Hazlitt. Camila: Italian, meaning “attendant”37. Husband and I are really struggling with a name for our DD (due November)... thought we'd cracked it with Hazel but husband is now unsure! Sebastian: Greek, meaning “venerable” or “revered”36. I could see how it could be androgynous, along the lines of Hilary, but as far as I know it only really has historical usage as a girl's name. Hazem. I love this name so much, and I think it would work with Luna and Soren, two other names I like. In addition to being a celebrity pick—most recently by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Hazel is a nature name, coming from the hazelnut tree. Names like Hazel (48 Posts) Add message | Report. Ava: German, a variation of Eve, meaning “bird”7. Cain? To feel hacked off with the way my assistant spoke to me today? Picking a name for your new baby can be a fun and exciting milestone in your journey to parenthood. My aunt is called Hazel and has blue eyes - never thought about it. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. This name is so beautiful, and after reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I really fell in love with it. Natalie: Latin, from the Russian name Natalia, meaning “birthday” of “Christmas”79. But you don't need to trawl through long lists of baby names any more! This name is a top contender for me and I truly love how gorgeous and sweet it is. LOVE this name...but would never consider it because it's WAY too popular right now. I'm worried I won't be allowed to go but like I said, I do want to read that the book. Hazzard. Are you really vilifying a name just because of a YA book? Owen: Celtic, meaning “young warrior,” “well born,” and “noble”50. I picked Hazel Rae for my little girl because I thought the name was classy but also edgy, different enough to where you don't hear the name very often but it's also not completely "out there", and it has a nature feel to it which I love. Wyatt: Old English, traditionally a last name based on wido, which means “wood” or “wide”52. Evelyn. Chloe: Greek, from the word “Khloe,” which was used to represent Demeter, the goddess of fertility, 51. I've never thought about this name until I met a little girl named Hazel who made me fall in love with her name (her parents are great namers- Hazel has a brother Arthur and sister Josephine). So if you’re feeling stuck, click through. Camellia. Definitely on my list. 63 for girls) and Oliver (No. It reentered the popularity lists in 1998 and now is near the top of the charts. It's a 60-somethings name so something like Pauline or Brenda would be a Hazel's contemporaries. Lincoln: Latin, meaning “lithe”80. Ryan: Gaelic, meaning “descendent of the king”92. As I recall I think there's like one f word in the whole book or something like that. Addison: English, originally a last name derived from the name Adam, 71. Results: 10. Stop b-tching and moaning about The Fault in Our Stars. I know a woman called this. Pearl Iris Paige Maude MatildaScarlettBridget VivienneEleanorHenrietta Agnes. Now that the old Hazel the Maid cartoon image has faded from view, we're left with a pleasantly hazy, brownish-green-eyed, old-fashioned image of Hazel we that more and more parents are choosing to share. It sounds so harsh. I've been furloughed until March! Caleb: Hebrew, meaning “dog,” a symbol of devotion to God90. If you're too young to go to these movies, don't go see them. My mothers name was Hazel. Thanks again for so many great suggestions - I've noted my favourites but I think I'll save them for next time... husband has slowly come around to Hazel and I think it's back on the table now! Alyxs never heard of that before! Just because you don't speak like that doesn't mean no one does or can speak using "vulgar" words. Hazel Motes is the protagonist of Flannery O'Connor's 1952 novel Wise Blood, and In The Hunger Games, one of the characters is the variant Hazelle. Names like Hazel: Author: Tuesday (Authenticated as trayc53) Date: July 4, 2015 at 10:32 AM: Can you suggest some names with the same kind of vibe as Hazel? Terminally ill or not, your butt is hauled out of there. How disappointing that such a gorgeous name is now being beaten down and picked on because you don't like a book it was featured in. Not necessarily the same sound, but names with the same feel. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Top 50 Baby Names - March 2016. Even though she was born around the time the movie came out. 1.Liam: Irish, meaning “strong-willed warrior and protector.”2. It's too hipster. So can we please move on? My 2 1/2 year old is named Hazel Marie. Levi: Hebrew, meaning “joined in harmony”66. :/ Mostly because of the part where Grace and Augustus go to Holland, visit the Anne Frank house, kiss, and then are applauded. :/ Now all I can think of is that awful book and movie. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Charlotte: French, feminine of Charles, meaning “petite” and “feminine”13. We named her after both of our grandmother's, and it was rare to hear the name when my daughter was born. And with similarly tailored nature names like Hazel and Olive on this list, Myrtle might fit in nicely. Hazel Scott (1920-1981), Black jazz and classical pianist, singer, and actor Hazel Anne Blears, British MP and cabinet minister Hazel O'Connor, English singer-songwriter and actress Hazel Mae Clark, American Olympic athlete Hazel Hempel Abel, U.S. Moaning? Hazlett. Theodore: Greek, meaning “divine gift”88. "One of those nutty celebrity names?" Lillian: Latin, derived from the name Elizabeth69. From the hazel tree, the hazelnut, and the brown-green eye color. Despite being an avid book-lover, I thought the Fault in Our Stars was really boring. And I don't really see what vulgarity has to do with anything? It's a nice enough name. coppergrey Sat 18-Jun-16 08:38:44. But then again, Hazel might not become too popular, and the Fault in Our Stars association will fade over time. If you enter John into Magic Baby Names, Mary will appear as a suggestion. CoCo on June 16, 2019: Hye peeps. Hooray! Luke: Latin, a variation of Lucas, meaning “light giving”58. It's so immature. You are dying. I'm sorry, but I COMPLETELY disagree with you two (Theodora_phoenix and indifendi)! I think this name is completely normal, but I wouldn't use it because of the connect to TFIOS, not because I hate the book or movie, but because I don't want that to be the first thing people think of when they hear the name. I love this name. Log in. Trace. Joseph: Hebrew, meaning “God shall add another son”46. But we didn't see why. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. This includes Hazel (No. Vulgar? One of these names might be the perfect one for your new bundle of joy. I just knew the plot. Andrew: Greek, meaning “strong,” “manly,” or “courageous”86. Isaac: Hebrew, meaning “he will laugh”68. read the book it makes you love the name! Henry: German, meaning “ruler of the household”32. Such a Unique and Spunky name, don't really see enough Hazel's in the world. Hazlewood. Aria: German, meaning “air”39. … Kinda made me dislike the name Hazel. Lucas: Latin, variation of Luke, meaning “light-giving” or “illumination"16. But usually YA novels are usually a passing fad. Jacob? Hazen 1 >> You Might Also Like... Baby Names. I love Hazel. It's called real life. Historically, a wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority. Olivia is the chart-topper, the literary name with unstoppable appeal. I loved it. Vintage, simple and feminine. I love this name! I'm 15 and I've changed since I wrote that comment. Sophia: Greek, meaning “wisdom”35. One of these names might be the perfect one for your new bundle of joy — or it might at least get your mind headed in the right direction to pick the perfect name. I loved Sylvia and Lydia but he wouldn't consider either. Kids aren't at home. Despite the YA association currently, it's hard to discourage anyone from using this beautiful, old-fashioned name. Ferne. Hazard. Wow. Hazin. My one year old is named Hazel and I've never been asked "like the fault in our stars?" Hazin. But I'm at least happy that more people know about this fabulous name now! My DH took a while to come round to Hazel but he got there in the end. Would you like to follow Hazel? You weren't addressing it at me, but I was even offended. Riley: Irish, meaning “wood clearing” and “valiant”57. Monashee Alonso Getty Images. Click a name to browse or + to add it to the search list. Abel? HyacinthBlossom, Willow, And I'm going to suggest Connie, I know it has no association with flowers or autumn, however I think its a beautifully old and under used name. I like the spunkiness of it with the Z, I like it a lot more than Mabel. Hazaiah. Hannah: Hebrew, meaning “favor” or “grace of God”67. Then don't go see PG-13 movies. 81. Emma: German, meaning “whole” or “universal”3. DS would have been Hazel if he'd been a girl. Hazleton. I love this name so much, I hope it doesn't get too popular. B-tching? Hazlett. What now?! Stella: Greek, meaning “star”77. Have a clear and unambiguous meaning, direct from the natural world – though it’s okay if that meaning isn’t immediately obvious. I wouldn't call it a shallow novel. I didn't even think of the tree till you mentioned it! It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Ron? Amelia: Latin, meaning “industrious” and “striving”17. Click the ♡ next to a name to add it to your favorites. Hazel is a name applied from the English word hazel, referring to the hazelnut tree. Olivia is the chart-topper, the literary name with unstoppable appeal. Hazzard. Hailey is one of those baby names that come in so many spellings and variations that it's more widely used than it may seem from popularity charts. For example, John and Mary are common names for a brother and sister. Aspen. We also shortlisted Astrid and Claudia. Oliver: Latin, meaning “olive tree”10. Madison: English, a variation of the Medieval name Madde45. Alexander: Greek, meaning “defender of men”22. Savannah: English, meaning “treeless plain”, 91. I respect your opinion, but it's a pretty name. English names like Hazel and Savannah top the list. Husband and I are really struggling with a name for our DD (due November)... thought we'd cracked it with Hazel but husband is now unsure!We're looking for strong, non-cutesy names with a traditional feel that aren't too popular. When Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel in 2004, there was a great public outcry against "another one of those nutty celebrity names." 908) and Harvey (No. I've never seen the movie--my sister is way too young--but I loved the book. Don't get me wrong, I deeply LOVE the book, but I don't want my daughter to forever have to introduce herself as Hazel and get "like Hazel Grace, from TFiOS?".