Zenzenzense is the most viewed anime song on youtube This Game from No Game No Life is the most viewed anime opening on youtube God Knows from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the most viewed anime song with actual anime in the video level 1 1.Attack on Titan OP1 - … I love it and wish it was my theme to wake up. It can show Angel's loneliness but also the connectedness of many characters. This opening is a weird case because I really DO NOT like Soul Eater. Just fantastic! Both FMAs are some of the best animes ever. "But for you, even thousand of beating hearts were like a simple and predictable experiment" For some reason, this sentence from the op stuck wit me. My first anime, my favourite anime. 5 Top Anime Opening Songs of Winter 2020 by Jacki Jing & Lynzee Loveridge, Feb 2nd 2020 There are tons of good opening songs coming out … I just stopped everything I was doing and sang the entire song LOL! Most viewed anime opening themes on youtube Sign in to follow this . 100% deserves the top spot. A show responsible for bringing in so many new anime fans and the opening was one that I listened to again and again. There's a reason it's widely regarded as one of the greatest anime ever created and a theme song like this is just the cherry on top of this masterpiece of a sundae. Specify, please. Hell yeah! Then of course I followed the pattern of every Mahouka fan (I watched episode 3 and was like well crap. Pretty much my favourite opening of all time. I keep this one on my playlist... Really catchy.. Honestly, I think Gurren Lagann had a better opening than Evangelion (not saying the song is bad, but I just prefer Sorairo Days better). Copyright © animemotivation.com 2020. I can't believe it's not number one :( I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is. Colorful, beautifully animated, fabulous, manly and epic! This opening alone made me interested in Code Geass. EVERYONE GO LISTEN NOW. Even knew how the whole song went despite not knowing a single word of japanese and (at the time) knowing only a little german. Just this roller coaster of a song that doesn’t let your mind relax and when your done It’s like you came back from an intense trip somewhere, This is the best anime opening theme song ever! I really like the dark desperate sound of it. Perfect opening which is summing up whole story. u/Jimboom7. 21 Anime Opening Songs That Will Entice You To Watch Each Series. It is a must have for otakus, The when I saw this at the start of the second episode, I was like, "Lelouch is using his mind control powers on me! If you carefully watch the video you will know the smallest of its architectic values . It has such a great intro. Taught me how to appreciate life. Just as it’s opening stands as greatest ever. Unravel is probably one of the most widely covered openings on YouTube! Deadman Wonderland is the kind of anime you love or hate. Silver. The opening theme english lyrics rock. Why so low, this and fighting gold are like god level openings, Okay I love the anime and all the openings but many people don't realize that its half yukios perspective and half Rin's listen to an English cover and you'll realize. 886 Senior Idol; Member; 886 853 posts; Location: Vancouver; Awards. I listen to it everyday because I'm so obsessed and I even had to get my friend to downlaod it for me to listen to at home without using youtube, this song is one of those songs that you can't get out of your head because it's so catchy. I don't think I've ever heard a better opening (except maybe Sword Art Online) because it sets you up EXACTLY for what you are about to see- something dark that gets you pumped up. Its visuals are completely creepy and messed up but that and its catchiness it what makes it so good. Awards. One of the (Relatively) new classics. It deserves to be number one. I still listen to it all the time. )? The lyrics are great in both English, Japanese and of course German. Ignite is one of my favorite anime songs. I enjoyed it more than the other ones. Top 100 most popular anime of all timeThis top list is come from the website My Anime List. The fact that this is so low is proof of how many people need to see Evangelion, I can count with my hand the number of songs that compare to A Cruel Angel's Thesis. Or you're gonna say Unravel is better then Again (Unravel is good for sure, but the best? Highly recommend. repetitions. All the openings are masterpieces but for me, I like this one because it fitted all the key parts of the show that it had. This song literally gets stuck in my head 24/7 even though I don't know the words. A classic, beautiful and iconic. The opening is seems to look like that of a typical magical girl anime. Noragami - Hello SleepwalkersThis anime plus the opening were so amazing why is it not on the list I don't understand it was amazing. Whole anime world in one song. I like all the openings but this one is my favourite. Thank you :) Intro: Kaguya-sama Love is War Episode 4 Outro Music: Bakemonogatari Opening 4 - Ren'ai Circulation by Kana Hanazawa_________________________________________________________________#Anime #Top100Anime #TopAnimeSong #Top100PopularAnime #Top100AnimeOpening #AnimeOpening #AnimeOP Last time I talked about anime opening songs that are so good, they make you curious enough to watch the anime itself. They're both cool but still. I love this anime and bawled at the end of it, The best of all of them, made you so happy before the episode ripped you apart. Top 100 most popular anime of all time This top list is come from the website My Anime List. Personally I think the first OP fits the show better, but this one is still good. Attack On Titan is a close 2nd to Your Name, with 72M views in total. Anime Openings Compilation (Full Openings Mix ... - YouTube All of the fmab songs are great. Hikaru Nara decisively tells you the entire story. I like this theme song but why is "Core Pride" not on this list. Your lie in April was such a sweet show and the theme song even shows it.This song puts me in a very happy go lucky type of mood and I love it. It also has such high energy music and the music just gets better and better the more you listen to it. This series has the met epic music of any magical girl series. I love this series for so many reasons, but the top two have to be the intense, thought provoking plot and, of course, the music. So that’s what you can expect from this post: popular anime songs according to YouTube, by how many views each opening theme song has. This is probably my favourite anime opening (along with soul eaters first opening). Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has clearly the best anime openings. Every time I was exited seeing the next episode, I was also exited to watch the intro. So when I first watched this opening I was like "that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard," so of course I had to download it and still listen to it all the time. But after episode 3, it seems like a lie. As you can tell – popular anime have it “easy” when it comes to their popularity for opening songs. It's just so bad arse and gets you so pumped for the show. still one of my favorite anime openings to this day. unravel should be at the top , this song is better than Gurren No Yumiya for me,I watched the whole series because of this one song. Everything I hear it, I feel like singing my heart out and dancing! You know a theme song for an anime is good when you spend half your time figuring out how to sing it and pronounce the words correctly. IT is just perfect, and the lyrics are amazing. People judge this anime way to early. Juni 2020). For such a dark series, the music is utterly sweet and beautiful. Just by listening to it, you can hear that the anime you're about to watch is going to be full of action, drama, cool characters and ...more.