And it is definitely better than the price. Hidden, Musashi assaulted the force, killing Matashichiro, and escaping while being attacked by dozens of his victim's supporters. I love this sword, and I love Musashi for making such brilliant pieces of art. It tells single sword kenjutsu also. This illustration begins many more battle-specific lessons in strategy. Awesomly solid build strenght! The Tachi Kazi (the sound of the blade cutting the air) is loud and distinct, and will help let you know if you're achieving proper blade edge alignment on your cuts. Id trust this sword with my life thats how good it is. This sword is very good. How did Musashi become one of the legendary Samurai of all times? He thought his fighting techniques with Mikinosuke. The blade collar of my Best Miyamoto is stamped with the Musashi emblem where as the collar of my Bamboo Warrior is blank. Fantastic sword for the money. Musashi's attempt to become a vassal to the lord of Owari, like other such attempts, failed. He brought his adopted to son to the village where he grew, the Hirafuku. Then i brought it to the woods in my backyard, and found some 1 to 2 inch thich oak trees. He had his belt tightened and his wakizashi put in it. Further confounding his birthdate, the genealogy of the extant Miyamoto family recounts Musashi was born in 1582. Arima was said to have been arrogant, overly eager to battle, and not a terribly talented swordsman. The blade and fittings come together well, the blade doesn't rattle in it's furniture like most cheaply made "swords" at this price. It is a nice practical sword , well made and worth the price ! The hamon is indeed real, the rayskin is definitely not plastic, there is no plastic or synthetic material, all fittings are as they say, and the sharpness of the blade is beyond fantastic. But, It will cut just about anything else, up to and including traditional Japanese targets like Tatami mats or Straw bundles. Possibly one of the best feelings I've felt in y life so far! It was professionally wrapped in its sword bag and with it was a certificate of authenticity.

The blade has a true temper line, where as others are truly distinguished this is subtle and beautiful.

I love the real hamon and same on this sword, and the bo-hi makes it light and fast. These and many other details are likely embellishments that were added to his legend, or misinterpretations of literature describing him. Upon traveling, Toyotomi’s soldiers ambushed Musashi’s forces. it came with no knicks or scratches. He teaches a lot of students including Miyamoto. Darn no option for 6 stars! First, ordered friday. Will be making another review. Upon his arrival, an irritated Sasaki chided Musashi's lateness and dramatically threw his scabbard into the sea, as a sign that he would not stop and would fight to the death. The handle is constructed of hardwood and offers ray skin with tight cotton cord wrappings. They assembled a force of archers, musketeers and swordsmen, and challenged Musashi to a duel outside Kyoto, near Ichijō-ji Temple. You cannot shave with it. The saya feels as though it was made for this particular blade (no slipping from saya when inverted). If this is the quality I get for under a hundred bucks, I can't wait to see what the elite katanas will bring! The blade is very strong. I can't see any sign that they are wrong, so I'm very happy for the money. The Daito or long sword, and the Wakizashi the short or utility/ backup sword. (NB - Mount Iwato is part of the Mount Kinpu range in Kumamoto and actually where Musashi wrote The Book of Five Rings in the Reigando cave. His body was interred in armour within the village of Yuge, near the main road near Mount Iwato, facing the direction the Hosokawas would travel to Edo; his hair was buried on Mount Iwato itself. so save your money BUY FROM HERE. Dedicated to martial arts, the Budokan is the source for all of Japan's official traditional saber and kendo schools. Excellent sword even though I'm no expert. The Miyamoto Musashi Sword is the best Musashi sword on the market! So when the time set for the duel arrived, Dorin began apologizing for Musashi, who merely charged at Kihei with a six-foot quarterstaff, shouting a challenge to Kihei. A short time sharpening with an Accusharp fixed that problem. Musashi arrived late, greatly irritating Seijūrō. This was my first sword. Cut down 3 inch branches with no delamination whatsoever! his own practical martial art and its generic significance; The Path of Aloneness on the other hand, deals with the ideas that lie behind it, as well as his life's philosophy in a few short aphoristic sentences. In Musashi's Dokkōdō, his stance on religion is further elucidated: "Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help."[25]. His paintings are characterized by skilled use of ink washes and an economy of brush stroke. I also own a $250 Ryumon folded and differentially tempered katana. Musashi's father, Munisai, also fought against a master of the Yoshioka school and won 2 out of 3 bouts in front of the shōgun at the time, Ashikaga Yoshiaki who granted him the title of "Unrivaled Under Heaven". [20] He died peacefully after finishing the text Dokkōdō ("The Way of Walking Alone", or "The Way of Self-Reliance"), 21 precepts on self-discipline to guide future generations. It wasn't that bad at all though. Miyamoto was born in the spring of 1584 in the village of Miyamoto in the Ishino of the new Misaka province in Japan. The fit and finish is on par with other swords i own that are over twice the cost. Could have been worse though, spacers can be replaced I'm just glad it wasn't engraved on the blade. He also notes that most places seem to be mostly concerned with their technique and its beauty. I ordered 2 , 1 for myself and one as a gift for my brother and he loved it. Both are very solid swords of basically the same construction. He was an accomplished artist, sculptor, and calligrapher. Kenji Tokitsu prefers to assume a birth date of 1581, which avoids the necessity of assuming the tombstone to be erroneous (although this poses the problem of from whom then Musashi received the transmission of the family martial art). You can easily just stare at this sword. Regardless, as the Toyotomi side lost, it has been suggested that Musashi fled as well and spent some time training on Mount Hiko. I was totally impressed with their fast shipping, quaility of product, priceing. Six years later, in 1633, Musashi began staying with Hosokawa Tadatoshi, daimyō of Kumamoto Castle, who had moved to the Kumamoto fief and Kokura, to train and paint[16].

i will continue to use this site. I do like my ronin at $130 its more expensive and feels looks inferior to the musashi. You should defiantly get it. It's not "Extremely sharp hand honed edge" but it is ok sharp and well made. Nice handling and all. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "the 10 th, Tadashi Chihara, hyouhou niten ichiryū musashi seitannochi", "Reportage - Dojo - France3 - Miyamoto Musashi School". The Yoshioka Denshichiro was not happy with the result so they challenged him again. this sword is the lightest sword ive ever held. How did Miyamoto Musashi establish his name? I received my first order from true swords today. Musashi's late arrival is also controversial. Munisai (Musashi's father) passes his teachings onto Musashi. With that, he and his father would often have a clash. Miyamoto Musashi or also known as Miyamoto Masana, with the Buddhist name of Niten was the most famous and considered to be as one of the most legendary warriors in Japanese history. This may seem unlikely since Ieyasu was in his 70s and was in poor health already, but it remains unknown how Musashi came into Ieyasu's good graces. In Edo, Musashi defeated Musō Gonnosuke, who would found an influential staff-wielding school known as Shintō Musō-ryū. I will definitely by the next step up. While Hosokawa officials banned spectators, the island was filled with them anyway. This sword features a beautiful, full-tang, 1060 high carbon steel blade that has been clay tempered and hand finished. I'm just trying to figure out why my Japanese Musashi was made in China. Normally, with the few small issues these swords have, I'd give it a high 3 or 4. Absolutely the best sword I've ever purchased. Other than that, the sword is sturdy and I'm pleased with the value I got for such little financial investment. First off, I give it a 6/10. This is my 13th sword. But in 1604, when Musashi began duelling them, they were still preeminent. I just ordered my Miyamoto model last night and can't wait to get it. thanks agin Trueswords, This is an AMAZING sword! In 1599, Musashi left his village, apparently at the age of 15 (according to the Tosakushi, "The Registry of the Sakushu Region", although the Tanji Hokin Hikki says he was 16 years old in 1599, which agrees time-wise with the age reported in Musashi's first duel). I am very IMPRESSED they don't half ass about shipping they say it'll be there 1 or 2 business days and i cut half way threw a bamboo curten just because i haven't had enough training in the martial art. Do urself a favor and buy one you will NOT be disappointed!! This sword is for my son, he did all the research and picked it out. The tomb was wrong.