Gentleman share my concern that this seems to imply that the Department for Transport simply is not sufficiently well prepared for what might come about on 29 March next year? If lorries are parked here, how will drivers be fed and provided with water and sanitation facilities, and where will they sleep at night? The closures should have been notified more widely. I shall quote from the letter that the Minister has no doubt seen, but that others in the House may care to hear: “I would be grateful if I could meet urgently with your team planning this to talk about the impact closing the M26 for a sustained period would have on the local road network and the villages which rely on it.”. Trucks queue on the M20 as part of Operation Stack, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. The A25 runs parallel the whole way—a single carriageway almost everywhere, even through villages such as Borough Green that suffer the most with air quality and congestion. Highways England's back-up plan for works on the M26 could see the coastbound carriageway closed from Junction 2a to the M20 from July 5 to July 8. Latest travel news from official UK Traffic Delays open data sources. I welcome the wonderful benefits that the freight industry brings, but there must be a better solution than turning major roads in the county into a lorry park. Gentleman should make it. That's the same weekend thousands are expected to descend on Detling for the Kent County Show. Why should it be the responsibility of the garden of England to turn into the parking lot of England? Highways England’s woeful lack of communication across any scheme sees closure dates change frequently and residents unsure of what it will deliver for them. Since the closures were announced two weeks ago, a lot of people have linked the proposal to the vote to leave the European Union, but Kent has actually been looking for a solution since Operation Stack plagued the county in 2015, well before the referendum, let alone the result. Application fees are non-refundable. It is becoming apparent that a range of on-road and off-road solutions have received strong support, and those could offer maximum benefit for future network resilience. However, I absolutely accept that, given the sensitivity of this particular issue at that particular time, a more proactive and tailored approach to advance communication should have been adopted. Friend the Member for Sevenoaks (Sir Michael Fallon) last week, and I am happy that we have a further meeting with our local councils next week.