In case, you are not sure whether to uninstall an app or not, head over to XDA Forums and find the safe-to-uninstall list of apps in MIUI. Step 1 – Open the Mi Browser and go to it’s settings, Step 2 – Select Advance then go to Top Site Orders, Step 2 – Go to the Account and select Settings, Step 3 – Toggle of the recommendation and push notification. Here are the package names of 100+ safe to remove Xiaomi bloatware so that you can uninstall or disable them without worrying about any adverse effect on your smartphone. Related: Android Q MIUI 11 Update Schedule for Xiaomi Devices. One of them is by offering add-ons, extra services, and gaining revenue through ads. Hope this guide helped in sorting out the problem. Step 2 – . MIUI is a project of Xiaomi, it is their proprietary Android skin that goes on top of stock Android OS. Just grant root access to this module and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall system apps on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone. Tap on the folder name, as if you were going to change the name. ©2020 Android Authority | All Rights Reserved. Just select the bloatware you want to remove and click on the. You’ll see a list of Xiaomi bloatware with their package names that can be uninstalled. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. You may or may not believe in Xiaomi’s structure, but the company’s low prices are very welcomed. Thankfully there are some things you can do to minimize the presence of ads (if not 100% eliminate them). Find the cog icon on the top-right corner and tap on it. Step 2 – Turn off recommendation then go back to the app’s settings. It can download and install stock firmware on Xiaomi devices, wipe device data, enable OEM unlocking, and flash factory images. In case you get any errors after uninstalling any stock app or removing an app by mistake, you can easily re-install uninstalled apps on MIUI. To be able to execute ADB commands, you must download and set up the latest SDK Platform Tools on your computer. MIUI music player and other MIUI apps shows an ad on almost every start and recommendations is turned OFF in settings. Disable MSA App Step 1 – . That’s a lot of advertising! Find the cog icon on the top-right corner and … MSA pm uninstall –k ––user 0; Google Drive pm uninstall –k ––user 0; gmail pm uninstall –k ––user 0; Google Play Music pm uninstall –k –– user 0; Google Play Videos If you did not know what’s "MSA", you know now that is means MIUI System Ads. By executing the following command, you can print the list of all system apps on your device.adb shellpm list packages -s. To learn how to run set up ADB and run the pm list command on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, head to my Android bloatware removal tutorial. Here is the full list of system apps installed on my Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro running MIUI 12. Learn how to remove MIUI system ads from Xiaomi devices. If you don’t know, Xiaomi holds 9.7% of the global share of the smartphone market. You can uninstall bloatware on Xiaomi and Redmi devices running MIUI 12, MIUI 11, and MIUI 10 in four ways. Considering how Xiaomi holds 9.7% of the global smartphone market share, and most of its devices run MIUI, we know this affected many of you. Xiaomi‘s decision to push ads to its user interface came as an annoying surprise last September. Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Open the Mi Security app. Step 2 – Select the Additional Setting option and go to Authorization and Revocation. Step 3 – Find the msa and turn it off with toggle. Well, those were a lot of ads to get rid of. You can download the full list of safe to remove bloatware on MIUI 10, 11, and 12 with pm uninstall command from Google Drive. A football lover, Writer and a great photographer. It will not, however, disable ads. All this means is (similar to the other tech giants) Xiaomi needs to make money in other ways. Below is a complete list safe to remove system apps on MIUI 10, MIUI 11, and MIUI 12. On the new page tap "Private data access" button; Tap the box next to “MSA” option in the present list. So, turned it off you have practically disabled the adds coming from MIUI system app. ADB Shell pm uninstall command (without root) Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools (without root) System App Remover (root required) Using Debloater Magisk module (root required) MSA stands for “MIUI System Ads,” and it should come as no surprise that killing this app will solve many of your issues. You can also disable the ads in Mi Security: Step 1 – Launch the Mi Security app and locate cog icon on the top-right corner then tap on it. Technology giant’s forces from China, coupled with active support of fan-developers and enthusiasts community, are constantly updating and improving MIUI as a whole. Works for MIUI 11 (based on Android 9), should work for other phones for recent Android versions. Done! There are some handy ADB shell commands using which you can get the list of all installed apps regardless of Xiaomi or Redmi phone model and MIUI version. Open the setting of your Xiaomi Phone. Tap on the hamburger menu button in the bottom-right corner. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Xiaomi is notorious for shipping its smartphones with tons of useless apps known as bloatware. In the ADB mode, it can enable, disable, uninstall, and re-install multiple system apps on MIUI 10, 11, and 12. So yeah with a rooted phone and unlocked bootloader, if its safe to freeze MSA. Revoking authorization for MSA (MIUI system ads) is the building block for our journey in disabling ads on MIUI devices. Tap on the folder you want to disable ads for. If you have rooted your Xiaomi phone, you can find some great apps that would help you get rid of bloatware on MIUI 10, 11, or 12. Since it’s a system app, you won’t find it on the home screen. The only missing thing is the option to reboot Xiaomi devices into the Safe Mode. 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Finally, there is a command-based tool available for rooted Android devices. Disable ads in Mi Security. Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools is a Java-based multi-purpose and a must-have utility for the users of Xiaomi and Redmi devices.