I don’t know if my strategies will work again under FSH store’s new appointment system, but they are definitely worth trying. All Rights Reserved. Their inventory is based on traffic and sales. We met with the leather specialist in the leather department. How to Get Hermes Birkins (My Experiences on Buying 5 Birkins In... 11 Tips For Truly Memorable And Unforgettable Gifts, Easily Forgotten Factors When Purchasing a New Vehicle, 4 Original Ways to Be Romantic in the Digital Age. This one took a long time because the items I bought were popular Hermes products that had lower sales commissions. Like how a regular customer can’t just walk into the boutique and demand to buy a Birkin/Kelly, that there is a very long waiting list, or that you needed to have an established relationship with the store first. You could buy her a couple of smaller items and then put the request for the Kelly in! I made a few contacts with their sales and got their ‘hint’ to help you buying your first Birkin at the Hermes boutique. They do not want to be portrayed as the brand with mass-market luxury goods, and their focus has always been to be the ultra-luxury ultra-exclusive brand, which can only be afforded by the very few and is not easily available. My third Birkin was purchased in 2016. We knew that stock was really low and we were so happy to get an offer. Then, she came back with a big orange box. He is the head of client relations at Hermes and works in the FSH store. I recalled leaving the store feeling completely discouraged because I was only interested in the Birkin. . I remembered stumbling upon a photo on the PurseForum of this gorgeous Gold colored Birkin on the arm of my favorite style icon at the time, Miroslava Duma. Also, the artisans like to take vacations in the summer, especially the month of August. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This article is a contribution by smarthomekeeping.com, a popular online brand dedicated to lifehacks, advises and recommendations for smart hoome keepers. I know what those boxes have! I had great experiences shopping at this mothership store in Paris. The price is certainly cheaper compare to a consignment store but Vestiaire Collectives has so many great deals, this online luxury platform has become my favorite shop to buy all my bags nowadays. Stay in touch with the SA via email or text. They want their clients to appreciate the craftsmanship of their products, not just for the status symbol of these bags. There, you have a higher chance of getting a bag without previous purchase history. I wanted a neutral colored Birkin, but they only had bright colors left for the day. However, as we all know Hermes plays hard to get! Once you’ve developed the relationship with the store, getting a Birkin is a lot easier. You probably heard stories about the exclusiveness of the Birkin. Kindly ask him to tell the sales that he is looking for a bag as a gift, the sales will be more helpful especially when it comes to assisting a sweet man! You need to build a relationship with the Sales Associate. It’s not so much reputation, but more like establishing a profile/relationship. I posted this experience in the inventory thread but I think it is more appropriate to post it here instead. I was only 25 years old then and didn’t have the extra cash to splurge on “other” things just to be able to get the IT bag. So, they asked me to come back the next day. You need to have a genuine interest and appreciation for the brand. My perception of Hermes at the time was that they only catered to celebrities and the very wealthy. If you live close to a few Hermes stores, focus your attention on the larger stores as they have more inventory. As a sale representative at Hermes, they are restricted from disclosing any information to customers. How you ask and when to ask for it matters. Even if you play their games right, you might still not get one unfortunately.