The lot $10.00, WW1 Sealed US Army Remington UMC contract carton of 24 Revolver Ball Cartridges Caliber .45 Model of 1911 in clips for Double Action Colt and Smith &Wesson Revolvers Caliber .45 of Model 1917. - Communications Sergeant Very Rare. "reasonable" being defined as $50 or less. Exc. The final revisions of the launcher inverted the clamp assembly to be standard with those produced for the muzzle break and flash hider, these each had inverted the clamp assembly so that the wing nut was on the bottom of the barrel and not in view of the front sight picture. Rem. This was a major simplification and improvement for consistency. The question of how many launchers of what type is unanswered by the high level figures provided. Great find from old Hollywood Movie Studio. Excellent Condition, $25.00. Exc. Reviewing the first Purchase Order updates 1944, after the drawing switch to Revision C gives us some clues. Range Reports - Show us how good you are! 2/26/1944 - Price change due to redesign, delivery Jan - July - Knapp Monarch. WW1 Lot of 15 .30 caliber brass case. We Have just a very few cartons while they last, Each $75.00. We ship to U.S.A., U.S. Protectorates, and Canada, unless the item has restrictions. Rare $45.00, Vietnam War Sealed 12 ga. TM 9-2200 Small Arms, Light Field Mortars and 20-mm Aircraft Gun, United States. Carbine Winchester. Also reproduction M-76's for the M-14 that are very reasonable. Exc+ cond. Based on data from Official Munitions Production of the United States, 104,000 launchers were delivered in the 2nd run. Followers 0. Date Written: June, 2015 Having detailed the Infantry Regiment in this article, the Armored Regiment and other organizations have very similar data to reveal. Reliance and Sun Ray's contracts were not renewed after their original orders, but Knapp-Monarch maintained M8 production until July of 1944 when its initial contract was fulfilled.". Canfield, Bruce N. "The M1 Carbine Accessories and Accoutrements. Dated 1955, these are the same as issued in WW2 through the Vietnam War. "Bruce Canfield's Complete Guide to the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine. 12.5%; WWII US RIFLE GRENADE-INERT-M1 CARBINE USED M8 LAUNCHER. If the individual was issued a M1 Garand, they had a M7 launcher - if the individual was in a support role and issued a M1 carbine, they had a M8 launcher. As of January 22nd 1944, Reliance's contract was for 92K launchers total. Revisions A and B were finalized and carried further as of December 1943, with Revision C being the go forward design type. Canfield states in his Complete Guide to The M1 Garand and The M1 Carbine that US Cabinet delivered a total of 41,680 launchers. $15.00, Excellent Condition. 002038: Evansville Ordnance, 50 Round Carton, .45 M1911 Steel Cased Cartridges, WW2: WW2 Evansville Ordnance Plant 50 round carton of .45 M1911 Steel cased … A substantial number of changes were made to the M8 grenade launcher during the war, with three major variants being produced, each with multiple minor revisions. Rare. Made by lake City Ordnance Plant and cartridges dated 1943, these 50 round cartons of M6 Grenade Launching cartridges were replaced by the Smaller 6 round carton to save these cartridges from being lost and thrown away because of the large capacity boxes. 7-16, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. Shipping Show Details. Dated 1905. .50-45 Caliber Carbine Ammo, No Label on Carton, As Issued, Rare Post Civil War US Carton of 10 rounds of .50-45 caliber Carbine ammo as used in the M1868 Sharps Carbine, M1870 50 caliber Carbine, etc, etc. $12.95 VIEW DETAILS. Does anyone make a repro M-8 grenade launcher for the M-1 carbine that is not $220? - Communications Sergeant Exc. price for the original crate. M1 .30 The one shown has been opened to show the content. 7-19, Infantry Anti-Tank Company, 57mm Gun (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. $14.95 VIEW DETAILS. War Department,Web. 7-14, Infantry Cannon Company (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. M1 Carbine grenade launcher good buy @ SOS show A decent M8 launcher for $100. Ammunition Bearers (Heavy Weapons Company - can tell because the blown up jeep was carrying 81mm Heavy M56/M57 ammunition tubes scattered about): Communications Sergeant: (Note the TL29 and tape rolls). War Department,Web. Lincoln, RI: Andrew Mowbray Pub., 1994. Estimate $150 - $230 Feb 22, 2012. Common myths amongst reenactors are that the M8 was only used in the PTO, and it wasn't a regularly issued item in the Army. - Ammunition Bearers, MG and Mortar, (Drivers of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep), In the cannon company: 1903 Springfield Grenade launcher repro or real? 227-229. Photographic evidence to further substantiate type issued in North West Europe is difficult due to quality, but the late coil spring type are conclusively observed. By bfryar44, March 8, 2007 in M1 SERIES OF CARBINES [REF] Recommended Posts. The initial production drawing of the "Launcher, Grenade, M8," C-113709 A was drawn 5/23/43, this version being unique from others in the radiused rear of the bottom clamp assembly. War Department,Web. - Messengers (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep), In the anti tank company: Great find for display with your Krag rifle or Carbine. $100.00, M1909 Cot .45 Caliber DA Revolver Ammo Carton w/ Full Contents, M1909 Colt .45 DA Revolver carton of ammo with full contents, Frankford Arsenal, dated 1912. $80.00, WW2 .30 Caliber M1 Carbine original sealed 50 round carton of Grenade Launching Cartridges. Information. These revisions are not illustrated as the focus of this article is on WW2 production and use. Lincoln, RI: Andrew Mowbray, 1999. - Messengers (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep), In the regimental headquarters: See Policy for Shipping. This is a chance of a lifetime for the Collector to have an original crate full as issued, and/or for use by military re-enactors and shooters at Military rifle shoots, Machinegun shoots, etc. Excellent condition. The contracts can provide us with the answer of how many were to be delivered, as well as in some instances, how many were actually delivered. War Department,Web. Great find for the arms collection. War Production Board. Exc sealed carton. This simplification eliminates an unnecessary production task. Official Munitions Production of the United States, By Months, July 1, 1940 through August 31, 1945. Knapp Monarch was back in production with a contract for 48,000 that was revised up. 30 May 2015, Table of Organization and Equipment No. Scarce. In the spring of 1943, the M7 grenade launcher for the M1 Garand and M8 grenade launcher for the M1 carbine were standardized and production started. - Communications Sergeant 8MM Blank Ammuniton for Blank Firing Guns - 50 Pack. 217-220. Many unit specific surprises exist, with deviations from the TO&E, such as Airborne use of the M8 Launcher in Normandy. Classic display with the M1 Carbine M8 Grenade Launcher as used with Winchester, Inland, Rock Ola, Quality Hardware, Irwing Pedersen and other M1 Carbines during WW2. Print. Grenade launching assortments in XMas tree fashion, and the different launcher sight types, T59-E3 and M15, BPS, Boehm, SLCo, PRL, . - Bugler (Driver of 3/4 ton truck, Weapons Carrier) - Reconnaissance Sergeant $45.00, Original Vietnam War sealed 308 caliber packet of five Rifle Grenade Launching Cartridges, Excellent Condition. See Sold Price. Bargain. 30 May 2015. $450.00, Antique Winchester 25 round carton of .45/70 Caliber Blank Cartridges for use with Trapdoor rifles and Carbines, Gatling Gun, etc. Classic display with the M1 Carbine M8 Grenade Launcher as used with Winchester, Inland, Rock Ola, Quality Hardware, Irwing Pedersen and other M1 Carbines during WW2. Enfield Rifles made by Winchester, Remington and Eddystone. - Orderly (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep), In the Rifle Company: 12/20/44 - New Contract Award - Knapp Monarch. Nice With the war's end in August of 1945, both manufacturers ceased production, with production figures listed below. Anyone know if there are any "reasonably" priced M-8s around? This is an M7 grenade launcher. Warning: This is a relatively older thread This discussion is older than 360 days. By Roy in forum M1903/1903A3/A4 Springfield Rifle, By Badger in forum Commercial Auction and Sale "Gossip". War Department,Web. Answer 2 A&B.) Copied from samples in the Ravenna Armory Collection, these are functional reproductions for reenactment, theatrical and display use. Military Collectibles and Historical Americana, Original 60 Round Krag Ammo Bandoleer with all 60 rounds of ammo as issued with the Springfield Krag Carbine and rifle and worn over the shoulder for additional ammo in combat. Per each cartridge, $5.00, Excellent I like shooting the fake rifle grenades. TO&E: $750.00, WW2 1944 Dated, US Army Green Star Signal Flare M19A1, WW2 1944 dated US Army Green Star Signal Flare M19A1 in original Cardboard tube. The first production run was had purchase orders issued May 1943, with delivery beginning in August 1943 and completing in August 1944. Sell a Similar Item. $45.00, Civil War Lacquered Tin box of Percussion Caps for Colt 1851 or M1860 Army Revolver, Etc. Made by M1 Carbine grenade launcher good buy @ SOS show, U.S Rifle M-1 Garand WITH Grenade launcher & dummy rifle Grenade (Valley Guns). $1.95 VIEW DETAILS. Conveniently, a history was published immediately after the conclusion of the war tabulating production of war material by month. Each box marked "US Property" complete with all 25 rounds of Skeet Shot shells. In a departure of design, to address lessons learned from the M1 launchers use of spring steel ranging clips the M7 and M8 launchers incorporated an integral spring to allow the user to position the rifle grenade at marked “range bands.”, M8 grenade launcher showing improved range bands, M1 Launcher showing grooves for range clips. of Dummy 7-17, Infantry Rifle Company (Feb 26, 1944):MilitaryResearch.Org. $20.00, Excellent - Orderlies (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep), In the regimental service company: Sealed. - Bugler (Driver of 1/4 ton truck, Jeep) It states that 104,000 of the first pattern C-113709A and C-113709B launchers were produced. Rare. WWII US RIFLE GRENADE-INERT-M1 CARBINE USED THE M8 GRENADE LAUNCHER * 11" IN LENGTH-UNSCREWS TOWARD CENTER-BLACK PAINT * Buyer's Premium. The second run production began in 1945, with an initial contract being issued to Knapp Monarch in late December 1944 and a new contractor, US Cabinet Bed Co in January 1945. - Radio Sergeant $75.00, WW2 US Army, 1944 Dated, Ground Signal Amber Star Rifle Flare M22A1, WW2 1944 dated US Army Ground Signal Amber Star Rifle Flare M22A1 in the original cardboard tube. U.S. Infantry Weapons of World War II. The heavy weapons company had the highest concentration of M8's because of their widespread use of the M1 carbine, specifically amongst messengers and ammunition bearers, as detailed below: Examples of specific roles that utilized the M8 grenade launcher within the heavy weapons company are: As of January 22nd 1944, Reliance's contract was for 92K launchers total. Special Troops, Infantry and Armored all saw use of the M8 Launcher throughout North West Europe, from D-Day through the end of hostilities. Other stuff is … 104,00 Total - 41,680 US Cabinet = 62,320 for Knapp Monarch. 30 May 2015, Table of Organization and Equipment No. The lot of 10 with carton. Cabinet Bed Company of Brooklyn NY produced a further 104,000 units during the second production run. War Department,Web. Condition, Scarce. $20.00, WW2 $100.00, US 20 Round Carton of 30/40 Krag Rifle & Carbine Blanks, Original US 20 Round Carton Of 30/40 Krag Rifle and Carbine Blanks. Sun Ray Photo Co. Inc. of New York City, Reliance Machine Tool Corp. of Long Island NY, and Knapp Monarch Co. of St Louis MO produced a combined 283,000 units during the first production run. The M8 grenade launcher for the M1 carbine is not well recognized or understood by reenactors. Ships from Northbrook, IL, … Love that show. The 1/6/44 Reliance Machine line item has a contract revision pegging their contract at a maximum of 92,000 units, with the Government taking the right to re determine the contract downward if needed.