I'll get there soon enough, I found it in the second picture but didn’t think it was it so I wouldn’t count that as a find. Similarly, a MultiCam® vest and pack can be paired with a MultiCam Arid™ uniform for activity within an open sand and rock desert. It is a very uncommon color in nature and will silhouette you to the enemy. 23 comments. 21 … I mainly play outdoors in woodland area's. You stick out like a sore thumb. MultiCam Black. Guess I need to buy a couple of mag pouches to see for myself. After printing each pattern, we field tested, tuned, and re-tested them until we achieved exactly what we were looking for. save. Black Multicam was made for law enforcement in mind I believe, it doesn't work well as a camo as you just end up being a black, easily discernable blob in the distance. Neither... Where does multicam actually work? So I'm going to buy an outfit for sniper gameplay. I agree, woodland, woodland Marpat, or any Mossy Oak/Realtek option are much better choices for a deciduous rain forest, just wanted to illustrate that both MC and MCB do have some breakup qualities that are often not illustrated in this sub. We then factored all that together into digital composites of our observations and began testing them. These new patterns work well with the primary MultiCam® pattern to meet the needs of these extreme environments, thus expanding the performance envelope of the MultiCam® family to cover nearly every possible environmental condition. The MCB is directly to the right of the MC in pic 2. Camo is good but not as good as most people would think. EDIT: If you have a better idea for me take a look here: https://www.qtac.nl/camouflage-kleding/shirts/combat-shirts/ which should I use? Multicam black gives off a worse IR signature under nods. MultiCam Black is meant for domestic law enforcement agencies, such as SWAT teams. MultiCam Alpine™ is best suited for any environment that encounters significant snowfall, while MultiCam Black™ is designed to offer domestic agencies a distinct and authoritative presence suited to law enforcement operations. Alot of keyboard commandos typically parrot out thoughts of others as doctrine without any supporting evidence, Hehe. #MultiCam and a #minigun ======> i like the prints they put out but not sure how they’d look in real world, Ive been curious of the same thing. It looks good, but doesn't stand up to real camo as it wasn't made to be a real camo either. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thank you all kindly for your responses! I mean the ideal camo is specific to your local flora, like hunting camo. So my question is which would be better for woodland area's, regular multicam or black mutlicam. Normal MC works OK, and MC Black is going to be hot as hell. Thanks for your opinion. 1/3. Regular Multicam will work better, black is more badass. THE MULTICAM® FAMILY OF CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS IS DESIGNED TO HELP THE WEARER HIDE IN VARIED ENVIRONMENTS, SEASONS, ELEVATIONS, AND LIGHT CONDITIONS. MultiCam® patterns take advantage of the way the human eye and brain perceive shape, volume, and color. These dumbasses telling you to get MC or MCTP clearly don't know what they're talking about. de Delta Tactics, se compone de una camiseta y de un pantalón táctico de combate. They don't work at all, I didn’t see MCB in the second picture so it’s the way to go, Edit- since apparently it wasn’t obvious obligatory /s. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment, all while helping the wearer do so with the least amount of kit possible. Sort by. Sometimes referred to as MC Black. I've decided to roll with Flecktarn as /u/squidward_squidward mentioned. Wearing completely white or dark red completely disappear. It also helps maintain the patterns’ effectiveness even at close ranges where low resolution patterns often stand out against the natural (non-pixelated) environment. I think GreenZone cammo will work perfectly here. Please read the rules, Wiki/FAQ, and use the search bar! MultiCam® is the combat-proven solution for concealment when one needs to operate in widely varied and mixed terrain. You be the judge. share. It is also going to stand out in NVGs. All my stuff is black because I like the look and don't mind drawing fire. as for pants i would go a little darker green with some brown tints, think of CAD or woodland. hide. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. This is me with Olive drab top and CAD multicam tropic pants in Balls & arrows lelystad, Lente. Reddit was a mistake. Camuflaje Multicam Black ** Si estas dudando de la talla puedes escribirnos o llamarnos al 628-828-864 , más abajo del texto tienes una guía de tallas. Ignore these bigots, MCBK is clearly the way to go. I agree, I really want to go with woodland marpat. The same user now has more system-level options. Multicam: https://www.qtac.nl/camouflage-kleding/shirts/combat-shirts/860-combat-shirt-atp-multicam, Black Multicam: https://www.qtac.nl/12119-combat-shirt-atp-multicam-black. I'll argue with Florida/Georgia on that map. A person in all white sitting still will often be mistaken for a rock until they try to move.Also remember your battle rattle. We spent a lot of time studying how camouflage works in nature, taking into account where it is hardest to hide. Close. I'll take a look into this too! Multicam vs Multicam Black. I'd try MC Tropic, assuming it's green where you live. There is many many areas that multicam works better than expected. MC still beats the hell out of that dog shit blue digital tiger stripe i was wearing a couple years ago. The MultiCam® patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden. ttotherizoy:Trey chillin shootin lefty....one handed,… https://t.co/RBQn8Ivj3r, Open enrollment for Team MultiCam member Kyle Defoor's 2017 classes will be opening tomorrow.… https://t.co/k49RFKN9Pg. I share the same sentiment. level 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Makes it easy for me to shoot you. While MultiCam® is suited to an extremely wide selection of environments, we have developed three new patterns that are optimized for narrower areas of operation. MultiCam Alpine™ is best suited for any environment that encounters significant snowfall, while MultiCam Black™ is designed to offer domestic agencies a distinct and authoritative presence suited to law enforcement operations. I like the geo7 print, but have only seen production pics of it. Our eyes are forward set and we instinctively seek out movement. Multicam doesn't seem like a temperate woods color pattern. I never played with a camo outfit before. Black camo clearly blends well with the lush, green woodlands. I lived in the high mountain desert of Utah for the past 15 years, where multicam makes perfect sense, then moved to Georgia a few months ago and have nothing that really works here yet. If you ever happen to be in the Southern of the country (brabant or limburg) let me know. For all things airsoft. Forgot to mention. This effect allows them to perform well in a wide range of environmental conditions. Florida and Georgia as well. Here's 2 examples of pieces of the sets that I'm interested in. Black is terrible in most environments/situations. At the same time, it meshes well with tans and OD greens for gear for if budget costs are slowing you down as multicam is slightly more expensive. I personally think the black multicam looks way cooler. So many different opinions though. Human minds are Predator minds. Multicam vs Multicam Black. https://www.qtac.nl/camouflage-kleding/shirts/combat-shirts/860-combat-shirt-atp-multicam, https://www.qtac.nl/12119-combat-shirt-atp-multicam-black, https://www.qtac.nl/camouflage-kleding/shirts/combat-shirts/, https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/6nm2ac/cheeky_flank/. Subreddit for both professional and civilian tactical gear. Sadly no FA here, so it'll have to be controlled semi for me. We also studied which terrain elements were most common across the widest range of environments. 90% Upvoted. Multicam tropic if you must have multicam and actually want it to somewhat work. We spent extensive time discussing our approach with users, factoring in their observations and concerns. I’ve actually seen men out here in the Desert S.W. Digital images where then created, encompassing everything we had learned. Some afghan hills? I have found that Olive drab is a decent camo. You be the judge. Since only a very small portion of the human eye perceives color, the brain does a lot of “filling-in” for the eye. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 21. Shown here is a Triple Aught Design’s Fastpack EDC in … https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/6nm2ac/cheeky_flank/, Thanx mate. The MultiCam® patterns can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to meet nearly any operational requirement. Hello fellow dutchie! All my stuff is black because I like the look and don't mind drawing fire. Ive always thought a combo of MCB and geo7 would be an interesting meld of dark camo patterns. For instance, a MultiCam® chest rig can be paired with a MultiCam Tropic™ uniform for a known jungle deployment. ;), Exactly this. We documented how light affects environmental features and tracked the seasonal and elevational changes in different regions. Regular Multicam will work better, black is more badass. Similarly, a MultiCam® vest and pack can be paired with a MultiCam Arid™ uniform for activity within an open sand and rock desert. Multicam works better in a lot of places than you think- that is when it's put together right. report. So all I need to do is wait for your spray and pray to be over? The unique high resolution design of MultiCam® takes advantage of this principle and helps the observer to “see” the pattern as part of the background. Cookies help us deliver our Services. More posts from the tacticalgear community. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Any idea if there's a Canadian equivalent? Black does stand out in a bad way, stay green because Dutch forest fields are mostly very green, so a CAD, Everglade or Olive Drab should be your best bet as your top. By the way, I love that the shopping cart in whatever language that is called the Winkelwagen. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Google-fu is failing me, just resulting in world maps with way too much cadpat on it. It's Dutch haha. I live in the Netherlands (basically forest playfields). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.