10% or 700m², whichever is greater Environmental Management & To apply for accreditation fill in a residential services building accreditation application (PDF 70 KB). We extend that respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging for they hold the memories, traditions, cultures and hopes of Australia’s First Peoples. issue a certificate of final inspection – for a residential (class 1 and 10) building, or. To achieve sustainability in waterway management, to protect the health of waterways in Logan City consistent with agreed environmental values developed for the lower Logan sub‐catchment. But Nibley Council Member Norm Larsen added “a lot’s changed in five years,” such as the high-density apartment complex on the northern border of the Nibley at the Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park (known by locals as Firefly Park), which though annexed into Logan will strain Nibley’s infrastructure. They will need to start the process for a new building approval. You will need approval for most types of domestic or commercial building work. It is limited to areas of the property or building where reasonable access is available at the time of inspection. issue a compliance certificate – if a compliance permit was issued and staged inspections were carried out (excluding the final inspection), or. You have permission to edit this article. You will not need a building approval if your work is minor and is considered to be accepted development under the Planning Act 2016. a 15m+ wide lot is min 1.5m side setback, measured to the outermost projection (the fascia of the eave); or a 12m wide lot has a min 1.05m side setback to fascia. Logan City Council respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands across the City of Logan. The min. The following terms apply when a building approval is finalised: We finalise plumbing and drainage approvals or work that is able to be finalised. Nibley Mayor Shaun Dustin speaks during a joint Nibley/Logan city council meeting on Thursday in Nibley. To outline arrangements under which environmental (vegetation) offsets can be established. To prevent nuisance or damage as a result of siteworks. To finalise a plumbing and drainage approval fill in a finalisation of building and plumbing approvals form (PDF 124 KB) and return it us. side setback is dependent on the width of the lot. To finalise a building approval fill in a finalisation of building and plumbing approvals form (PDF 124 KB) and return it us. a retaining wall of not more than 1m high (providing there is no load above it like a building or driveway). We extend that respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging for they hold the memories, traditions, cultures and hopes of Australia’s First Peoples. For more information or to ask questions about online building plans, please email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au or contact our team. Examples of some accepted development include: Accepted development still needs to meet any applicable standards, the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 and the Queensland Development Code. an officer will contact you to tell you of the outcome of the inspection. As a local authority, we are responsible for investigating matters relating to legislative compliance for building in Logan. issue a certificate of classification – for a commercial (class 2 to 9) building. What's Your Favorite Fall Day Trip Destination? Conversations between the Logan Municipal Council and the Nibley City Council continue as the two communities work to realign their shared boundary. Approved building plans lodged with us from July 2018 are freely available through the Development Enquiry Tool. 'Setbacks' on both sides of Logan, Nibley boundary debate, Halloween weekend sets COVID-19 records in BRHD, Household spread accounts for more cases than college students, officials say, Unofficial results in: No blue wave for Cache, voter turnout average, Manage Your Subscription - Call (435)752-2121, Pay Subscription Bill - Call (435)752-2121. Do you expect another October surprise this election? Private building certifiers have been responsible for issuing building approvals in Logan since April 1998. Learn more - Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF 2182 KB), 2020 Copyright Logan City Council City Council, Toggle submenu for "Building and development", Toggle submenu for "Business and regulations", Earthworks, drainage and soil restraint (PDF 164 KB), Environmental (vegetation) offsets delivery (PDF 233 KB), Infrastructure agreements with property owners to install complying swimming pool fences (PDF 129 KB), Infrastructure contribution for trunk road network (PDF 116 KB), Waiver or reduction of infrastructure charges for community or sporting uses on Council owned or controlled land (PDF 125 KB), Ground rules for the management of all bonds and bonding applications. To facilitate a process of familiarisation of the contents of the Waterways Protection Manual for our supervisory employees. But a resolution was passed by both municipalities to form a committee comprised of two members from each council to create a proposed agreement within 30 days. To find out if you need a building approval check our building approvals fact sheet (PDF 173 KB) or contact a private building certifier. Defined nominated setbacks for lots 450 square metres and over are included in: MP 1.2 - Design and siting standards for single detached housing - on lots 450 square metres and over. You will need approval for most types of domestic or commercial building work. If we are satisfied that the building meets approval requirements, we will: The plumbing and drainage approval involves a visual inspection only. If you are unsure about the status of a building approval you can ask us to search our records. In order to reduce contention by improving communication, the joint resolution to create a four-member commission from both councils was passed unanimously to “identify trigger points” — such as the problematic Ted’s Station intersection — along the border and amicably resolve issues. issue a visual compliance certificate – if the works meet the relevant legislation but no evidence (or partial evidence) shows that staged inspections were carried out or no approval was given. In a joint meeting on Thursday meant to address boundary concerns between Logan and Nibley — and ultimately negotiate an agreement to resolve the zigzag border between the two cities — a decision was once again delayed. the application fee must be paid before we inspect the works. Developments like that “affect our budget, and it affects our social structure.”, Daines said in response, “Sure, people from the development will go use the park, but I’ve read one of Mayor Dustin’s recent newsletters that said, ‘Go use Logan’s dog parks since we don’t have any.’ You know, it goes both ways.”. If we are satisfied that the building meets the requirements of the approval, we will: Before we inspect the property we will need written authority from the current property owner. Some building projects need a planning approval as well as a building approval. i.e. We extend that respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging for they hold the memories, traditions, cultures and hopes of Australia’s First Peoples. Nibley resident Mickey Duke was frustrated by the lack of consensus despite almost a decade of negotiations that have yet to resolve the boundary issue. “If we draw a line down the highway and split it there it eliminates setbacks on our side and lets them deal with setbacks on their side. “The last time we did a cost analysis on this, we didn’t plan on a population of 30% of our city going in up the street from us,” he said. A residential accommodation service includes: Find out more about residential services accreditation on the Queensland Government website. We can finalise any building approvals issued between 1983 and April 1998. Logan’s proposal would cut the cities at 2200 South in Nibley and divide U.S. Highway 89/91 down the middle to clean up the border, but Nibley officials questioned whether such a clear-cut solution would address concerns dealing with zoning on either side of the boundary. Before the introduction of private certification in April 1998, councils granted building approvals. To check if you need to lodge an application for planning approval with us, see our development in Logan pages or contact our team. A private building certifier can tell you if you need a planning approval. In established areas, the front setback (excluding eaves, awnings and stairs) is within 20% of the average setback of adjoining buildings, or is a minimum of 6 metres where the average front setback of the adjoining buildings fronting the same street is more than 6 metres. Be done with it.”. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality boundaries. Nibley Mayor Shaun Dustin said the city would like to run an economic cost analysis before any agreement is finalized. an officer will contact you to tell you the outcome of the inspection. season compared. “We just thought the highway made a clear dividing line … Let’s do this in incremental steps, but let’s do this.”. “It’s almost like, ‘What’s the point of having a council?’” he said. Some common building projects that need a planning approval include: A planning approval for these building projects is needed before a private building certifier can give a building approval. Simmonds apologized for questioning the proposal when it was first considered under then-Mayor Petersen and was the first to volunteer to represent Logan. the application fee must be paid before we can inspect the works, we will inspect the works within 10 business days of the request, the approval may depend on a final inspection or further action, paying the fee does not guarantee a successful final inspection, we will make every effort to issue a successful final certificate. To have consistent and streamlined approach to assess applications by sporting or community organisations, or on our behalf, to waive or reduce infrastructure charges for community or sporting uses on land we own or control. Daines added that while the discussion has been in the works for at least six years, Logan had “asked too much” in different proposals. If plumbing and drainage is a part of the works, a qualified Council plumbing inspector will also carry out a visual inspection. 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