They became lovers soon after, even upon meeting the Dragon (Grette). At the northern-most part of this level you’ll see a rock formation, north of which, near the edge of the area sits a square chest. Their heads are vulnerable, so shoot them with spells and missiles from a distance. The voice will speak as you venture further through the area, and a Riftstone can be repaired just next to the door. One will be waiting on the stairs, so it's very easy to get trapped. Death will insta-kill you and your pawns, and pawns that are hit cannot be revived until you reach a Riftstone. Finally head north-west down the stairs leading to the Lower Stratum. But they remain unnamed. Having lost their Arisen, these Pawns have been corrupted by the forces polluting Bitterblack Isle, and are among the most dangerous foes you will face. You'll know when it's about to happen. If you pop off their tail, their fires will go out, making them much more vulnerable. I recommend looting the location and leaving as soon as possible. West of the statues lurks another rounded chest, while a third sits in its customary spot to the east, by some cut stones, near the stairs leading down to the hall… stairs that experience should tell you will lead to this area’s version of the fountain room. Stone Tablet #9: The hall with the two chained Gorecyclopes on the first floor. For low-leveled players, it will still be a grind to get out of the fight. His powers are distinctly more dangerous now, but the same advice remains. A High Miasma can deal respectable damage to it, but you might want to resort to faster, safer spells. Barroch can be used to rarify equipment beyond upgrades. Be sure to loot the body for some rare items. Of course, being high up means it’s a long way down, a fact that is anticipated by the creatures occupying this area-Succubi to harass you on the way down, and Goblin Shaman to keep you moving. Drop back down to the south to reach the platform, but before you drop down through the hole you climbed up, continue south past it to find a rounded chest. However, the next time you are here, I highly recommend that you stick to the roofs to survive. Yet she knows that someone must break the hold of Bitterblack Isle, prompting her arrival of Gransys and Cassardis. You do not have to fight the other enemies either, as there's no achievement connected to the Wargs or the Cyclopes. Be sure to target the correct enemy each time as well. Don’t bother climbing the rocks west of this gate, however-there’s nothing up there this time. The Dark Bishop might have been a simpler foe to defeat if not for his pet Cursed Dragon. There will be numerous times when you won't have access to a merchant, so it's important to stockpile the items while you can. By far my least favorite location, the Tower holds numerous flying foes and magick-based enemies that can knock you from the top and all the way down to the bottom. There's also holes in the bridges themselves, so don't fall through. This is the beginning location of the DLC. Note: It could take simply one try or many tries. Cross it to reach a Spider-infested, bone-strewn cave beyond. However, if you didn't, I highly recommend grinding these levels here. This is Daimon in his true form. 4 years ago. Start out by heading down some stairs to the east (as if you have any other options) until you reach a hallway running north. Banshees are… puzzling foes. (10,000 exp each). The Gutter of Misery connects to the Warrior's Respite, which I highly recommend that you visit. The Dark Bishop is just a palette-swap of the Lich, albeit looking more ‘holy’ and priestly. You won't be able to get access unless you find the key. Silence him if possible. Selling homemade and costume jewellery also candles plus oil burners. You know, because Death can fly, and you can’t? Smash them to get through and then head down the path to open another chest. Cross the wooden bridge from the entrance platform to the south-east and follow the stone ramp beyond clockwise. Attack the eye every time. In fact, the exact opposite happens; monsters of increased difficulty will appear in place of the previously cleared locations. Striders are the only Vocations that can climb bosses very quickly, so it’s important they go after them first. Repeat this process until you injure Death to a critical point, but do not defeat it! If you search rock formations north and south of the tower you can score some coin pouches, but the goal lies across a bridge to the east. Her past as the arisen is unknown, but it clearly ended in death. Another pair of Giant Undead and a Banshee await you.