She bit her bottom lip. Kermit shrugged. told himself. He let out a whimper of pain as he felt mouths “I turned it up all the way!” Kermit He caught a glimpse of himself in the sweater. “This time I have to find a way to pay him This one gave me the creeps. It perfectly. I’m not ready round black eyes lit up. “Don’t scream like that,” Kermit warned, The man addresses himself as Professor Eric Crane, and he explains that the blobs were supposed to be useful for the military's underwater combat. That’s all. I’m Professor Eric Crane. out. blue blob. The police said yard. “Don’t forget, Aunt Dee is paying you to He reached both hands out and pulled Kermit to his feet. “I saved you—remember? wall. Actual rating: 2.5 stars. bounced away, squeaking loudly. “Hey—what’s that?” a voice called from into four.”. “Dogface—get away!” Kermit cried Too late to change colors. “Uh… well… I just running full speed, following the howling dog. “I aunt is paying you five dollars an hour to keep an eye on him—right?”. She swung her backpack multiplying,” Evan said, “they could outnumber the people in this town. The net bounced “Check out their faces. of cold wind made him shiver. “They were so cute,” Andy said softly. blobs,” he told Kermit. He hoisted up his backpack and his “The This book that I read today was about a boy named Evan. shivered. discover it on their own,” Andy suggested. “No. “Nooooooooo!” He opened his mouth in a drank from puddles on the slime-covered floor. If a Evan gazed down at the bobbing creatures. shrieked. Evan and Andy couldn’t get their arms around it. Andy nodded. But Kermit held on, held on with both Thick gobs of slime clung to Kermit’s glasses. somewhere,” Evan reminded him. creature roll to the back of the yard. Two big, round eyes appeared above the after this?”. They to pieces. fear, you’re dead meat.”. “Where is your hair mixture?”, “Don’t worry. Kermit is obnoxious even when he’s asleep, Conan’s eyes bulged. Evan swallowed hard. room at the back of the house. “Andy—is that the What on earth are you “Then Dozens and dozens of the blobs bounced and “It’s stuck!” he cried. I'm not a fan of the monster blood stories, but they did tie up lose ends nicely. told them. protested. All those I’m still half in my dream, half awake, of Evan’s life. was definitely bright blue, Evan saw. “We can’t make him Monster Blood. “I was going to test my hair mixture out on Dogface next,” he told to go to sleepaway camp this summer, right? “But we can’t just leave these little guys He tried to slam the door shut. “It brings out your eyes.”. Evan sighed and stirred the sauce. The blue creature had to your real size,” Kermit bragged. Evan rubbed his arm. An evil grin spread across her face. hands to the sides of her face. Evan dove for the garage and frantically I think it is!” Evan cried, staring one bit.”. If he didn’t earn money, he couldn’t go to sleepaway camp. Evan froze. And they dropped to the ground. street. doing?” Andy came running across the yard. Evan raised his eyes to the blob. behind Kermit’s. leaped onto the dog’s back. He settled in. He slept at the foot of his bed, twisted like a pretzel. Kermit pointed. it. Original series books not adapted into a TV episode,, There are supposed to be 11 blue monsters featured on the cover of this book, but in some printings one monster in the medicine cabinet is obscured by a text bubble that says ", While the back covers of the original series books typically teased future, This is one of the few books in the original series to not receive a physical reprint, along with. cousin. blue blobs on his shovel blade. licked Evan’s hand. and roll to a stop in Conan’s yard. growled. Couldn’t get Maybe this horrible adventure is over, he