[3] Zebbler said he would take part in a subsequent guerilla marketing event if there was a benevolent motivation behind it. Another ytmnd: http://whnboston.ytmnd.com/. The devices closely resembled the Night Writer promoted by the Graffiti Research Lab in early 2006. Just after 10 a.m., the bomb squad used a small explosive filled with water to destroy the device as a precaution. Boy, I hope there are plenty of laundromats in Little Green Footballs-ville. The pilot has never aired in its entirety, but provided material for the opening sequences for Aqua Teen Hunger Force's season 3 episodes. "[68], 2007 false-terrorism incident involving Aqua Teen Hunger Force, An LED display resembling the cartoon character, A Lite-Brite (without black paper) spelling "hello", Lite-Brite children's toy (left) and Mooninite display (right), live CW56 broadcast of the St. Patrick's Day Breakfast, March 18, 2007, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, "Cartoon Network boss quits over bomb scare", "The Mooninite Invasion of Boston, 6 Years Later", "Bomb squad removes suspicious object that closed I-93 north", "Turner, 2nd firm to pay $2 million over scare", "Remembering the Great Mooninite Panic of 2007", "Turner Broadcasting accepts blame, promises restitution", "Turner Broadcasting accepts full responsibility for scare", "Arrest Made In Boston's Hoax Device Incident", "TV Network Takes Responsibility For 'Hoax Devices, "Two plead not guilty to Boston hoax charges", Man in Boston Scare Videotaped Police: Defendant in Boston marketing stunt scare videotaped police response, attorney says, "Man held after ad campaign triggers Boston bomb scare", "As Boston Reeled, Was Artist Asked to Keep Quiet? Ignignokt's voice is slightly higher pitched in this episode. You speak well English! Similar to the earlier episode Mayhem of the Mooninites," the episode closes on board the Mooninites' spaceship as they retreat from Earth. As independent thinkers exit mainstream institutions, groupthink and blind spots are likely to get worse. "[52] The many Los Angeles signs were up for over two weeks before the Boston scare without incident. [38], The next day, Bax and O'Brien on the Western Massachusetts radio station WAQY weighed in, with John O'Brien saying, "and they [the devices] were also placed in Boston over two weeks ago. [29], The Boston Herald stated that part of the reaction in the response could be blamed on two packages that did not blink. If Turner had permission from Boston, I think he would have brought that point up already. If it wasn’t true, if would be funny. Boo! "[11] Travis Vautour, a friend of Berdovsky, stated: "We received an e-mail in the early afternoon from Peter that asked the community that he's a part of to keep any information we had on the down low and that was instructed to him by whoever his boss was. Comments do not represent the views of Reason.com or Reason Foundation. Err tries to use the Foreigner belt by quoting the Loverboy songs "Turn Me Loose", "Hot Girls in Love" and "Working for the Weekend", but they have no effect as they are not Foreigner songs. …cogs that have now been publically humiliated. This is the only time that Carl is responsible for the defeat of the Mooninites. I assume someone will go to jail for this (and unfortunately it won’t be the fools who blew up the lite brite). Wasn’t that the plot of the 1994 movie Blown Away? As funny as this could be, it’s just sad. McGiever? Meanwhile, back at the Aqua Teens house, Meatwad attempts to count every one of his Harvest Time Tickets so he can get a ten-speed. The Mooninites first use the belt on Carl, freezing him by using the belt. "You know, if you put these in certain environments, like public spaces in this post-9/11 sensitivity, then of course you're going to wind up in trouble." I would be interested, don’t have time to look it up now, what Boston law defines as a hoax device. Great, police in Boston can’t tell the difference between an LED and an IED. [3], The City of Boston hired Zebbler for its 2014 New Year's celebrations to create a light show, paying him US$50,000 for his services. The big issue is subjective Vs. objective. Meanwhile, Carl thaws himself with his tanning bed set on Jamaican. Note: The Mayor of Boston, The Boston Chief of Police, The Boston Bomb Squad, The Boston District Attorney and The Head of Homeland Security have been nominated for the first DARWIN AWARDS for 2007. Does everyone remember when the LGF crowd was making fun of Islamic extremists for rioting and killing over Mohammed cartoons? The slender, placemat-sized items had dozens of colored lights, exposed wires and circuitry, and were powered by a row of D batteries wrapped in black tape. They detonated them. Let me get this straight. HEY HEY HO HO MOONINITES ARE JUST A SHOW. Cartoon shuts down Boston. Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo!Boo! Err sings part of the Styx song "Mr. Roboto". The Boston Globe stated that the "marketing gambit exposes a wide generation gap," quoting one 29-year-old blogger as writing "Repeat after me, authorities. "[21] Two hours later, Interference notified their client, Cartoon Network. Shit, people, I hope we don’t fuck up this planet so bad that we have to start a colony on the moon!