For example, a level 30 player cannot attack a level 15 player or vice versa. ", "Found in 2★ Crystal Mines. ", "Weapon Damage is increased for all Interceptors. Mystery Reward, Dismantle the informants' ship. You may have to be at least Level 18 to see the free Botany Bay blueprints in the faction store. Star Trek: Fleet Command ", "Warp Speed for Battleships is increased. ", "Reduces the total shield regeneration time for Battleships. Bombardment. (14.5K Interceptor). Premium Recruit Token ×75, Refinery 6. Recruit Token ×20, Encryption Key ×1, Officer XP ×110, Destroy the Nausicaan Raid Fleet. Tritanium ×2,500, Rigellian datapad ×1, Defeat the Nausicaans to acquire some power cells. is Augment and the rest is free rain – sort of. ", "Provides the Station with a strong shield. Defeat a Rigellian Destroyer. Chain Breaker - Destroy the ships belonging to the Orion Slaver. This table will be expanded into individual levels as times, materials, and requirements are researched. ", "Earn by completing Federation Missions and Events. Save the prospectors from Nausicaan pirates. Blueprints you can get in one day are 36 for this 60 piece ship. It is used primarily to build Station modules. Upgrade Tritanium Warehouse A to Level 8. If you look ", "A new Defense Platform is available for construction at each level. Described as a "free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience [combining] role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships", the game is published by Scopely, who developed the game with Digit Game Studios and in collaboration with CBS Interactive. Tritanium ×2,400. 29 November 2018 Officers are necessary for Star Trek Fleet Command ships, and each can improve the ship's effectiveness in different ways, if serving as captain or as one of the two other bridge officers. (16.2k Battleship), Knowledge is Power - Defeat Rigellian Captain in Rigel. Approximate mission levels are marked in (parentheses). sure yet exactly how to get Khan. Upgrade the Parsteel Generators to produce more Parsteel, an alloy with immense tensile strength. (272 Battleship) Parsteel ×500, Officer XP ×5, Upgrade Parsteel Generator A to Level 2. Lie about your intentions. Parsteel ×3,000, Tritanium ×1,500, Orion Manifest (?) In the table below, the operations level at which the figures were researched is indicated in (parentheses) in the Tier column. head to Xezuk. Tritanium ×25, Upgrade R&D Department to Level 3. (Levels 6 through 8), A Hornet's Nest - The Risa system has become an easy target for hostiles and are looking for a new protector. Upgrading Parsteel Generators increases the amount of Parsteel that is produced. Dilithium ×1,325, Officer XP 9,500, Vartoq ×2, Veteran - Defeat the hostile captain. Transport Captain Torra to Malur. Investigate the distress call from Lorilla. Uncover the hidden Syndicate ship in the orbit of Suam. This is the first step towards unlocking everything from the new update. If you ", "Armor is increased for all Battleships. Return to Kurbon with K'Tok. Parsteel ×1,500, Ship XP ×10, Multitasking - Upgrade the Station so that you can maintain two ships at once. Parsteel ×9,000, Tritanium ×10, Orion Manifest ×1. Star Trek: Fleet Command Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Each requires blueprints ("BP" below) to construct, and requires certain shipyard level ("SY" below) before it can be built. Raw Crystal ** ×600, Raw Gas ** ×600, Upgrade Warehouses: Level 8. Mystery Reward. Your first 6 Blueprints can be bought from the Faction store. Note: The abbreviations are not official to the game; they're included here to make the tables more compact. ", "Repair Speed for Battleships is increased. Defense statistics include officer health bonus, and shield and hull health. For example, Nero requires four times the typical officer XP to advance, and Barot, Stonn, and Uhura (but not Cadet Uhura) require double, while Komal, Rukor, and Vartoq require only one-fifth the usual Officer XP. Hanging around here is the start of the many Parsteel 25k, 2* Common Refined Ore ×75, Officer XP ×4,000, Supply Run - Help a Klingon colony by bringing them essential supplies. Parsteel ×5,000, Tritanium ×500, Datapad ×1. ", "Found in 2★ Ore Mines. Jump to: navigation, search. Scout a more valuable system where you can move. (669 Interceptor) Dilithium ×90, 5 Minute Speed Up ×8, Shev Akria ×1, Rookie: Defeat a hostile of Level 7 or higher. You can find Raw Gas in 3 grades: 2 stars, 3 stars and also 4 stars: You can find Raw Crystal in 3 grades: 2 stars, 3 stars and also 4 stars: You can find Raw Ore in 3 grades: 2 stars, 3 stars and also 4 stars: Easy to farm throughout the Neutral Zone and the Faction Zones. Common misunderstanding Plutonium: (Common, Uncommon and Rare) are parts, not a resource, you must mine the Data of both types, and then Exchange it for Augment Credits to therefore buy the Plutonium Parts in the Augment Faction Store. Upgrade a Dilithium Generator to acquire more of this valuable resource. Next unlock at Shipyard Level 7: J Class Freighter [Survey]. Dilithium ×55, Officer XP ×1000, Shev Akria ×1, Veteran: Defeat the hostile captain. Defeat the hostile captain. Other combat missions require specific enemies to be defeated, often as part of a sequence of other steps. ", "A resource many times harder than diamonds, primarily used to build ship hulls and bulkheads. zoom into this galaxy, you’ll see a red dotted line lining the neutral space Some Station buildings require research advancement prerequisites, and conversely, some research requires Station improvements. ", "Weapon Damage is increased for all Federation ships. • No upgrades are listed in the Refinery Details tab. There is no Botany Bay blueprints in the faction store. Upgrade Shipyard: Level 9 - Upgrade the Shipyard to gain access to new and more powerful ships. ", "Earn by completing Romulan Missions and Events. For default key binds, see Key binds. (3725 Battleship) Dilithium ×1,100, 15 Minute Speed Up ×12, Domitia ×3, Rookie - Defeat a hostile of Level 13 or higher. Progress your base and reach Operations Level 14. Tithe of Honor - Destroy three hostile ships to appease the Klingons. Parsteel ×5,000, Takret Incursion - Stop the Takret Hostiles from controlling the landmark system. (Requires Academy Level 3.) Upgrade the Dilithium Warehouse to increase the amount of generated Dilithium you can store. Updated for The Swarm and Augment Zonesby [KENT] Aeetes. Upgrade the Shield Generator to increase the shield's hitpoints. ", "Here is where your Officers stay when they are not assigned. ", "Parsteel Storage is increased for the Parsteel Warehouse. Dilithium ×150, 10 Minute Speed Up ×6, Vel K'Bentaur, Rookie: Defeat a hostile of Level 8 or higher. Dilithium ×20, 1 Minute Speed Up ×6, Uhura ×1, Rookie: Defeat a hostile of Level 4 or higher. Defeat 5 hostiles of Level 10 or higher., Nausicaan Outlaw, Orion Traitor, Pakled Thief, Kriosian Rebel, Gorn Marauder, Dessneran Bandit. GreenSpring Lab Codes & Combinations – Castle Clash. ", "Increases the Cost Efficiency of Gas for Federation ship compone" [sic], "Increases the Cost Efficiency of Ore for Romulan ship components.". Parsteel ×5,000, Tritanium ×1,000, Recruit Token ×20, Orion Manifest ×1, Care Package. Tritanium ×15, Upgrade Parsteel Warehouse to Level 2. Therefore, you After Research this ship, acquire blueprints for it and build it in the shipyard. Tritanium ×80, (unknown minutes) Repair Speed Up ×1, Upgrade the Tritanium Warehouse to Level 2. Parsteel ×7,500, 2* Common Refined Crystal ×100, The Isle of Noises - Open talks with landmark systems and investigate available missions there. The following buildings are available only upon reaching level 50, for which little research is available: "Detect approaching enemy ships. If you’re lucky, you can get Carol and Keesner right away. Just go to the Factions tab and click on the Faction store. Therefore, Upgrade to increase the Platform's combat performance. Parsteel ×6,000, Encryption Key ×1, Officer XP ×340, Defeat Kraag the Smasher. Jellyfish Blueprint Part ×2, Rigellian Datapad ×1. Tritanium ×55, (unknown minutes) Repair Speed Up ×1, Construct the Tritanium Warehouse. ", "Weapon Damage is increased when attacking Stations.". The new user gets a sequence of missions with some choices, but generally a fairly similar list of missions. Kurz gesagt: Star Trek Fleet Command schreibt dir die Abfolge deines Tuns vor. ", "Earn by completing Klingon Missions and Events. Tritanium ×170, 1 Minute Repair Speed Up ×2, Construct Tritanium Generator B. It is primarily used to build up the station. Premium Recruit Token ×75, Upgrade the Academy to Level 10. Tritanium ×50, 1 Minute Repair Speed Up ×1, Building the Shipyard - Build the Shipyard. Lucia Gonzales ×1, Orion Manifest ×1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "Critical Hit Chance is increased for all ships. Some officers require more Officer XP to be promoted in rank. ×3, Discoveries - Assist Torym on his secret mission. Tritanium ×150, Upgrade the Academy to Level 6. ", "The cost efficiency for Survey Ship repairs is increased. Tritanium ×80, 1* Explorer Parts ×5, Combat Training 1: Soldier - Test your skills in battle against escalating difficulties of hostile enemies. Dilithium ×95, Gaila ×1, Soldier: Test your skills in battle against escalating difficulties of hostile enemies. The most In this game, you get to unlock the legendary Star Trek characters, then go on various missions and explore new worlds. Parsteel ×2,400, Construct Tritanium Generator A. (For the Faction Zones << click) For Station Hub and Warp Requirements, see Neutral Zone Listings, An Interactive, Zoomable Map of all Zones and another Interactive, Zoomable Map Contribution of all Zones, by JoeyCrash135, Editors Please Note; do not change the table style or edit below, as this page is being updated from time to time, other editors seem to be 'breaking the table layout, TIA - Admin: Gemma0z (talk) 12:58, December 11, 2018 (UTC), See the Link Below preview image, for DanPMK's Map, then open image link in a new tab to zoom. How to Get the North Star in Star Trek Fleet Command. Speed-up tokens come in general and ship-repair varieties. Parsteel ×33k, Tritanium ×1,500. ", "Shield Deflection is increased for all Federation ships. ", "Damage done to Hostiles is increased for all Battleships. Tritanium ×725, 1 Minute Repair Speed Up ×7. we have access to the storyline, there will be loads of missions, some of which (Defeat 3 Hostiles of Level 3 or higher.) you’ve done the missions in Lycia, you will need to go to the Amador system and Tritanium ×460, 1 Repair Speed Up ×12, Upgrade Dilithium Generator A to Level 2. That means it will take you two days or more before you can get your hands on this ship. Defeat 3 hostiles of Level 7 or higher. After the guided sequence of tutorial missions, Scotty hands over guidance to artificial intelligence that he helped create. Parsteel ×100, Disable the bounty hunter's ship. ", "Produces Tritanium, an alloy many times harder than diamond, used to construct mighty ships. ), Choose how to save the Rigellian: Recruit Bones (Treat the wounded.) Tritanium ×340 (? Star Trek Fleet Command – How to Get Khan, How to Build the Botany Bay and What are Augments? "Shield Health is increased for all ships. Tritanium ×250, 1 Minute Repair Speed Up ×3, Upgrade Drydock B: Level 5 - Upgrade your Drydock to reduce repair tires and costs for the ship it holds. - Upgrade the Tritanium Warehouse to increase your Tritanium capacity. Refine this to get 3★ Refined Crystal (used to upgrade 3★ ships). We have already published a Star Trek Fleet Command beginner’s guide with tips on how to progress faster in the game, as well as an advanced guide with PvP battle tips and guild strategies, so be sure to read those if you are looking for some useful advice. There are several factions in the game: Augment, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and independent. Upgrade the Hangar to increase the amount of Ships that are owned. Parsteel ×4000, Relocation Token ×1, Brave New Worlds - Move the Station to a more valuable strategic conditions. Recruit Token ×20, Encryption Key ×1, Officer XP ×120, Defeat 5 hostiles in Maluria.