so do mastery setup according to the conditions. Characters in the Mystic class are associated in some way with mysticism or magic. While you don’t have to play only XL champions, it will make your life a lot easier. then must read this article. That said, if GR is paired with blade he’d probs take the W. Ghost Rider (paired with Blade). Marvel Contest of Champions Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ( Log Out /  What Champion Should I Awaken? Add in Spark and you can literally take on anything in the game. If power control was my biggest concern, I'd want Magik as my first choice and Dr. Voodoo as my second. I have used an unduped 5star Ghost Rider paired with a 4star blade to beat ROL, RTTL and am exploring act 5 right now. About Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Mastery Setup : Keep in mind mastery setup should be depending on your current quest mode, your current champ roster and your fight style (for example some players play the game aggressively and some players play defensively). Limbo in conjunction with the recovery mastery functions as a regen. ( Log Out /  MCOC Class Bonus & Weakness Chart Raghunath Daphale April 15, 2017 0 There are six classes in total and they are Cosmic, Tech, Mutant, Skill, Science, and Mystic. Stark Spider-Man and Stealth Spider-Man are the top Spider-Verse Heroes, but don’t be afraid to use Spider-Gwen or even Symbiote Spider-Man. Symbiot supreme is better you guys are right.But if you compare both the champions .Doctor voodoo can do more stuff than symbiot. I've seen it said she can essentially power lock an entire fight and I'm curious how you would do that. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! It goes without saying that Kabam has produced some REALLY bad champions over the years. Dormammu and King Groot are useful in the chapters where they receive a unique buff. Here’s a few champions that are helpful in multiple Variants.Sentinel – He’s an XL Tech champion, so he can be used in Variant 2, and in many regards is the best champ for Variant 3. OR Searching for MCOC Top 10 Best Champs? Some of the best XL champions for Variant 2 are Venom, Venom The Duck, Sentinel, Red Hulk, Thing, and Warlock. Not gonna be the case with everyone, and I'm not gonna tell the dude saying Magik or Ghost Rider that they're wrong. And even if they nerf her one day so that she can't be used for AWD, I will use her for attack. Help a new player out please. You forgot Hood, that guy has insane utility. Find who you're most comfortable with and who has the most utility for what you need. Dr. Voodoo is gimped when fighting poison immune. Great stuff! Defense Mastery - Power Index Increase Guide, Utility Mastery - Power Index Increase Guide. Teammate's Class Effect; Mutant. As far as miscellaneous other abilities/utilities go, I think I'd put the highest value on Morningstar. Dr Voodoo was my first R5 5 star but as my roster got bigger I found myself never using him. Chance to purify debuffs by removing a kinetic potential. The only node where Magik takes the cake is on a hefty power gain node, it's hard for both Voodoo and GR to keep up with the increased power gain. 6 Limbo in conjunction with the recovery mastery functions as a regen. I wouldn't say that makes her the hardest-hitting by default, but it does make her a little more versatile. Granted it is very random but when the stars align...holy shit. Whether you have a 5-star, 4-star, or even 3-star generic awakening gem, you can use on these champs to awaken. Upcoming: None. I'm gonna go with Voodoo for the better Power control, but GR definitely has the better healing. Also I have a generic AG in storage if she really needs it to make that happen. With blade all is easier. Chapter 1 allows only Skill and Mutant, Chapter 2 only Mystic and Tech, and Chapter 3 only Science and Cosmic. All Artwork and Images are property of Kabam. Default Base Health : 18514 (With Full Glass Cannon Points), Increase the Health of all Champions by 24, Increase the Health of all Champions by 1.6%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 2.0%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 2.4%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 2.8%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 3.6%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 4.4%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 5.2%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 6.4%, Increase the Health of all Champions by 8.0%, 30 Points MCOC Mastery Setup By CaptainRaghu, 40 Points MCOC Mastery Setup By CaptainRaghu, 50 Points MCOC Mastery Setup By CaptainRaghu, Offense Mastery - Power Index Increase Guide. GR is hands down the best. Venom is an overall monster, and Venom the Duck is another fantastic option. Let’s look at each of the 5 Variants to see which one might be a fit for you!Back Issues Variant 1 – Ultron’s AssaultVariant 1 is the longest Variant in terms of number of quests (9) and total paths and it requires high-end roster depth because of the class restrictions in each chapter. Well, a lot of that is going to depend on what you’re working with in terms of your current roster, and how well it plays into the theme of the different Variants. Scarlett Witch is the best mystic character. Playable: Black Widow (Claire Voyant) ● Diablo ● Doctor Doom ● Doctor Strange ● Doctor Voodoo ● Dormammu ● Dragon Man ● Ebony Maw ● Ghost Rider ● Guillotine ● Iron Fist (Immortal) ● Juggernaut ● Loki ● Longshot ● Magik ● Mephisto ● Mojo ● Mordo ● Morningstar ● Sasquatch ● Scarlet Witch ● Sorcerer Supreme ● Symbiote Supreme ● The Hood ● Thor (Jane Foster) ● Tigra ● Unstoppable Colossus If you're running Blade anyway, then Ghost Rider is the perfect fit. All Characters are property of Marvel Entertainment.Website is Design By MCOC Game Fan - CaptainRaghu(InGame Name). GR also definitely needs his Blade synergy, while Voodoo doesn't need any synergy. Mystic Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As far as immunities go, unfortunately, none of them have it all. Ghost Rider is quite weak if he doesn't have his signature ability and/or is fighting a bleed immune. In my opinion, there are six Mystic champs that could all reasonably be considered for the top champion in the class: Magik, Dr. Voodoo, Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Mephisto, and Morningstar. The difficulty of Variant 5 is generally in line with that of Variants 3 & 4. Thanks to user Professor_Skill for help to creating this Masteries Guide. MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS SOFTWARE © 2020 KABAM GAMES, INC., A NETMARBLE COMPANY. All the best tech champions – Guillotine 2099, Stark Spider-Man, Warlock, Ghost, Darkhawk, Star-Lord, and Hulkbuster – are excellent in Variant 3. Getting awakening gems are rare as you don’t get them every week or even months. The average fight difficulty in Variant 1 is also greater than what you’ll see in the other Variants,I would recommend having two to three 5-Star 5/65 or better of EACH CLASS before attempting Variant 1. Venom is an overall monster, and Venom the Duck is another fantastic option. So effective. Cheers! Well, if you ain't got Blade that's not really much help to you, haha. googletag.pubads().definePassback('/21849154601/Ad.Plus-300x600', [[300, 600], [200, 446], [240, 400], [250, 250], [250, 360], [120, 600], [300, 250], [160, 600]]).setTargeting('site', ['']).display(); Contact Us            Privacy Policy and Disclosure, Google serves cookies to analyze traffic and shows interest-based ads to this site. Symbiote Supreme has extra value because he is both Mystic and Symbiote. Not playable: Adaptoid ● Deadpooloid ● Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!) Please for the love of god explain to me how SS is better then either DV or Magik? That being said none of the other mystics can come close to the dmg that SW can pull off with her L2. ScienceCombined. Magik is really the only one who can deal the same amount of damage regardless of battle conditions. blade gives GR guranteed judgements. Ideally you’ll want at least three of the above champs at 5-Star 4/55 or better to run Variant 5.One final note is that the rewards for Variant 5 are better than those for Variants 1-4, so take that into consideration when deciding what order to clear content. you will earn one mastery point per level up. Sentinel has double-immunity, and a bunch of utility including Heal Block, Armor Break, Shock, and Incinerate, and as such can be used in a number of different circumstances.Stark Spider-Man – He’s a Tech Spider-Verse champion, so he can do a ton of work in Variants 3 and 5. Scarlet Witch needs an RNG fiesta of buffs, and is also limited by only being a 4-star champ. So which Variant should you attempt first (or next)? I do believe that Dr. Voodoo and Magik are better for overall content (only considering that Dr. Voodoo is awakened, Trust me i have a 5* Dr. Voodoo and he isn't fun when not awakened since he become VERY RNG based) and have extremely few match ups and/or nodes that can make them unviable but can still win a majority of match ups, but SS excels at what he does and in the right match up can completely dominate the opponent, but those match ups are a few and far between.