I have a yogurt maker. Yes, as long as it’s not “ultra pasteurized” it will be great. Can you tell me what the shelflife is for this? I’m doing a miniature, toaster oven trial run for this, and so far it seems to be working great! I buy my milk from the local dairy raw but they don’t sell the cream , If you buy raw milk, you can skim the cream from the top once it rises. I make clotted cream a MUCH easier way by shaking the cream in a jar until just before the butter separates from the liquid. I just made this last nite and unfortunately was unsuccessful. Hi Sue, Yay ~ that’s great to hear, Janet ~ and as for your waistline, just be sure to share your clotted cream with friends . I was going to make the clotted cream 3 days ago but had already poured only 1 pint of the heavy cream in the glass casserole dish and realized it was too shallow. Thanks! Love that your palate is so adventurous cuz tripe tacos to die for…we grew up on them! So I’m trying it anyway. I took it out of the oven about an hour ago, and it is currently cooling on the stove top. My comment is on the filling of your jars! Great to know, thanks so much Andrea ~ I’m going to try it! The usage does alter with social class but also with where in the country you live. I am getting ready to make the clotted cream to go with the cardamom vanilla cream scones I will be making tomorrow. You know you’re in trouble when this is good on crackers…no need to bake scones! What a fun afternoon!! I had four cups of liquid cream left, but fortunately, we all love cream in our coffee. Therefore, you place the tea sandwiches on the bottom tier, the scones (pronounced “Scunns” and does NOT rhyme with bones-as they corrected me;) on the middle tier and sweets/desserts that you finish last with on the top tier. I have lots of recipes for scones on the blog, but this time I made Jennifer’s Cardamom Vanilla Cream Scones, and they were wonderful. Yes, it does, Coleen, and it’s a little bit of an inexact science, unfortunately. Should have done a trial run. I made clotted cream yesterday and did everything as instructed, and the consistency is perfect, but the flavor seems WAY too salty. I’m using an oven thermometer and monitoring it, so I know it’s not the temp, and I’m using heavy cream (pasteurized). What a beautiful place to enjoy tea and what a wonderful idea you came away with! You said it was messy (yup, it was according to your photos). Hmmm. It sounds like my yogurt maker has the same type of container, it holds one quart of the heavy cream. I used to eat this often growing up in the tropics. If you love to eat, you’ve come to the right place because I dish it up fast and fresh here at TVFGI. Every normal grocery only had ultra pasteurized but I went to Whole Foods and they had some litely pasteurized, non homogenized heavy cream. I got some cream at the store yesturday. GREG, Never had a tripe taco, but I’ll take your word for it Greg , You da man Greg! 4) When this is made in England, it’s made with double cream. I am giving it a go now. My clotted cream had a hard crust on top. One thing I’ve done when I get that is to take my stick blender and blend it up with the softer clotted cream, works like a charm, just don’t blend more than an instant. Lidl Deluxe Cornish Clotted Cream: £1.39. I had the same thing happen with my first batch. Thank you! To use, thaw it in the fridge overnight. The View from Great Island is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Just came back from England and craving some of this. Enjoy your clotted cream . You are right, big mistake. What is whey? Make sure the cream you buy does not hve the word ‘ULTRA” anywhere on the package . And I can’t imagine that the texture could be as thick as mine if it’s just strained. I highly recommend them. You’ll pay a deposit for the glass bottle but get it back when you return it to any store that carries the brand. Hi, depending on where you live you might try yourfamilyfarmer.com or https://www.naturalbynaturedairy.com/milk-myths. It’s kind of hard to live that afternoon down, but the homemade clotted cream helps…thanks for stopping by Mary. All i had on top was a thin hard layer and the rest is liquid… Am I able to put it back in the oven or will that completely ruin it? I put some on top of zucchini bread I just baked and I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled. Underneath it was crazy delicious clotted cream. I’ll post my progress. All the recipes I have read end up, having half the cream still liquid. I try to modulate the ads so they work for me but don’t intrude too much. The cream itself was really thick, I had to pour some the leftover back into it to make it creamy/spreadable. It is too high. I wish it did…. I have done this clotted cream several times now and have been successful each time. What is the end result like in the pan ? Before or after refrigeration? Thank you for the recipe. Yay! I know farmers who add black strap molasses to their hay. Everything looks lovely, and I have a scone recipe I’m anxious to try– though the vanilla and cardamon sounds fantastic. I don’t even know if I can buy cream here in States that’s not U.P.