Stauffer later wrote for Parade that she and her husband were told prior to Huxley’s adoption that he lived with brain damage and brain tumour, but that they only learned the full extent of his needs later on. The twins she'd fostered for over a year had recently been returned to their father. I just couldn't do that to her. “He is thriving, he is very happy, he is doing really well, and his new mummy has medical professional training and it is a very good fit,” Stauffer added. There wasn’t a minute that I didn’t try our hardest. "This boy has suffered enough; it should not be public and should not supplement her income any longer." "I thought by allowing them to change my first name, that meant they wanted to keep and adopt me," Shiann said. “He needed more. Part of the controversy surrounding Huxley's readoption is because it's unclear whether his parents followed legal protocol. Ace Family star family is now complete June 20, 2020. Stauffer is hitched to her better half James Stauffer. Poor boy I hope he is getting his needs met with his new family, A post shared by Myka Stauffer (@mykastauffer). Stauffer at present ages 32 years of age. Shiann came to live with us that fall as our first pre-adoptive placement. Because foster and adoptive parents want so badly to prove themselves worthy, in my experience, they go overboard showing off the wonderful things and hiding the not-so-great parts of life. "Then, as they always do, behaviors begin to manifest themselves, and the adoptive family is clueless as to why the child is behaving that way.". The couple said they wouldn’t elaborate on the specific factors that led to their decision, both for legal reasons and for the sake of Huxley’s privacy. We vowed never to take foster placements again, only pre-adoptive children. Another part was afraid to be hurt again like I'd been with the baby. Stauffer and her husband James documented the 2017 adoption of Huxley on their family's website and YouTube channel, The Stauffer Life, and on another channel titled Myka Stauffer. There have been times when I see a post of Heather and Shiann mugging for mother-daughter selfies and I feel a little twinge of regret for what might have been. She also earned paid partnerships with large American brands and advertising sponsorship on some of her videos. Behaviors some adoptive parents describe include never sleeping for more than two or three hours so that parents never get a full night's rest; having things stolen or broken; or managing an older child with a toddler's mentality, but larger body that can open and get into things a toddler can't. The 8-year-old was small for her age with big brown eyes, a button nose, and a smile that lit up the room. The US does a better job of record-keeping and information sharing, but experts say there can still be problems. Brad Pitt shares together with his wife, Angelina Jolie. Over the past two years, Stauffer’s followers have watched as she vlogged extensively about Huxley’s progress. James said in the video, he and Myka Stauffer were supposedly told before the reception that Huxley had a mind sore and a cerebrum tumor. “There’s not an ounce of our body that doesn’t want Huxley with all of our being. © 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Before calling the case manager, I contacted Heather, and we mounted a joint effort to make sure Shiann ended up where she belonged. That is now at the crux of much of the backlash against the Stauffers’ decision to give Huxley up. New Info Reveled About Myka Stauffer: She Allegedly Assaulted a Nurse at Her Former Job Myka and James Stauffer are the influencers who gave up their 5-year-old son adopted from China after he had lived with them for nearly 3 years. Currently, Myka Stauffer and her significant other James Stauffer are in the media features for “Adoption Scandal”. Programs like Second Chance Adoption, an initiative borne out of the Wasatch International Adoption program, have sprung up to specifically facilitate the safe and legal readoption of children. Myka Stauffer, in videos, and in articles like the one she wrote for The Bump in 2017, said the experience made her realize "Huxley wasn't the one who needed to change — it was me." Worse still is the fact that unlike pets who don’t understand, this poor boy will. If this was one of your blood children I don’t think you would have felt the same way,” one commenter wrote. Another critic even started a petition demanding that Stauffer remove all sponsored content featuring Huxley from her YouTube channel. Children placed in multiple homes face a more significant number of social, emotional, and academic issues, as well as suffer from low self-esteem, grief, depression, and anger. Each donation, Stauffer told viewers, would be rewarded with a piece of a 1000-piece puzzle that, when completed, would form a picture of Huxley that she’d reveal to the world. After two years of updates about adopting Huxley from China, about his additional needs and his various therapies, that was it — that was the last image Stauffer posted of her four-year-old son. GOTCHA DAY China Adoption“. Earlier this year, the internet exploded when social media influencer Myka Stauffer announced she had "rehomed" her 5-year-old, Chinese-born, adopted son, Huxley. In some cases, they may hug indiscriminately or sit on strangers' laps, which is mistaken for cute or charming by the unknowing public. Behavioral problems are cited as the top reason placements are disrupted, according to the Center for Advanced Studies of Child Welfare. She is prestigious for her TikTok video and Instagram posts.Know Birth, Age, Height, Weight, Net worth, Parents, Sibling, Boyfriend, Instagram, Tiktok and Wiki. I can relate to Myka Stauffer, the woman who 'rehomed' her adoptive son, because I once made the same decision she did, © Myka Stauffer, an American YouTube star, Family blogger, fashionistas, and wellness devotee. In an update in September, she shared that while he was struggling with complicated instructions and could only speak a handful of words, he had “made so many gains” in language and communication, and had learned to express his needs through hand signs. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 59KG. Some fans have rallied to the family's defense, applauding them for making such a painful decision public. "Rarely do people post their daily struggles on their social media accounts, partially because we are driven by society to showcase the best parts of our lives and not our struggles," Dr. Kristen Fuller explained in a December 2017 Psychology Today article. It’s over for Erika Jayne divorce husband Tom Girardi. Stauffer shares a video on an individual YouTube channel titled, which has in excess of 715k endorsers. "Once Huxley got home, there were a lot more special needs we weren't aware of," James Stauffer said in the video. "We have had a lot of meltdowns, and a lot of behaviors have had us on our knees begging God for guidance. Kim Kardashian spent $1 million to fly her family and friends on a personal jet to celebrate her 40th birthday trip on world’s private islands in Tahiti, which can exclusively reveal. “Do I feel like a failure as a mum? Myka Stauffer, in videos, and in articles like the one she wrote for The Bump in 2017, said the experience made her realize "Huxley wasn't the one who needed to change — it was me.". I’ve heard of animals that are treated better. "In adoption interviews, often certain traumas or behaviors are described in a way that is not always honest," Mullens said. I know, because my family has been through it. But in the eleventh hour, he was reunited with his mother. But when I came back, I knew she was going to be my mommy.". In 2015 my husband and I lost a foster child we'd raised for 22 months, whom we believed we'd be able to adopt. Myka is active on social media account Instagram, but not on Facebook and Twitter. Just want to make sure she is happy," Heather wrote. Giving up a child is one of the most painful, gut-wrenching decisions a parent ever has to make. I feel for her other kids. Maybe it was too soon for Shiann to come into our lives. "God had a plan and we were meant to find each other," Heather said. In my case, it meant not being Shiann's mom. I hoped things would get better with time, so I procrastinated. “Imagine adopting a special needs child from China, naming him Huxley (a crime in itself), exploiting him for sponsorship money and monetised videos, and then ‘rehoming’ him when things got to [sic] hard. On February 16, in one of her last Instagram posts about Huxley, Myka Stauffer expressed her frustration. Her body measurements are 33-24-34 inches.She has 565k followers on Instagram and around 44k followers on Twitter. American Romina Gafur is a Social media star. How could I walk away?