The Border Crossing is used for clearance of goods contained in passengers’ baggage. financed by the European Union. Within CS Dheu i Bardhë the BCP Muqibaba operates as well, which geographically is under administration of Municipal Assembly of Gjilan; it is located in a distance of more than 20 km from Gjilan, the landscape is mountainous (sea level in this BCP is over 800 m) and is authorized only for passengers traffic. In this BCP goods traffic is not allowed, but only passengers and their personal items carried with them. Lajcak But with just a passport, European or not, it is likely you will be turned around to Montenegro or Macedonia. d)    Customs clearance of goods contained in baggage of passengers is completed at g-3  Merdare and this clearance is completed with CDP (Customs Document of Passengers) to be paid in cash at this Crossing Point. This is validated in compliance with the request of given association for period from May 10, 2007 until October 31, 2007. If you are going to Prishtina, wait for a direct lift instead of being dropped off somewhere before Prishtina. but the trucks are not sealed even if there is a long distance is covered since their entry in Kosovo territory up to the terminal. Performance of customs obligations is necessary when declaring goods at ... Border Crossing Point of Merdare is located at kilometer 37 of the highway Prishtina to Nish between two neighboring countries of Kosova and Serbia, in the North-East of Kosova. Serbia has finally agreed to implement the deal after on September 4 signed an agreement with Kosovo pledging to open and manage the joint Merdare crossing. Functionalization of the Merdare border crossing was welcomed on Wednesday by the US President Donald Trump’s special envoy on Dialogue, Richard Grenell, who thanked Serbian authorities for agreeing to move their police and customs officers to a joint crossing point. The deal was brokered by the US and was signed at the White House at the observation of the US President Donald Turmp. There is a café/restaurant on the Kosovo side of the border, which refuses to accept Serbian Dinars! The necessary documentation is required for every consignment (invoice, CMR, export declaration, etc.) Work procedure in Merdare border crossing point. 038-571-653-Udhëheqësi i ndërrimit-pranimi i dokumenteve. Functionalization of the Merdare border crossing was welcomed on Wednesday by the US President Donald Trump’s special envoy on Dialogue, Richard Grenell, who thanked Serbian authorities for agreeing to move their police and customs officers to a joint crossing point. 1.) Clearance of goods is done by the short procedure. Crossing from Kosovo into Serbia is generally a longer process. Since month of February of last year in Muqibaba BCP, after consultations with Customs Senior Management in this BCP only two customs officers are engaged to work for 12 hours (08:00-20:00 ... Qafa e Prushit is located 10 kilometres from Gjakova city. It lies on the E80. Loja që te gjithëve na ka mbledhur rreth tavolinës, netëve me rrymë e pa rrymë, në gëzime e ditë... Ky portal mirëmbahet nga Gazeta Express sh.p.k.. Materialet dhe informacionet në këtë portal nuk mund të kopjohen, të shtypen ose të përdoren në çfarëdo forme tjetër për qëllime përfitimi. The border crossing point Glloboçica is located in the 68th kilometre of the highway between Prishtina – Tetova and through this border crossing point only the crossing of vehicles and passengers buses is allowed, in which case clearance of goods carried by passengers is also permitted, but with administrative instruction is forbidden for trucks with ... Vermica Customs Station is one of the official international border crossing for Kosovo which serves as connection between Kosovo and Albania. If you get a lift to the border it might be worthwhile just crossing the border on foot, as there can be quite a tailback of cars and trucks waiting at the border. The Merdare border crossing joins the de facto independent republic of Kosovo (near Prishtina) with Serbia (near Niš). You can thumb just after passport control, before the small roadside cafe. It lies on the E80. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-pics-gaming-aww-tifu-todayilearned-worldnews-mildlyinteresting-gifs-videos-Showerthoughts-movies-science-Jokes-OldSchoolCool-Music Border crossing point of merdare. #Kosovo #Merdare Building of new border crossing at Merdare (Kosovo-Serbia) - Duration: 1:08. Express reports. Walking across this border is allowed. Border Crossing Point Delta 31 (Zubin Potok). The border crossing point Kulla is located int eh north-west part of Peja city, with sea level of 1250 meters and started to work on 14/02/2000 at the time as constituent part of CS Peja. Walking across this border is allowed. This Border Crossing operates 24 hours a day. Currently trucks from this border crossing are directed to the Mitrovica Customs Terminal. Robert Logo 1,513 views. Accompanying papers of goods together with vehicle papers are forwarded to the Customs Terminal of Podujeva by the Chief of Shift or by his designated person. Does anyone know how busy the border is on Sunday Mornings between Midnight and 3am? All commercial goods from all the regions of BCP Kulla are instructed (or obliged) to go to the customs terminal to continue with customs procedure of goods clearance. The same is valid also for perishable goods to be exported such is mushrooms and bilberries. Background . In this case, the Serbian officers will insist you enter through Montenegro or Macedonia instead.