Growing up, he was constantly berated and bullied for his grotesque features, witch gave him an excuse to indulge his bloodlust. She behaves like a 70's housewife, dealing with food preparations while her husband is at work and her son out frolicking. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 leans much more heavily into the dark humor that was barely present in the first film. Be the first to share what you think! Coming out of the One: 12 Collective series, this horror icon is packed with bloody accessories. none of sally hardesty's testimony. ._3Y33QReHCnUZm9ewFAsk8C{border-radius:4px;object-fit:cover;object-position:center}._2PgeQeeIxIIadT5yPWlaTh{bottom:-4px;right:-12px} his victims. My series include Hellraiser, Candyman, Abarat and Books of Blood (the new film adaptation is now on Hulu). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Also, in the TCM movie a few years back they flat out say he's male and in the 2003 movie his name's Thomas... but I'm thinking you're only speaking of the 1974 movie. He has been the Collectibles Editor since late 2019. No files are hosted on our server. This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. The use of the singular they isn't universally accepted as being proper grammar. In the commentary Toby Hooper kind of addresses that. Matches Jason's strength for a short period of time before Jason disarms him, Throws a body on the Hitchhiker, knocking him to the ground, Jason partially cuts through his wrist and he is able to keep fighting, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Fightin' fools like he's Malcolm McDonald. The One:12 Collective Leatherface comes complete with 3 equally gruesome head portraits, including the infamous "Pretty Woman" and "Old Lady" masks, as seen in the film. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ", "Leatherface packs a nightmarish arsenal including a chainsaw with revving sound with 2 add-on blood splatter FX, a mallet with add-on blood splatter FX, a cleaver, a bone knife, and a bucket. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/, Cuts off the faces of his victims to turn into masks, but performs a sloppier job than most of his other iterations due to his old age, Calmly sews a face mask onto his own face without screaming or otherwise reacting to the pain, This timeline follows the events of the 2003 remake simply titled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, its 2006 prequel film titled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and the majority of the Texas Chainsaw comics, Appearances: Pre-Leatherface Transformation | Post-Leatherface Transformation | Unmasked, Family Members: Charlie "Hoyt" Hewitt (brother), Luda Mae Hewitt (mother), Monty Hewitt (uncle), Jedidiah Hewitt (nephew), Henrietta Hewit (cousin(? report; no comments (yet) sorted by: q&a (suggested) best top new controversial old random live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? Lifts a girl off of her feet with one hand, After Tink throws his Walkman into the oven, he forces Tink to take it out using his good hand, Charges a man and cuts off his head before the man can react, Gets knocked to the ground after a car reverses into him, Gets hit in the head several times with a large rock until he sinks into the water, but it is later shown that he survived, He bashes his head against a tree multiple times as punishment for letting his victims get away, Gets hit across the face with the end of a gun, Sneaks up right behind one of his victims without her noticing, Knows how to spell, but is unable to distinguish a clown from food, Battles a man in the water without his chainsaw, ultimately winning the encounter, [Limit] An average athletic man is able to avoid his attacks and disarm him, Hears someone step on a branch outside of his cabin, Gets distracted easily, not finishing an easy kill after someone else calls out to him, His chainsaw is his prized possession as it symbolizes his family's trust in him, and he gets enraged when it is broken, Family Members: Vilmer Slaughter (brother(? AMA! ._2fN55zgax6VM7DyEl9pOmM{cursor:default;-ms-flex:1 1 50%;flex:1 1 50%;margin-bottom:12px}._3KNaG9-PoXf4gcuy5_RCVy{-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;margin-top:2px}._26kBTuLE_sSZzRBwU7HLij{font-size:14px;font-weight:500;line-height:18px;color:var(--newCommunityTheme-titleText)}._1hNyZSklmcC7R_IfCUcXmZ{font-size:12px;font-weight:400;line-height:16px;color:var(--newCommunityTheme-metaText);margin-left:4px} She is also presumably responsible for the lovely decorations that adorn the house. He also holds an even stronger desire to impress his family. It wasn't for a sacrificial purpose, but when I saw the scene it instantly reminded me of DBD. These will take you Leatherface display to new deadly levels. Plus, the sounds she makes throughout the movie are fairly high-pitched for a man that size..! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Leatherface Deluxe Edition from Mezco Toyz will be priced at $100. Even though his family doesn't always treat him the best, he values the concept of family above all else and will become enraged if his family is put in danger. 0 comments. Mezco Toyz put a … no comments yet. In the movie, Leatherface literally puts a girl on a meat hook. personality of sawyer's, activated whenever he. Sort by. Franklin: They just shoot a bolt in their head, and then retract it. donned a crude face mask fashioned from the flesh of. leatherface game shadow of massacre Clic en el botón "JUGAR AHORA", situado en la parte superior izquierda de este mismo post. best. And if this is the case, what are the filmmakers trying to say? THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE LEATHERFACE FIGURE FEATURES: Each One:12 Collective The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Leatherface – Deluxe Edition figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind. By the way Leatherface moves and acts, being so agressively uncaring about the victims and the way they're just meat to be hunted and cleaned and skinned and eaten/worn, I'd bet that Leatherface is male. This Leatherface is also far more sympathetic than his previous iterations. Leatherface is a 2017 American horror film directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, written by Seth M. Sherwood, and starring Stephen Dorff, Vanessa Grasse, Sam Strike, and Lili Taylor. There is nudity, extreme violence and gore. I lean Hannibal since not only is he skilled fighter, but a genius. After attaching a chain to a man's legs, he lifts him off the ground by pulling on the other side, Makes a small cut in a door with his chainsaw before breaking through it practically unhindered, Easily knocks a metal barrel aside to chase after a victim, Reaches and grabs a victim through a wooden wall, Sends a woman stumbling into a wall with little effort, Breaks the leg off of a large wooden desk with a single swing of a hammer, crushing a man underneath, Easily carries a decently sized man over his shoulder, Breaks a man's arm by hitting him with the bottom of his chainsaw, After sticking his chainsaw through a man's back, he lifts the man into the air and tosses him to the side, Crashes through the side of a barn to attack some choir girls, After a quick chainsaw battle with a large FBI agent, Leatherface disarms him, After hiding in an underground tunnel, he cuts and breaks through the ground, grabs a man by the leg and drags him into the depths, Cuts a motorcycle in half with a single swipe of his chainsaw, After chasing a man through hanging sheets for a short while, he cuts the man off and saws off his foot, Slices a fleeing woman's back before she can escape, Catches up to a girl in a truck before she can drive off of the property, pulling her out of the truck with a hook, Exits the meat plant at about the same time as one of his victims and is still able to get in her escape vehicle before she does without her noticing, After a woman escapes his family’s home and begins to travel down a river, he is able to cut her off at the bottom of a waterfall and kill her, Enters a room and cuts off a man’s head before he can react, Kills two police officers before they can shoot him, Cuts off a man’s legs before he can escape of the stairs, After partially sawing through his own leg, being kicked in the face several times, getting kicked in his wounded leg, having his arm chopped off, and seemingly succumbing to his injuries, he is still able to catch up to one of his victims for one final swipe of his chainsaw before she drives away, Gets stabbed in the side with a screwdriver which hurts him but ultimately doesn't hinder him, After getting slashed across the face with a knife, and hit in the head by a man with a metal tool of some sort, he quickly recovers and kills one of his attackers, Is unharmed after a truck he was in crashes on the side of the road, Gets sent flying after a truck runs into him at high speeds, Is unharmed after a grenade blows up part of the room he was in, Gets pushed out of the back of a moving truck, Is unharmed after a motorcycle he cut in half blows up in his face, Appears behind a man and hits him in the head with a hammer, After the Hewitt property had been secured by the authorities, he still attacks and kills two officers investigating the basement, Appears behind a man and puts his chainsaw through his back before he or the woman he was talking to notice him, Puts salt on a wounded man's leg stump and wraps it, preparing him to be eaten, Skillfully removes a man's face to create a mask, Unlike most other incarnations of the character, he is skilled at sewing, resulting in better looking face masks, Kills at least three police officers by himself, Throws a hatchet and cuts a man's arm off, Locates where one of his victims is hiding after hearing a rat squeak, After he realizes his victim is hiding inside a cow carcass, he moves the beef line so that she screams, He hates being called an animal, which fuels his rage and blood lust, Sometimes his chainsaw will stop working at critical moments, causing him to pause to restart it.