Stuffed animals are welcome here and wearing them, or occasionally hurling them, is allowed and appreciated. For more than two decades, Berkner has been successfully creating children’s music with catchy, engaging, empowering songs, a guitar and soothing vocals. I like to feel paid attention to, acknowledged and loved. "Definitely come ready to dance and be involved," she says. After working as a summer-camp music counselor, she spent several years as a children's music specialist for day care centers and preschools in the New York area. Singer, guitarist, violinist, and electric bass player Brian Mueller grew up in both New York and New Jersey. Berkner is married to Brian Mueller, who was formerly a bassist in the Laurie Berkner Band. I just really feel grateful to be alive.”. Saying that her performances are interactive doesn’t quite explain what happens. [7] Berkner also played a free concert in Central Park to celebrate Earth Day, which was attended by fifteen thousand people.[8]. trying to explain to her why her music is so significant to me and how it is my happiest happy place. As her day job, she was a children's music teacher. Luckily, the engineer I was working with knew right away that it would be a hit and really encouraged me to put it first on the album–which led me to name the album after a line from the song (“We are the dinosaurs, whaddaya think of that?”). "I was getting up early to sing with kids and play children's birthday parties on the weekends. It’s a concert by "kindie-rock" star Laurie Berkner, ... Laurie’s daughter, Lucy, was born. "With the kids, I could play a song that I wrote and they would love it," she says. On the theatrical front, she's working on her third off-Broadway children's musical, "Interstellar Cinderella," for the New York City Children's Theatre. This special virtual concert event is the fifth in this series, and your ticket helps support the team in continuing operations during in-person concert cancellations! Bring your holiday cheer, your dancin’ shoes, an animal (for your head), and your whole family! She’ll be playing some birthday party songs, sharing some virtual cake, and singing Happy Birthday! [5] Laurie has also authored two e-books, Party Day and Candy Cane Jane. Get the New Album "Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes"! – Opportunity for parents to chat with fellow families in the Virtual Waiting Room while you await your turn in line "I remember one day going to one of the children's parties and thinking, 'This is so much more fun than doing the rock band.'" Other media has come calling as well. 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She played various instruments, loved to sing, act things out and dreamed of being on Broadway. The shows are highly-acclaimed, and we welcome fans of all ages and abilities! Berkner's audience increased dramatically when she appeared on The Today Show in 2001. - IMDb Mini Biography By: woodyanders Spouse (1) Laurie Berkner (? at the time i was also performing in a couple of rock bands, and I remember doing the show solo – wishing i had a band with me! If you are part of the under 10 set her show is a hot ticket. Let them play while you check your spot in the virtual line. [5] In 2009, Bob Golden became the band's drummer after producing "Rocketship Run," as well as "We Are The Laurie Berkner Band" and all of her songs for Jack's Big Music Show. It was too much physically. Sing, dance, and play interactive games through your device with Laurie Berkner as she performs your favorite songs, interacts with you through the computer, and brings in a few surprises – from her house to yours! Berkner applied and got the job, though she admits to being initially dazed at how to manage a large group of kids. “Experiencing the vibration from the music and sharing it in one room is really special.” She loves the meet and greets after the show because she truly loves the connection and the hope of possibly inspiring a lifelong love of music in others. Her music is generally in a major key and in what Berkner calls the "human tempo" of 100–120 beats per minute, approximately the speed of walking or marching. Join Laurie for 2 FULL weeks of daily weekday Facebook Live mini-concerts! The daily 30-minute event consists of Berkner performing a variety of her songs, reading books and encouraging children and families to wash their hands and social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s a simple way you can help save the world? In early 2006 he quit the group to pursue a masters degree in psychology. So we went to a child's party and my daughter was putting on a dance show to a CD, which included the Bumblebee song and We are the Dinosaurs. Best-selling children's recording artist Laurie Berkner remembers her early days splitting her time between playing in a rock band in bars by night and singing for kids by day. This is the virtual lobby and you can come back anytime – shop merch for the show, watch a video, or print a star to color and bring to the concert! [6] The album contained original songs like "We Are the Dinosaurs" and "I Know a Chicken", along with covers of classics like "The Cat Came Back" and "Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)". SIGN UP FOR OUR FAN CLUB BELOW TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL ABOUT THE LIVESTREAMS AND WHEN OUR IN-PERSON CONCERTS ARE BACK. (Optional) Tell us your fan's birthday to get a special happy birthday email once a year! FREE! -Need-Based tickets are for people experiencing financial need. Berkner and her band have been recognized for starting the “kindie rock” movement, a folk-rock type music that is not dumbed down for kids. Not your birthday? Those appearances boosted her profile and brought her a whole new set of listeners. Would you like to legally perform Laurie Berkner’s music live in your classroom or event? I had goals, but I don’t know… now I feel like when I put aside work and I just snuggle on the couch, I just feel happy. “As soon as [her daughter Lucy] became a toddler, she was keenly aware of me being nearby but inaccessible during the shows, and even more so during meet-and-greets when many other children found their way onto my lap. Here are some questions that berkner’s fans submitted via social media, along with her answers. -Support the Laurie Berkner Band while they are unable to perform regular concerts! A: Pat the Bunny! She performs a solo show at Ravinia on Saturday.