • Fishing Tourney & Bug-Off Theme • Timed Minigame Theme, Ceremony Themes • Fanfares and Jingles • Introduction Theme • Kapp'n's Song • Prologue Theme • Saving Tunes • Title Theme • Town Tune • Video Game Themes, amiibo Festival Music • Game Boy Advance Remixes • Happy Home Designer Music • Mario Kart 8 Themes • Puzzle League Music • Super Smash Bros. Remixes, Animal Crossing: City Folk ~Forest Concert~• Animal Crossing Sound CD: K.K. Animal Crossing Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I listened to the original “live” version that K.K. Guide:November deep-sea creature list (New Horizons). Cruisin' Animal Crossing - … The cover art is a possible reference to American hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg's album Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told, and is extremely similar to the cover of British R&B singer Mark Morrison's album Return of the Mack. Slider cover I made. Cruisin’” was one of the first examples of video game jazz being uploaded to YouTube that I can remember. You mention that you were originally planning on making a more laid-back arrangement for this cover. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mix, Animal Crossing - Your Favourite Songs - Original Soundtrack, Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori Original Soundtrack, https://animalcrossing.fandom.com/wiki/K.K._Cruisin%27?oldid=512073, The cover art is a possible reference to American hip-hop artist. This has been my favorite K.K. I basically arranged this song as if it were a typical vocal arrangement, as I’ve done several vocal arrangements on my channel before. I love the remix and the video! If you had to give advice to other VGM creators on crowdsourced collaborations, what would it be? How did the talkbox inform the arrangement? In this age of social distancing, collaborations are a way for artists to engage with each other and with their fans. The talkbox was pretty difficult to learn at first! This isn't unique to this video, but I really enjoy your arrangement overview that you display at the start of your recent covers. I likely wouldn’t make a second arrangement of K.K. You mentioned in your video description that you were inspired by The Consouls cover of K.K. Before “K.K. Choice! This is the newest orchestral K.K. Encourage people to have fun and make it as easy as possible for people to participate! K.K. I learned that many of the systems that I put in place to make the crowdsourcing part easier were, in fact, effective, and I should continue to use them in the future! Cruisin' - Animal Crossing Wiki. I wanted to create a way to entice a viewer to watch the video for longer without introducing any unnecessary audio introduction to the videos (since that would disrupt people who put my music into playlists on YouTube!). JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/acnh, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Cruisin' WITH LYRICS - Animal Crossing Cover - YouTube "K.K. This is the newest orchestral K.K. Would you ever consider doing a second “K.K. Cruisin’” is one for the history books. 1 hour ago. Oh, and a talkbox. If I had to make another one, though, I would probably opt for a more chill version, similar to Tsuko G’s version. Let me know what you think! song since the original game. plays in-game and did my best to notate the lyrics that he sings as lyrics in the sheet music! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If I had to make another one, though, I would probably opt for a more chill version, similar to Tsuko G’s version. Yes! Crowdsourced collaborations are a great way to get to see the faces of people in your community (which is a rare event, especially if you don’t play many live shows), and that’s such a rewarding feeling. Submitted: Apr 20, 2011 by (Last updated: Apr 20, 2011) 4.5. Whether you’re an Animal Crossing fan or an insaneintherainmusic fan, there’s no denying that Carlos’s cover of “K.K. Cruisin', Fifteen Years Later, Shadow of the Colossus Still Feels Huge, Your Fall Guys Addiction Starts With Your Ears, Stunning Medley Pays Tribute to FamilyJules, How APE OUT Continues Jazz's Evolution in a New Digital Frontier, Inherent Racism in VGM’s Underrepresentation of Black Musical Cultures, VGM Is Not a Brand (And It's Not Your Brand). I was trying to think of ways to make my videos more interesting for people who may not know who I am or have any existing interest in my videos. It just took a lot of rewinding and listening, but I think the lyrics are pretty close to what K.K. Alternately, if you had to develop another arrangement for this track right now, what would you do? What lessons did you learn from your last Crowdsourced Collaboration video and how did you apply them to this cover? It was interesting trying to incorporate the jazzy and hip-hop elements from both versions of the song into the orchestra, but I think it turned out pretty well. The hardest part is matching up the lengths of the notes that you’re singing/saying with the actual note length that you’re playing on the keyboard! Cruisin'" is a K.K. actually sings. Cruisin’” submissions as easy as possible, so I simply asked people to record their submissions using their phones and had them listen to a backing track that was provided in the YouTube announcement video itself, so nobody was required to download any files! K.K. Cruisin’”, I did three Crowdsourced Collaborative videos: “Home” from UNDERTALE (released November 2015), “Alight (Storm)” from Fire Emblem Fates (released July 2016), and “Big Blue” from F-Zero (released April 2017). I created this arrangement overview to do just that--provide a brief overview of the arrangement at the beginning of the video that entices a viewer to stick around for longer without spoiling exactly what the arrangement sounds like from the outset. Cruisin' (Animal Crossing) Guitar Tab. Doing these various community activities helped me understand efficient ways to convey information to the participants and efficient ways to collect their submission! I also learned the difference between CC and BCC in email…I won’t go into the details of that, but I did mess that up a bit! Awesome cover! There you have it—all it takes some insane coordination and a lot patience to create a mega-collaboration like this one. String Player Gamer, Animal Crossing, K.K. I’ve played this song many times during video game jam sessions, and I always think of this version when I do! Go-go was the main one. For example, I wanted to make the “K.K. Cruisin’, since I’m pretty happy with this one as is! I watched a lot of YouTube videos and even took a private lesson on how to use the talkbox effectively! K.K. K.K. Would you ever consider doing a second “K.K. Cruisin'” cover? Yes, I would love to! Maybe Charlie’s project will change that! 's lyrics? You might be wondering, how does one person collaborate with almost 300 participants? Animal Crossing: City Folk ~Forest Concert~, Animal Crossing Sound CD: K.K. Wikis. Choice! Were there any other musical genres or techniques that you drew upon for this arrangement? I think my voice through the talkbox ended up sounding a bit more deep than K.K.’s is in-game, but it was still effective and conveyed what I was trying to! I also learned that my computer can’t handle playing back over 250 individual videos at once, haha, so I had to find workarounds to make the video rendering possible!