McCarthy empowered Rodgers more and more to take ownership in the offense as the years went on. How are other teams borrowing the "Fish" concept on deep shots that McCarthy made a staple of his Packers offense? The 56-year-old spent 13 seasons with the Wisconsin-based franchise but is hoping to take charge of a new franchise come next campaign. "I agree with you," McCarthy said. How do the Cowboys get Dak Prescott in rhythm on the deep cross? (Jack plays middle linebacker; another stepson, George, a quarterback, missed the season because of an injury.) Longtime general manager Ted Thompson — who for years had almost entirely dismissed free agency and trades in favor of a strict draft-and-develop approach, lumping pressure on Rodgers to cover up the Packers’ weaknesses and coaches to play young players — had been in declining health and stepped down after the season. Follow Tom Pelissero on Twitter @TomPelissero. (But) we’re all fighters. I’m not talking about the games. ("You have to develop the locker room from every possible angle. "I think that’s natural. Most mornings, Haslett (who lives in Cincinnati) and Cignetti (New Jersey) get on the phone together and talk through tape all day. "There’s days where I thought, ‘I could do this. McCarthy also did a deep dive on himself, going through boxes dating to his early days as an assistant at the University of Pittsburgh and with the Kansas City Chiefs to study how his philosophies have evolved over the past 30 years and where he needs to go from here. "I agree with you," McCarthy said. It can’t be a subcontractor. "My focus was always to be better, not bitter. That first half of the season was one of the worst stretches that we had, and the team just gutted it out. Once you get past the emotion -- the negative emotion of it all -- it's a great opportunity to shine a bright light on it and grow.". It needs to be part of your everyday operation. Do I want to go back to the grind of coaching?’ " McCarthy said. Cignetti -- a fellow graduate assistant with McCarthy on Paul Hackett's staff at Pitt in 1989 who later joined him on Haslett's Saints in the early 2000s and spent last season as the Packers' QBs coach -- recalls McCarthy telling him in early January he planned to coach again. McCarthy just wasn’t sure it’d be in 2019. Home » NFL » Ex-Packers coach Mike McCarthy eyes NFL return in 2020, Ex-Packers coach Mike McCarthy eyes NFL return in 2020 12/09/2019 NFL (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});DE PERE, Wis. — Mike McCarthy’s right thumb bounces back and forth on the remote as he sits in his outsized mancave, controlling the video that plays on a TV in the corner while debate ensues around him about how to cover one NFL team after another’s version of the deep cross.When a clip comes up of Aaron Rodgers and the 2019 Packers, McCarthy’s expression doesn’t change, though he admits later it can be emotional watching his old team at times. Because everybody has analytics, but it has to be part of your everyday operation to show up on Sundays.") "Coaching in this league’s a way of life. ("I’m not a believer in [that]," he said. "It’s nice to have time to think about it, to watch, discuss, and you’re not (saying), ‘Hey, we gotta make this decision by end of March ’cause OTAs start in April,’ " McCarthy said. (Replied McCarthy: "Hell, don't be sorry. But at age 56, he’s not looking for a cushy gig or one last payday. What worked before? McCarthy still takes prides in the development of the Packers' young players when he sees them on tape. We won’t need it forever, but we need it right now. Back in McCarthy's office, a baby-faced Rodgers is smiling on the TV screen, taking a snap in his first videotaped session in McCarthy's renowned "Quarterback School" in 2006. Once we had the video and we had each other, the sky’s the limit.". How are other teams borrowing the "Fish" concept on deep shots that McCarthy made a staple of his Packers offense? Tom Pelissero. "I thought that was clearly the best coaching job that I was part of, in maybe my whole career," McCarthy says, steering his truck through the dark on the way home from an early-morning coffee run. He won over 61% of his games with the Packers, who reached the playoffs nine times (including eight in a row) in 13 seasons, with four NFC title game appearances and a triumph over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.