Montgomery pleaded guilty to Barrett's murder and was sentenced to 20-years. Mary sent her prey sexy red silk g-strings and love notes. "It was stupid. Marinesniper became consumed with jealousy -- and he wasn't about to take it lying down. After all, he never intended to actually meet the girl. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. MarineSniper was 46-year old Thomas Montgomery, a married father of two. 'Brian will pay in blood,' wrote Montgomery at one point to 'Jessi'. "Unfortunately in New York State, you have to do a little something more to be criminally liable.". The comments below have not been moderated. Mary Shieler didn't come away unscathed. ", Instant messages recovered from his computer show that the online relationship began to consume Montgomery. Montgomery seemed to be losing touch with reality. Brian Barrett was a 22-year-old co-worker of Thomas Montgomery and became the object of 'Jessi'/Mary Shieler's affections after she rejected Montgomery. "He was my height, 6 feet tall, had bright red hair," said Montgomery, "big shoulders, muscles and all that. When "talhotblond" texted him that she was a virgin, and asked how old he was, he began a fantasy of his own. Wish you had a better relationship? He has hinted darkly of covert ops and dark deeds best unmentioned, but U.S. Marine records obtained by "20/20" show that although he qualified as a sharpshooter, he never trained as a sniper or saw action. But for Jessi, he invented a younger, stronger, more virile version of himself, called "Tommy." However, fate caught up with him as his wife Cindy found a package that 'Jessi' had sent to Montgomery which led her to his secret pile of photos, underwear and letters from West Virginia. "I have never felt this way," Montgomery responded. She continued her talking to Montgomery online: Marinesniper: my heart aches to hear you call me your tommie, Marinesniper: i wish i could be that 19 yr old marine for u, "In his mind, this was the jackpot," said Barbara Schroeder, who documented the bizarre relationship in a documentary called "Talhotblond." A blurred picture of Jessi Shieler, the 18-year-old daughter of Mary Shieler, who used it under the online name Tallhotblonde. No laws exist against what she did. "I love you always and forever, Tommy," wrote Jessi. But Mary couldn't let it go. 'Let me introduce you to these people,' she wrote. Play it now. Described by neighbours as a good man who worked for his daughters' swim team board, Montgomery's life slowly started to become fixated around his conversations online with 'Jessi.'. Social media users blast 'insane' Oregon voters for approving measure to decriminalize possession of ALL drugs including HEROIN and COCAINE, Anti-Trump protesters clash with NYPD in Manhattan's Greenwich Village as National Guard is activated in Portland and LAPD declares 'tactical alert' for second night in a row - as election result hangs in the balance, 'This is an extremely flammable situation and he just threw a match into it': Chris Wallace, Jake Tapper and Savannah Guthrie lead anchors blasting Trump for prematurely declaring election victory, Biden's support among black male voters dropped a record 15% compared to Obama in 2008 after a series of campaign gaffes and claims he took the African American vote for granted, Nancy on the brink? Montgomery began to go into a downward spiral. Jessi texted him at the last minute not to visit, but Montgomery, who had learned of the plan to meet, was incensed. Cindy was furious, but this good mom felt sorry for the girl, and wrote "Jessi" a letter, exposing Montgomery's true identity: Do not trust words on a computer, let this go, you will only be hurt by a man who has mastered the art of manipulations and lies. "I kept thinking, well, we're never going to meet. "And on his way back, he was saying, 'I'm going right past your house. When 18-year-old Talhotblond started instant-messaging him, he decided to pretend he was 18 too. Another world-class liar hit the web. If you need to flag this entry as abusive. 46-year old Thomas Montgomery began a spiraling online affair which led to him murdering a love rival and discovering his alleged 18-year-old lover was in fact a 45-year-old woman. The cyber-flirting, which began in May 2005, soon turned to cyber-sex as Montgomery lied about his history of covert ops, even though he never saw action during his stint in the military. But there seems to be no suggestion as to what such laws would look like from lawmakers in New York. Montgomery's screen name, Marinesniper, was a nostalgic harkening back to the six years he spent in the military as a young man. The relationship had become more than a flirtation, Montgomery said. Revealed: Victim of Canadian porn star cannibal is Chinese... New Jersey woman stunned to discover homeless victim of... 'I'm going to be late. On his part, Montgomery had created an alter-ego of himself as younger and stronger.