While this is fine on the jobsite, it didn’t exactly cut it on the trails, or even on the ranch. The steering wheels and shift knob are new for Kubota and they both have a comfortable and solid feel. Isn’t that exactly what you want in any UTV? Kubota made sure to offer you several choices of tires and wheels to make your RTV-XG850 standout from the rest. Related Read: Check out our visit to the Kubota Sidekick Experience. One feature we really like about the Sidekick is the routine maintenance tasks. Sawyer Rob . All rights reserved. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our, Wrenches, Drivers, Pliers & Socket Reviews, John Deere Gator UTV Updates – 2020 vs 2021, 2019 Greenworks Media Event – New Greenworks Tools, https://www.bobcat.com/utility-products/toolcat/features, EGO Lawn Mower Reviews 2020 | What to Know Before You Buy, Honda Introduces More Powerful GC Series Engines, Loftek Nova Power Jump Starter 2200A (G21), Simpson 2300 PSI Pressure Washer Clean Machine CM60976, EGO Select Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Video Review, Greenworks 60V 300W Power Inverter Review, Tool Manufacturers and Tool Brands by Logo, Building the Kubota Sidekick UTV RTV-XG850. Our recent experience let us experience building the Kubota sidekick for ourselves. I don't think it would turn them up here on flat ground with some old snow around them. Sparks flew off steel as we walked past. On the trail the RTV-XG850 Sidekick is quiet and smooth! Our recent experience let us experience building the Kubota sidekick for ourselves. I really liked the Can-Am defender but it was quite a bit more expensive than the Kubota. That’s not a bad thing, mind you. The doors however do their job. The problem is, CVTs work in both directions, and it’s equally quick in reverse, bordering on too aggressive. We would surmise they would much prefer better control for backing up, hooking up a trailer, or for any slow operation, and having the quickest acceleration is far down their list of priorities. 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Adding to the reliability side of the Sidekick is a fully-sealed starter system for reliable engine starts in any condition. It’s just hard to believe these UTVs are carrying the weight of our typical full-size light trucks. We can’t say enough about the durable steel box and tailgate on the Sidekick. The snowmobile companies have been refining CVTs for over 60 years, and that is a lot of knowledge to catch up on. Next, they apply an electric voltage to the part. Alloy Wheel is Standard on Special Edition model. I have to be very careful as I back out of the garage or in a tight spot, as it can get out of control quickly. Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is standard equipment on each Sidekick. Stiffening ribs give it rigidity and it’s built to last. Want more? The shoulder bolsters offer support from the driver’s left side and passenger’s right when cornering. While the sport machines get the press and the sometimes heated discussions on the internet, or around the campfire, if you go to the dealerships and ask what machines they need to have on the sales floor, you’re going to hear the word “utility” a lot. A second change we would make would be to the cab area. About the last thing you’d want to do is be driving along under load and have the steering feel sketchy. You can also order your Sidekick with an electric over hydraulic power lift, or you can add it as an accessory later. We did manage to high-center on a log once, but the differential lock got all wheels clawing at the ground to break us free. As you speed up the assist is backed off and at very low speeds the power steering makes driving the machine pretty nice. It excels at simple jobs like hauling landscape bark, but it has no problem with heavy loads of sod, dirt, or bales. These cookies do not store any personal information. Henry Ford once said: “You can have any color Ford you want, as long as it’s Black.” Kubota said it’s time to change that nonsense, so you can choose more than just Kubota Orange. . I looked at the John Deere Gators and was not impressed by the design of creature comforts or price. - OUR WEBSITES -ATV Trail Rider | Planete Quad | Quadnet | Passion Motoneige | Custom Tour. This would let you dump the cargo box from inside the cab and make handling those heavy loads much easier. We’re also happy to have doors for lower leg protection and they close securely without rattling around on the trail. When it comes time to get the job done, we’ll gladly take a stiffer ride over a bottoming-out machine any day. A diesel engine has a ton of torque and can run forever. The cooling air for the clutch assembly comes from a duct that is above the frame rail under the bed and exhausts via the roll cage but the combustion air for the engine comes via a plastic duct that runs from the air cleaner, under the floor and above the skid pan to the front of the vehicle and ends above the right inner fender. The same goes for the back glass as well. A 4,000 lb Superwinch is another accessory that ranks toward the top interest. Although Kubota is not exactly interested in recreational riding, the RTV-XG850 would make a nice addition to any large property. I get out of the problem by bleeding the fuel line bleeder were the fuel goes into engine. Kubota release High speed Gas Utility Vehicles RTV-XG850 Sidekick. The plant houses 4 main buildings to handle turf, UTV, and more. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The problem is, CVTs work in both directions, and it’s equally quick in reverse, bordering on too aggressive. Not a farmer but a retired army veteran that’s slowly falling apart physically. After welding, KMA E-coats the parts, which places a sort of primer on the metal in preparation for the powder coating process. We did not get to see a breakaway of the clutch internals but it sounds familiar in some ways to other CVT transmissions with the same centrifugal clutching. The motor is fed by electronic fuel injection and there is a cool Idle Speed Control system that helps control the engine speeds at lower RPMs. I believe that the design team hit it out the ball park. Multipurpose (crossover) UTV purchases grew by 12% last year, while the rest of the UTV market shrunk. The problem is, the shape also helps keep you out. #utv #atv #ope #outdoors #lawncare #landscaping #landscapersofinstagram #kubota #ranching #turf, A post shared by OPE Reviews (@opereviews) on Aug 23, 2018 at 8:33am PDT. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Up front, you’ll find an overbuilt and very protective front bumper assembly. Out back, you’ll see that Kubota added a standard headache rack to protect the occupants of the cab from anything coming from behind the machine. It’s worth it! Both 2WD and 4WD selections are handled (literally) via the center-mounted lever between and below the driver and passenger seating. They produce some of the hardest working UTVs out there as well. When you want to go faster, the Sidekick will reach speeds up to 40mph. I love the acceleration and solid build. Kubota redesigned much of their interior components to go along with the all-new machine, so you’re not getting anything in the Sidekick that has carried over from previous Kubota RTVs. The seats are highly bolsters for comfort and they keep your body planted, a nice feature especially when you’re driving in uneven terrain. Kubota reports that its RTV is a durable and powerful vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes and under many different terrain conditions. The conveyor moved the frames past the powder coat process into an area where they baked in an oven. You must log in or register to reply here. The “almost” half doors provide lower leg and foot protection from worksite or trail debris. It’s happy to work all day, but is also great for casual rides through the woods, and during hunting season it was perfect for hauling back a whitetail. The neighbors love riding over in the side kick in fact one as just bought one after helping me a few times. I would like to stiffen the ride a bit. The neighbor hunts and has farmlands that he rents out but goes down to hunt and fish the property and loves it.