Join our linker program. Shot location data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons. Raja Bell and Kobe Bryant will forever be linked because of Bell's clothesline of Bryant in the 2006 NBA playoffs.. in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. This was pure competition and wanting to be the best. Like many players from the 1990s and 2000s, Raja Bell had his fair share of battles with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Players with careers of similar quality and shape (thru 2019-20), Note, this is done in an automated way, so we apologize for any errors, & please. And then, obviously, when I dug in a little bit more, we found out it was really true. I've played against some greats, but that's just a fact. During a first … Like all of his peers, Bell was shocked and saddened when he learned that his former rival had passed away in a helicopter accident in Calabasas, CA on Sunday morning. Position: Naturally, one game isn't everything, but the results can be fascinating. These questions and many more, are answered here. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Who averaged more points in playoffs? I was with my kids at a basketball tournament, and that was kind of eerie for me. And that's just a fact. This was pre-social media, pre we all play together on the AAU circuit and we're all friends. We present them here for purely educational purposes. And they'll know what the 'Mamba' was. the official stats partner of the NBA. Bryant and Bell specifically had a couple of memorable matchups in the postseason when Bell was a member of the Phoenix Suns. Here's what Bell had to say about how Bryant's patented "Mamba Mentality" changed the game: "I think Kobe is one of the throwback type of players. Raja Bell still manages to get asked Kobe Bryant-related questions 12 years after an on-court incident with the five-time champion. I didn't get to see MJ in his prime -- I got to see him when he was a Wizard already. Shoots: The two also squared off against each other in the 2001 NBA Finals when Bell suited up for the Philadelphia 76ers. Bryant's legacy is built on the success that he had on the court, but he will also be defined by the impact that he had on the generations of players that came after him and used his renown focus and determination to motivate themselves. Do you have a sports website? Click Season link for player's season game log, College Basketball at, Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history. Comments? We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Who won more championships? Like many players from the 1990s and 2000s, Raja Bell had his fair share of battles with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. "Kobe is going to be, I don't know, top-five all-time, I would imagine -- in my book, certainly,' Bell said. "This one hurts, and hits home especially hard. Anytime someone gets snatched in their prime, so to speak, or before you would think it was their time to go, it hurts. Land of Basketball is a fan website, for official NBA information visit National Basketball Association's website. "Again, you talked about his ability to cross generations there, so you'd have that generation that was kind of just leaving the league that knows what he was as a young No. I think Kobe introducing some of those younger players to the mindset he approached the game with, and the greats before him approached the game with, was really important because it's a true competitor's mindset. Suggestions? It's not a stretch to say that Bell's battles with Bryant boosted his rep around the league, and as such he appreciated every opportunity that he had to square off against one of the game's all-time greats. Florida International University, High School: Find out more. Because he was a friend and a competitor, and he was bigger than basketball. The former Phoenix Suns guard opened up … Copyright 2020. - All rights reserved. And then you have a generation later that remembers what two-four looked like, and he scored 60 in his last game, or 61 -- whatever it was -- against the Jazz. Data Provided By Bell and Bryant didn't always see eye-to-eye. by Kevin Pelton, 5/11/06 In "Every Play Counts,"'s Kevin Pelton focuses on one player, team or matchup in a single game, looking to explain how and why they succeed or fail. Who won more MVP awards? I thought it was great for those young guys to get a true voice of wisdom in there and let people know what it was really about.". And, ultimately, when you're playing a sport, it's competition. "I relished every opportunity to get a chance to play against the greats just because I had been a fan of the game for so long, and Kobe was that," Bell said. All Rights Reserved. Are you a Stathead, too? Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. Logos were compiled by the amazing He was the type of guy that when you put your mind to something, and you put your mind to do something, not only you do it but you do it well. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Boston University, In fact, Bell previously admitted to "hating" Bryant during their playing days, but the respect was always there, as it was with seemingly every player that Bryant played with or against. Raja Bell - Career stats, game logs, biographical info, awards, and achievements for the NBA and NCAA. So, again I'm at a loss for real true words to eloquently say how sad I am.". "Kobe was in the same breath as [Michael Jordan] for me. Bryant and Bell specifically had a … Play-by-play data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons. Do you have a blog? Who scored more points in his career? Privacy Policy. It is a I-want-to-be-the-best mindset. ▪