religion can be found in the songs, proverbs, sayings. At the top we have that group of people who make things happen and they are not afraid to think and analyse everything these are the drivers of change and development . The Lozi or the Luyi were infact the very first people to migrate from Kola the original home of the Linda Luba empire, then domiciled in Angola. London: SPCK, Deng, Francis Mading. [8], An urban variety of Nyanja is the lingua franca of the capital Lusaka and is widely spoken as a second language throughout Zambia. This is because the realm of. These, descriptions show the uniqueness of the Supreme, Evans – Pritchard in his definite view of God, known. cardinal point of the religion of Africans. ZULU (South Africa): Unkulunkulu, Inkosi, uDumakade, uGobungqongqo, BEMBA (Zambia): Lesa, Mulungu, Mwandanshi, Tengenene, Katebebe, Kaleka-Misuma, Kapekape, Kalamfya-Milalo, Kanshiwabikwa, Kashawaliko, Mulopwe, Mwine-twalo, Nalusandulula, Naluntuntwe, Nalwebela, Nafukatila, Kalenga, Nakabumba, Ndubulwila Find it Stacks Request (opens in new tab) Items in Stacks; Call number Status; PL8749.3 .T44 2006 Unknown More options … (Introduction to African Religions,  41). The paper shows that the concept of God is not strange to, Africans but in traditional Africa there is no atheist. double; or that the guardian-spirit is a separate entity. At independence in 1964, English was declared the national language. They rather see Him as the eternal, and immortal One who lives forever to satisfy the, human soul. I still have the celebratory coin. creator or supreme deity that resides in heaven”. ELIZABETH KECKLEY: A FREED SLAVE AND THE FIRST FEM... OUIDAH, BENIN - THE BIRTHPLACE OF VOODOO AND THEIR... MARY SEACOLE; THE BLACK PIONEERING NURSE OF THE C... AFRICAN DESCENDANTS IN PANAMA (AFRO-PANAMANIANS). It may, give the person information for the larger society in, the case of a prophet or soothsayer. Here we have gathered different names of God in Hausa language and their meaning. Americans mock Donald Trump, wife after spotting removal truck outside White House (video), Dorathy joins Mercedes Benz gang as fans gift her beautiful ride on 25th birthday (video, photos), Easy ways to check Stanbic IBTC pension account balance. defined. Zambian traditional names : the meaning of Tumbuka, Chewa, Nsenga, Ngoni, and Tonga names. This is revealed in the Nupe song: “God is far away. If you cannot decide and act then you are destined to be the plaything of powerful nations that HAVE decided what they want! The Ewe and Fon people of Dahomey call God Nana, Buluku which means the great ancient Deity. If you don’t like your name just do a deed poll and change it. Each name has serious significance and authority to the supreme being called God. He beholds the thoughts which pass through the, minds of men, and the range of their fancies and the, secrets of their hearts, by His knowledge, which was, The Arjuma’s Hymn written in about 500 – 100 BC in, ancient Hindu Gita, expresses the same belief in the, greatness of this great God and his relationship with, Why should they not revere You? with the spirits of dead men after they died. Supreme God who is worshipped above all-others. They still do – we use their language (we have even gone to the extent of justifying its naturalization and nationalization); they have more in their arsenals (they are still producing weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear heads, but they wouldn’t let us do the same! How does this improve the lives of people? Mbiti argues that this may be the, reason “that God is so much associated with the sky, It is very likely that … [Africans] came to believe in, God’s existence through such a link between, heaven and earth.