The original game didn't even HAVE porn, why are so many people obsessed with derailing the plot in a story-heavy game? Which one the BEST? Ecstasy - First Press Limited Edition, Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine, Little Busters! Little Busters EX is the H version, after all. admin, everytime i try to play it’s always show message like”(some japanese)1503″, they say it’s problem with crack. Visit http:\\ for references. How does that even happen? Anyone??? Absolutely. Little Busters! So how can I get the uncensored english version of this game? However, after several attempts, I was able to successfully start the download. I would say that it could take one year more. Little Busters = Childhood & Adolescence. All those extra new details have straightened much further than before now. Right click, run in admin mode. This is a guide on the Little Busters baseball minigame guide. so much to play… there umineko eps 8 and little buster hehehe, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS , DAMMMM. and it’s a bit lacking in romantic moments. If this is supposed to make me going “premium” I can only laugh. Everywhere i saw Little Buster the price was crazy like 150$ and i will never pay that much for a VN. What Should I Do? my comment would be too long if i expressed all my feelings here, right now. but it’s need time commitment to play. How do i make this normal verison of little busters! All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 8 in Group Chat | View Stats. Yeah. It was so touching the endings and refrain made me cry. Thanks for the great VN Admin. It’s usually fixed simply by redownloading the “corrupted” parts. does this game already include the ecstasy veriosn? . Is it the Ecstasy version or the normal censored version ? Also, if I recall correctly they did translate two of the new routes for EX. Play through it anyway. Wouldn’t it be a problem? Experimental Extra Patch: Strangely though, part 7 initially gave me the same error as part 4 where a premium account is needed. when i wanna start the game there is a japanese word warning showed,,, can somebody tell me what should i do to make this game working.. Did you copy the crack to the folder that you installed the Little Busters? I wish the translation group much luck in their future ventures. umm.. Ecstasy. Progession of Little busters version regular edition (The one that had a english fan patch) EX: Added 3 routes and 18+ content Me had the 3 routes but no 18+ content, PE Very similiar to ME a few things where changed forget what tbh. oh i see, then thats too bad,thx anyway,good visual novel especially refrain, and just want to mention for those extraxting the VN, you might have to rename the zip.file so you wont get message like missing files,happen to me,hope this helps. They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. Wouldn't tumblr be a better place to spam with stupid crap? thanks!! Is it tiring? If so what version? i'm just used to seeing that particular comment somewhere on every visual novel forum. Had some computer problems and had all my saved data missing. Basically, the original game is hentai-free. Personally Key VN’s are capable of working without the need of hentai to support them so the true incentive to get the EX version is the 3 new routes (the new heroine especially offers a completely new experience to people who played the vanilla version). Hey. I want to defeat him before finishing the whole game. These two games are the same thing, except Memorium does not have H-scenes. does any one know where i can get the japanese version of LB extasy? Anyways…. how ? Yes, I looked over what was in the file and saw that only the KOE and one other thing was changed (it was the seetxt or something like that) so i just replaced/added what was in the patch in the game directory. Thank you Admin for the game but it need walkthrough thank you again. This is my first post and still didn’t finish any route yet. you must instal PowerISO and extract this file [ .iso ]. I just finished the Mio route and thought it was wonderful and sentimental. The game was licensed and the Perfect Edition will be released officially in English sometime in the future. sorry my bad at the english. Quick question before I download, is this the Ecstasy edition? even the story is quite complicated. A must-play for every VN-lover. I just torrent download links. to Admin: I believe that adding something like a Review section would be incredibly helpful to many a user, to be able to learn more about a particular game before downloading it without asking in the Comments and potentially waiting weeks or even months for a reply (if not longer). I forgot to add that the fact that there are no h-scenes shouldn’t stop people from playing this. Can we return our time settings to default after we install LB! parts 12 to 17 are not working. If you're referring to the 18+ content added into Esctasy but removed in Perfect Edition, it dosen't appear to be getting an English release. But the truth is it is the reverse, They are just buying 18+ games to begin with and need to patch them because its on steam. this is my first time downloading from this page, Is it safe? Why the game say all ages , but in CG gallery it apear 18+ scenes? I looked online but cant find anything If there is any news. what is going on here…? . Extasy adds new character routes and h-scenes to existing ones. I’m sorry to ask this but could you offer the crack as a separate download file please. EX on google. I mean, i never experience what other people said here (don’t know why though). Thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift admin! English patch. I have the same problem. Am I the only one having this issue? Converted Edition (patch) 2017-11-01: All ages: Little Busters! I have the same problem. Is there any specific way to take the routes? To clarify the information provided by above two posters: By installing the EX english patch on the EX version, you get a fully “functional” but not polished version of English Little Busters Original. when little busters ex is translated, will it be downloadble on erogedownload? Yes it's mostly RNG, but I've always found seeing who wins in these daily contests to be fun. Having just played through this game again, I must reaffirm my love of it. I just want to thank you for the soundtracks. I am glad I didn’t wait for the EX version, the story shouldn’t be modified it’s an amzingly good VN. I have a question… is it possible to link this to a torrent? I’ll play it all over again. Perfect is Memorium with yet more added scenes that weren’t in any of the other versions. …does that mean part 15 is corrupt? from mechanic to choice of action provided. Converted Edition - Download Edition, Little Busters! yes ex versoion on tpb and the ex patch is on tlwiki. does this mean that the partially translated section can have little busters crossed off its list? Memorial Edition (patch) 2016-08-24: 12+ Little Busters! r u sure you download it exact full size file? The anime may not even compare to this, depending on how it’s handled. Memorial Edition (patch) 2016-08-24: 12+ Little Busters! TLWiki englih patch is only working for the Ecstacy version, not the normal version “this post”. And in Kanata’s route there is a missing CG in the 2nd H-CG, Short version: Finished refrain.. man what a story!