That was an massive understatement. Unfortunately for me, it just could not squeez into its space. All I wanted to do was cancel my installation and pick up my own damn dishwasher. The schedule is constantly fluctuating and it's not all about cut back and budgets it's about them being deceitful and sneaky. I will be suing his business and Lowes for my money if the install is not completed. raising hourly wages by $2 for all full-time, part-time and seasonal hourly associates, Lowes Exec Quits and Reportedly Receives $2.5 Million as Employees Make Coronavirus Complaints, Mississippi Replaces Confederate-Themed Flag After Voting and Fellow Americans Weigh In, Pennsylvania's Allegheny County to Pause Counting More Than 35,000 Ballots Until Tomorrow, Election 2020: CNN Anchor Pamela Brown's Snap Lights up Social Media, 'Last Man Standing' Joke About Democrats Goes Viral Amid Election Season, Watch: Conspiracy Theorist in 'BBQ Beer Freedom' Shirt Crashes Nevada Election Conference, Meghan McCain Shades Donald Trump Amid Tight Race in Arizona, 'The Amazing Race' Fans Fuming After Tonight's Second Episode Halted for Election Coverage, Watch: 'Stop the Count' Protesters Try to Force Themselves Inside Detroit Counting Facility. @the door doctor However I suggest that you search for a job that doesn't require direct contact with customers because until you can develop a thicker skin and realize that 99% of customer complaints are not personal attacks on you, you will not be happy serving customers. @JamesDRob If you ask any of the floor people for help. If the situation you described is 100% true why would you want to work there? "That won't happen. The water heater is on the ground floor in the laundry room next to an external wall. and her...I spent over 2 hours on the phone tonight trying to get Betsy to understand what their project card dept. See reviews by: Popularity|Rating|Date|All. But, quite a few times, it's NOT the salesperson who is screwing up your order, or denying your warranty, etc. I immediately explained how I didn't care what sale they had going on at the time - that we had already PAID for our refrigerator and that we were as important if not more-so than the potential customers he had standing in front of him! "We don't have any assembler whatsoever covering the store. D'autres articles qui pourraient vous intéresser. After about four days of this my husband just finally went down there and demanded that they give us our dishwasher. After the floor was laid I had 12 boxes of flooring left. I purchased a water heater on the 15 june due to be installed on the 20th, today is the 6 of july I still have no water heater installed and they asked me for an additional 400 $ of installation cost. Tomorrow, I am going in again to request reimbursement of the labor charges paid in advance for the back splash installation and to tell them to send the floor installer back to get the job done correctly. Sorry. The 13 dept mgrs (in my store) that are affected will be recv, delivery, admin and all the sales floor dept mgrs. The Store Manager is able to receive a full years salary if he can make budget.The only controllable expense they have is payroll.So hours are cut, employees are asked to cover Dept. It was nice of you to post a link to Cindy Bradford where she might be able to go for further assistance. I have a tree that is half lit and can't not buy anything to fix it. If some one wants to reach me, my number is [protected] Im in Torrance CA. Our area is considered a pilot market (test market) for this new program. On the 5th of May 2016 I closed the account, I still have not received my refund. In January 2018, Lowe's employees say, the company introduced the role of department supervisor, which they say is mostly identical to that of a department manager. It's a sad reality here in Roanoke, VA, we have only Lowe's and Home Depot for major purchases because at the end of the day, they have rooted out just about all of the "ma and pa" stores. @Idontsuck-7 "People are too busy to feel anything," Wilkerson said, regarding morale. Lowe's doesn't just screw over their customers, they screw over their employees as well. They can change your hours because hours and days changed frequently. AND They are not exactly doing a stellar job, which goes back to a lot of the other complaint I see here - they are not trained, they don't have enough people, and because of all these factors, I don't think they realize, by not doing a great job, how hard they make life for the day crew who has to fix the mistakes they make. They will tell all to the management, who in turn tell their pets, and inside of a week; the entire store knows what you discussed. Working here is like being in High School, gossip, favoritism, back-biting, and a general sense that if you aren't a management pet you are not welcome. But these cost savings are not forever and there are only so many places where Lowe's can take from employees and give to the shareholders. Also, contact the Better Business Bureau in your state. I build close relationships of trust with them and seal the deal by keeping my word every time. Come on now. It used to be you just showed your military ID...then they changed it so that your eligibility was associated with the "MyLowes" card. Lowes has some of the most rude employees. I called the corporate office for Lowes in NC and got a lady named Julie and told her about all of this and that I wanted the name and address of the top dog. LOWES YOU HAVE SCREWED UP MY automatic DEBITS FOR LIFE INSURANCE- CABLE- HOUSE TAXES!!! I can work every department and hold my own except plumbing repair and i'm working on understanding everything there. The problem is they need to be Pro-active and not Re-active. In addition employees are expected to miraculously learn stuff including complex machines and order taking with almost no training. You would think that knowing we bought carpet there with cash we would be treated decent, but we were nothing to them. They don't feel like Lowe's is behind them anymore.". I was doing some lighting projects around the house and found the Electrical department to be a tremendous help. In October of 2014 I purchased a Samsung Gas Range from Lowes in Victoria Tx that had a one year warranty, no I did not buy their extended warranty, Four months after the warranty expires the range oven quits working. Then I also received a call a little later telling me that the found another and if I wanted to trade out, they would take care of it. This has gone on since first part of June. I look at all the way they could have prevented this but choice not too. 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The following week, employees would receive a Sunday and a Friday off, followed by Wednesday and Thursday, and then Monday and Tuesday.