Prizes range from little to a lot of Rox; it primarily depends on how well the player progressed during the game. Information It is one of the two tasks given to Super Moshi by Cap'n Buck who claims he cannot set sail without these tasks done. Clicking "skip" when having lost will result into an automatic win. For instance, their monster might be feeling “jubilant” one day, but “melancholy” the next. Reward Reward None A gorgeous kids MMORPG inspired by Harry Potter. Protagonist Information Location Reward Sea Monster Munch The game wasn’t shut down in 2019 WoL, went down in like 2014-2015, Hi guys, are you talking about Let’s Fish? Moshi Fun Park games The addition of loads of mini games to the offering has made this a unique game to play and kids who want to do so can even put their pet in the battle arena for a chance to kick some other pet’s butt. features in Season 2: Mission 5: The Curse of the Paw Wavin' Kitten, where Super Moshi needs to escape The Beast from eating them. The game gradually gets harder as the player progresses. Our discord has nearly 200 very generous people that have dedicated some time and work to help us with said project. Pet Grooming Studio. Purchasable arcade game from Games Starcade Moshi Fun Park Information None. Another notice will appear afterward saying what toppings and flavours the player will be given, and the target amount of Rox the player needs to earn; this is the same with each different level. Rox amounts based on performance. After starting the game, the player will be able to navigate through a grass terrain using the arrow keys, avoiding the obstacles that they may face along the way. Giuseppe Gelato Purchasable arcade game from Games Starcade Reward There is no reward for the game. features in Voyage Under Potion Ocean. After starting the game, the player will be able to navigate through the sky with the main protagonist, Bug. With your continued use of this site you agree to our use of cookies on your device. – Mind Candy LTD, Earn Rewards – Playing games and solving puzzles to earn virtual rewards, called “Rox”, Grow Pets – Growing and collecting pet ‘Moshlings’ in their garden, Meet Your Friends – Socialising with friends and family, Stay Up To Date – Reading the latest Moshi news and entering competitions on The Daily Growl blog, Quests For All – Completing “Super Moshi” missions, Collect Them All – Collecting ultra-rare Moshlings, Your Own Touches – Personalising their Monster with custom colours. The Glumps tease the player until you hit them. Information The player Groovy Gateway features in Season 2: Mission 6: Welcome to Jollywood, where Super Moshi must stay in tune with the music as Bobbi SingSong only opens the gate to his retreat to those with good music taste.