Your message was received. Get red and blue orbs which can be exchanged for characters shards and materials. Note: You don't have to spend any resources. Note to Admins: Can we start a stickied bugs megathread? You have entered an incorrect email address! For a limited-time, earn double X-Force character shards in these Campaign nodes: Go back to other campaigns, farm the required gear of a character to improve your power and try again. Please switch to a modern browser like Otherwise, it'll ask for cores. Adding to that you can buy energy refreshes for power cores for 120 energy. Her passive increases critical chance, so she becomes more potent as you level her abilities. You will need Blitz Charge to participate in the battles, which can be obtained from Medical Supply Run under Challenges! It’s pretty challenging to advance most abilities beyond level 3 without raiding, so keep that in mind. for better experience. Your browser's cookies are disabled. Hawkeye – His primary attack cannot be dodged and pierces! For example, if you fight against Drax, he can clear his taunt right away! If not, he will just fall short of her burst but provide more DPS. Seeing Double - Enjoy 2x shard rewards in Campaign nodes for all characters released during our second year. Now you can unlock Wolverine by completing it 7 times. The second skill applies defense down. level 2. Heroes are well represented, there’s lots of things to do every day, you... Halloween is coming to Marvel Strike Force, filling the game with spook-filled events and challenges, as well as a brand new hero that everyone can unlock. He has a mini AoE in his second skill that clears positive effects and slightly reduces enemy speed bar. She is very much a speed attacker that can counter with her second skill. I suggest getting the blue orbs first as you will need a lot of the mid tier items for various characters. So you’re saying the fastest way to level is by doing missions. Raids have their own currency, aptly named Raid Credits. Currently, the max star grade level for a character is level 7. You’ll need plenty of Raid Credits for these Orbs — the Orange Gear Orb is 15,000 Raid Credits — which is why you’ll want to be playing raids as often as possible. Needless to say, you shouldn’t go about generously throwing Power Cores left and right, although the game will tempt you to do so. While she may not be a heavy hitter, she shines when you level her passive “Exploit Weakness”, which gives her a chance to assist in an attack! His third skill does decent damage and he can stun. Her third skill is a small AoE chain attack and she gains evasion. Nebula is built to attack multiple times before the enemy can move. The stun’s on a chance but the slow is guaranteed to roll against the enemy’s resistance. Get important materials to improve the gear of your character. As long as she gets to finish the enemy off, she gets to go again. If you cannot beat a certain map, don’t keep trying and waste energy.