VLV valve PHMS pilot helmet sight system HK hook NAVAIR naval air systems command DRMO defense reutilization & marketing office ESGN electrically suspended gyro navigator (an/wsn-3(v)) FBM fleet ballistic missile submarine training center AFB airframe bulletin (tdc 74) PG page DODISS department of defense index of specifications and standards BRU boresight reticle unit RT remote terminal REA request for equitable adjustment SCP software change proposal PDSL power demand signal left EIA electronic industries association QEB quick engine bulletin (tdc 04) Apparently it was first posted in … EDR equivalent direct radiation TQE2 tqe right LSM lvdt self monitor XADR transmit address WPAFB wright patterson ait force base RTA receiver-transmitter antenna ENVIR environment ISEE integrated software engineering environment SONAR MT sonar maintenance trainer PMS program management system MT mission trainer DT&E development test and evaluation PPM expenses may be reimbursed by the military. CCDL cross channel data link COSAL consolidated shipboard allowance list CSOG communications security operational group SPHR sphere SLAC shelf life action code IECM inflight engine conditioning monitoring A store at a military installation that sells merchandise and services to military personnel and authorized civilians. SO standing orders DSSA domain specific software architecture STIR separate track and illuminating radar APARS automated printing and retrieval system AF air force MTBUR mean time between unscheduled removal FOM facilitate other maintenance OBE overcome by events MB megabyte H/W hardware RECO remote command and control IGNRQ ignition request OICC officer in charge of construction SCM software configuration management FSCM federal supply code manufacturers COTS container ship off-load transfer system I/I inboard/inboard SQPP software quality program plan SADR selective address DIVERTR diverter SLCMP software life cycle management plan MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system JPTDS junior participating tactical data system O&MN operations and maintenance, navy C/SCSC cost/schedule control system criteria DSMC defense systems management college HCP hardness critical process UHF ultra high frequency DWNLD download SEAFOX special warfare craft light JTFEX joint task force exercise PIM point of intended movement CSDS control speed drive starter OSI open systems interconnection (iso standard) REL release FID file identification DISP display NAVMACS naval modular automated communications systems (an/syq-7(v)3) SEE software engineering environment SWDP software development plan MCP maximum continuous power ACFT aircraft DODD department of defense directive GTA ground test article HEADSHED ntsc headquarters building 2024 MGW mission gross weight YC open lighter (non self-propelled) TUNA tunable attribute display sub-system DRS doppler radar system ADLAT advanced low altitude technique TAGB tilt axis gearbox DSI delivered source instruction VIDS/MAF vids maintenance action form RVDT rotary variable differential transformer (transducer) SIMAS sonar in-situ mode assessment RSQ rescue ID identification Sometimes it feels like the military has a language all its own made entirely of acronyms and abbreviations. FDCS flight deck communication system (an/src-47) HMPC hazardous maintenance procedures code OPTAR operating target (expense) YFN covered lighter (non self-propelled) YFRN refrigerated covered lighter (non selfpropelled) GFAE government furnished aeronautical equipment A temporary assignment at a location other than a service member’s permanent duty station. PSO/NO-AIR pressure shut off no air HPM high power microwave FSI functionally significant item CALT control altitude HIRP harpoon imaging infrared program ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures TDC trident data center YTM medium harbor tug (self-propelled) IACS integrated acoustic communication system ST self test VTO vertical takeoff MIL-STD military standard AK cargo ship (misc) SEQ sequence DPS data processing subsystem RMP risk management plan SES surface effect ship GAO government accounting office ACN advance change notice MPN military personnel-navy (appropriation) ELOS single channel anti-jam CMAN configuration management CPU central processing unit VDI video GOE government owned equipment DC data collection APADE automated purchase and accounting data entry AAFES: Army and Air Force Exchange Service. ESTG easting FWD forward Service members may PCS every few years. PMC part mission capable OEI one engine inoperative SAMT simulated aircraft maintenance trainer LED light emitting diode SOV shut off valve WL water line RABFAC radar beacon forward air control TDMA time division multiple access This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. HP high pressure PBR river patrol boat (river/roadstead craft) VTOL vertical takeoff and landing SWCM special warfare craft, medium OSR on site representative PMCM part mission capable maintenance MTMS model 901 test and maintenance software POAM plan of action and milestones DMG digital map generator PG patrol combatant ship CADCAM computer automated design computer aided manufacturing A temporary, secured operational position that supports strategic goals and tactical objectives. NMCS not mission capable supply SMR source, maintenance, and recoverability WSPD weapon system planning data HST hoist EOGWCM electro-optical guided weapons countermeasures METS mobile electronic test set ICAO international civil aviation organization DDN design decision notice SLS sea level standard NAVSUPFAC naval supply facility VSI vertical speed indicator LANTIRN low altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night I/ITSC interservice/industry training systems conference JUSTIS joint uniform services technical information system TTACT table top aircrew coordination trainer DTL data-time logged ESS environmental stress screening CAIS-A common apse interface set - revision a ITO identifying technical order FTP functional test procedure TAC table assignment chart CSS central security service NBC nuclear, biological and chemical PPB power plant bulletin (tdc 01) FM/GS fuel management/gauging system FMI failure mode indicator ABU analog backup FLR flare IMTC intermodal compatibility SPF single point failure GFWS ground proximity warning system DEG degrees FOV field of view RU replaceable unit The retailer that operates post exchanges on Army and Air Force installations. CMDS cockpit management display system ETE estimated time enroute LRG logistics review group TBA to be assigned MMH maintenance manhours YDT diving tender (non self-propelled)(misc) WS wing stow FQT formal qualification testing PACR power assurance check right