the band says to the whole of school that he is a muntant everyone abuse him so breath takes a big breath in  and frezes  the whole audinces. She isn’t as interested in spending her life bashing on super-villains as she is saving lives because it feels like she is really helping people. He went to college there and was a magnificent student there, life was great for him. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that’s often used for power outages in the home. Ø   SUN FORM: IN THIS FORM, XANE’S SKIN IS ANATOMICLY LIKE THE SURFACE OF THE SUN. She returned to New Zealand to teach in Wellington and assist the Coast Guard. -Disintegration  Unusual Features: Body is surrounded with a golden glow when powers are in use and eyes turn completely black. Cassandra can the release the stored energy in the form of super heated solar plasma which she can use to erect superheated plasma shields (Powerful enough to deflect calibur rounds& energy attacks), shape into various plasma based weapons (Swords & Plasma Blast)  By directing the energy downward she can achieve thermal based flight. Once, while he was a young man, his clan came very close to the sea. Weakness: Xian is not able to fully change his appearance when replicating another one's powers unless it is from a shape-shifter. History: when Breath was at a concert at his school he was could up stage to sing the song that they were going to sing. Shameless Pillaging: the code for this little toy was adapted from the MaggieFic Mary Sue Generator (which unfortunately no longer appears to exist). K-Burst contacted his team from somewhere between and chasing leads with his two companions. LASER GUN THAT CAN RECONSTITUTE OTHERS. She isn’t the lip stick and lace/leather type nor the eternal mother as Storm is, but she can be quite feminine in her unvarnished way. HE CAN ALSO SHAPE HIS FLAMES INTO WHIPS, BLADE, TENDRILLS, CLAWS, NET’S, ETC. NAME: Joshua Baker ALIAS: K-BurstHGHT: 5'10:WGHT: 170EYES: Brown. This prevents you from external threats, power failures, blackouts, and network failures. Eventually managers became skeptical, and unfortunately his secret of being of a mutant was revealed by an undercover reporter (who he went on to marry after they reconciled). By touching another object Beth is able to transfer her control to another object, and once transferred to a building before retransferring back to the original object. It comes with 2 charging options - solar panel charging and AC outlet charging (the outlets on the main power grid). The power to gain strength from a mutagen. After a rough start, she and Magneto came to respect one another and became friendly (or as friendly as someone can get with Magneto), though as both were fiery, opinionated intellectuals, they continued to debate frequently over just about everything, science, politics, culture, art, religion, world events, etc.. She also grew close to Amara (Magma) as her historical knowledge gave her more insight to the culture clash Amara was experiencing in coming to the U.S.. After the New Mutants left the school and Magneto joined up with the “Acts of Vengeance”, Pania once again recused herself from the human-mutant conflict to return to New Zealand. You no longer have to rely on wind, sun and seasons. I am sorry but your powers is just copying, mine is copy and manipulation to the extent that if I copied an alpha mutant power, I project that power in an omega level.Your power can maintain the powers your copied mine depends on my character's choice. Powers: Control over any matter in a liquid state. Weight : 210 lbs Hair Colour : DK Brown Race : Caucasian Identifiable Markings : Dragon Tattoo (full Back), Several Tattoos covering both arms and Chest. John Valentine,  Criticism is an excellent means of bettering others' work. -Teleportation of herself or other individuals over incredible distances (possibly other galaxies). Other Abilities: Peak Human Physical Ability,  As the Quantum Spaceman, he gained the ability to travel vast distances in moments, and he became mostly immortal. You can create your own energy and get off the grid. Ø   FIRE ARKS: XANE CAN GENERATE FLAMES TO MAKE INDESTRUCTABLE SHIELD BUBBLES WHICH HE LIKES TO CALL ARKS WHICH CAN VARY IN ANY SIZE. Until then, feel free to share your own. COSMIC PYROKINESIS: THE ABILITY TO MANIPULATE & GENERATE FIRE AND HEAT WITHOUT THE USE OF OXYGEN. Due to his slow ageing and current apperance(a healthy 40 year old),it is speculated he is in excess of 400 years old, his long travels and rich life has given him an extensive history in various fields of excellance,from music, culinary and how to kill a man only using a blade of grass he has trained in and served various secret agencies which has seen rise and fall over the centuries, the most recent of which, weapon x and shield. It is light-weight that it can be easily moved from one to another place. She became friendly with Colossus given their mutual interest in art and her ability to speak Russian. For any reason, if you can not able to create the Ground Power Generator, your money will be refunded immediately. This guide will help you build an electric generator that will illuminate your home without spending too much money. He was able to influence the pirate's thoughts and emotions without so much as saying a word. Already many families have been benefited, and you can also be one of those lucky ones. -Does not seem to require food, water, or air. There is no need to suffer from a power outage. However, Pania prefers to stay in New Zealand. while in control of the object Beth remains conscious but needs to concentrate to maintain her ability, if she is slightly distracted the object may become immobile but by reestablishing concentration she will continue to control the object, however major or significant distractions will result in a loss of contact. Through a lot of trials, including imprisonment in a mental hospital after hunting down and attacking her mother, she eventually recovered and became a success. He can also copy other powers within his psi-field or sphere of influence that extends to 10 miles each except when he copies a power that can increase his telepathic level. Code name: Bigfoot, Real name: Gavin mexan Powers: like beast, ecepect more  bigfoot like, basically he is a bigfoot. Naturally, she has great concern about the ocean environment and has occasionally crossed the line into eco-terrorism. Knowing others might become suspicious, he was known to throw a few matches here and there. This program helps you to power up the whole house. Union Ninja didn't believe him and fought him. Of course by saying no would be a complete lost, so he accepted the offer and became one of the members of the X-Men, name: mike jasper  neutral  height:5'9 weight: 215 lbs eyes:green hair:blackmutant with unlimited energy(think constant red bull buzz) he needs no rest and has great stamina, he is peak human due to his intense excersize regimen(has to have something to do while hes not sleeping.) This is definitely one of the best products of this type on the market. Through practice she is able to use this "action figure" to operate in the field while her body remains safely at home as this manekin is utterly immune to toxic or harsh environments, and even if damaged no harm comes to Beth she has become adapt in acting in a defensive, protective or resue role, over time she has developed numerous functions that have been added to her action figure such as a miniature form she uses for covert activities, explosive grenade launchers, taser blasters and lazers. The user can develop various powers from being exposed to mutagenic substances, possibly including supernatural powers. By using her power over water to create currents and micro currents, she can swim faster than the fastest marine animal (the sailfish @ 60 mph) with incredible agility. This allows you to stay without worrying about the costs of electricity or power supply. Xian can only copy as much as 25 powers at once but can extend to more if one of the powers he copied can host a larger amount. She was sent to be raised by her paternal grandparents outside of Kaikoura (a small sea-side town) on the South Island of New Zealand. so he runs home but he is abandonded by his parents. After a few months, the Vanisher appeared in his room and told him he was working for someone who had captured K-Burst’s love interest, Anna. Alliance: Xian doesn't align himself to anyone except his own thus he has friction with some heroes and villains alike. people he copied so far: sentry silver surfer reed richards galactus storm pheonix black panther beyonder molecule man. Also, when deprived of oxygen, unnecessary organs in her body shut down as they do in whales on deep dives. : 3/25/1931 ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good MUTANT POWER(S): Amazing superhuman strength ; ability to leap up to 1.5 miles at a time ; invulnerability to anything short of a tank shell blast (Based loosely on DC's prototype Golden Age Superman) ; Suspended Aging (stuck at 35 years of age biologically) OTHER ABILITIES: Highly intelligent. He was taken directly to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, where he quickly became a co-leader of Xavier’s new team the Daybreakers (we’re working on voting in a new name lol.) Nowadays, most countries face many difficulties and people do not know how to solve their problems physically and mentally. HISTORY: After discovering his great strength as a teenager, Chase became a professional wrestler. Code Name: Remote  Real Name: Beth Varney  Abilities: Ability to telekinetically posess objects through physical contact, once possessed the object comes entirely under Beths control being able to move the object telekinetically and she is able to maintain that control over great distances, the furthest recorded distance was from London to the moon. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Banned from pro-wrestling in 1995, Chase was saddened at the amount of unfair prejudice still common in society, and took to heavy drinking. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. learned to kill and steal, was a freak thug until professor x found him and told hoim what he was.