Jason has solutions to address the current issues facing us and ideas for improving our City for the future. Mark admits that a year and a half on he is attempting to come to terms with the incident – writing letters to Meredith and driving past her house helps him come to terms with what happened. I looked back at my empty apartment one last time, locked the door one last time, and got on the elevator one last time. EXCLUSIVE - Who stole BBC's forgeries? 'She was determined there was a plan between Meredith and I, and she was trying to listen to what that plan was.'. “We were happy,” Gerardot said to ABC. The murder suicide unfolded on April 23, 2018 in the Radnor Township, Pennsylvania home of Chapman, 33, a vivacious and respected marketing professional who was a former college cheerleader. Pictured, Delaware couple, Jennair Gerardot and husband, Mark Gerardot and his wife’s alleged love rival, Meredith Chapman. Meredith Chapman. As recently as March 30, she posted a … Mark Gerardot, 48, told Dr.Oz that his wife of almost 25 years had a 'Plan B' to also kill him had he walked in on the murder of his lover, Meredith Chapman. Chapman, meanwhile, accepted a job at Villanova University and had moved to Radnor, also planning a divorce, Gerardot said. '”, Chapman also worked on “teams for special political projects, including the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, The State Budget Mess (2009) and Joe Biden’s Journey (2008).”, Andrew Mitchell, who worked on Chapman’s campaign, wrote in a Facebook post that she was “the type of person who you thought was going to help shape the world, it’s why I volunteered for her campaign back in ‘16, it’s why I believed in her. Disturbing text messages the wife sent the husband on the same night of the the murder-suicide signaled trouble was coming. She seemed to improve after he said he urged her to seek professional help and support from her family. “She believed earnestly in the power of communication to bring people together, whether to achieve their collective goals or simply to share their stories. She had stayed behind to lease the house. Mark Gerardot said he spent 45 days alone in Delaware, and that his wife, upon rejoining him, noticed he had become distant. However, during their second session, Mark Gerardo says he stumbled on a flashing recording device, sewn into his jacket. Weeks later they expressed their feelings for each other and started having a secret affair. “There were emails and text messages indicating what she planned to do, and the detectives are still sorting that out,” Colarulo added. She then made her own admission, he said, that she had hired a company that gave her access to his phone. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). However, Philly.com reported that Chapman lived alone in the home where she died. “Here comes Meredith. And in a revealing new interview, Mark told US TV Network ABC’s 20/20 how the affair played out and ended with his wife sending him disturbing texts before committing the crime. Chapman was involved in politics. She was a bright light, a ray of sunshine, always smiling. You're acting different,'' he recalled. Around 7 p.m, Chapman returned home, and Jennair shot and killed her, police said. She’s on the side of the YouDee Van…Meredith was also a UD cheerer.”. He learned that during one call Jennair was at a firing range. She described herself as a “senior Executive Marketing Director at University of Delaware” and “Associate Business Consultant at Ruffalo Noel Levitz,” as well as “Adjunct Faculty at University of Delaware” and “Former Director of Digital Communication at University of Delaware.” However, her LinkedIn page said that Chapman was working for Villanova University at the time of her death. Mark revealed his intent to file for divorce and said while Jennair was emotional at times over their situation, she appeared to be dealing with the break-up quite well. Jennair Gerardot was also a marketing professional. The couple made an attempt to reconcile with couple's therapy. The Chapman family issued the following statement: “Meredith was a beacon of light to anyone […] Only 33-years-old, she had already run for state senate (albeit unsuccessfully) and carved out a promising career as a university marketing professional after serving as a television reporter in Delaware. That hypnotic gaze. How did it happen? Radnor Township Police Superintendent William Colarulo told philly.com that the woman, later identified as Gerardot, suspected Chapman was having a relationship with her husband. I don’t play a musical instrument. Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). I took this picture at the end of a long (and sweaty) day of campaigning. She also did consulting work related to higher education. Mark Gerardot has a website, which you can see here. At first he denied the affair. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Mark Gerardot revealed to Dr. Oz his wife had a backup plan for to kill them all, Gerardot was married for almost 25 years to Jennair, left, when he had an affair with Meredith Chapman, 33, who was his boss and worked in marketing at University of Delaware. But quietly she was keeping close tabs on the husband and his mistress, and plotting revenge. But in my experience, it almost always means removing unnecessary clutter and cutting through the marketing BS,” he added. Mark Gerardot admits that he became smitten by Meredith Chapman (above), 33, after she hired him to work under her in a marketing job at University of Delaware, that it felt 'amazing to be around her', 'She finally asked me, "What is up with you? Jennair Gerardot even brought a wig to the scene, according to authorities, adding chilling detail to the tragic circumstances. 'She told me she wanted to understand the degree to which Meredith and I were in the relationship,' Gerardot said. “That’s for sure.”. Disturbing text messages the wife sent the husband on the same night of the the murder-suicide signaled trouble was coming. Meredith Chapman had a bright future and present. Meredith Sullivan Chapman, 33, was shot to death by Jennair Gerardot, 47, whose husband Mark was involved in a romantic relationship with Chapman, police said. He served four terms on the City Council but … Jennair Gerardot, according to police, shot Chapman in the kitchen of her house in Radnor, before turning the gun on herself. She was a political advocate, writing, in her most visible public Facebook post, in reference to her husband’s seat: “For the last six years, Luke’s served on Newark City Council and has been a strong advocate for our neighbors and City. On his Facebook page, he wrote that he is “widowed” and posted photos in wine country and with his dog. “My regret comes back to breaking her heart and making her feel like she had no other choice,” he said. The husband said divorce after that was inevitable and that he within a short time he announced his intentions to file. “She finally asked me, ‘What is up with you? 'I hope you find never happiness,' she said in another text, ending with one final message, 'Bye, Mark.'. “‘He’s just doing this for fame and fortune,’ someone recently said about me after learning I’d been writing a book for the past year. There will undoubtedly be critics, angry that I decided to speak out, that I’m stirring up a story that the media and everyone had finally forgotten. 'You ruined my life,' one text message said, according to Mark Gerardot. On LinkedIn, she wrote that she had also worked as a television reporter. He says he's also writing a book, which is proving cathartic, 'I hope you find never happiness,' she said in another text, ending with one final message, 'Bye, Mark.'. Jennair Gerardot picked up on the affair after her husband relocated for the new job from their home in South Carolina. Sheila Brennan, a divorce coach who began working with Jennair Gerardot, told ABC the wife was boiling with resentment and anger over 'being tossed away' and 'being traded in' for a younger woman.