However, this form of tort differs from intentional tort as regards the manner the duty is breached. The "rough treatment" category of head-butting football players can easily be distinguished from the more passive interaction between sliding ankle and first base. Alumina's guilt and wrongdoing cannot be denied. On the other hand, general damages are not quantifiable in monetary terms. The nature of this business provides cheap and relatively unhealthy foods to customers looking for a quick and easy dining experience. The case often quoted as the foundation for the current law is that of Donoghue v Stevenson (1932) AC 562. As said before, because there is a legitimate question as to Gielle's employer's fault, the liability insurance company will most likely decide that it is in their best interest to continue to defend the case. Some of the concepts such as seaworthiness, actual fault and privity, crew's negligence, the role of the designated person and recklessness with knowledge are to be considered. In such a scenario, one of the two parties may be ordered to compensate the plaintiff. Was the chain of events between the defendant’s negligence and the plaintiff’s loss too long and involved to enable one to decide that the defendant’s action was the most probable cause? To gain some new insights into these issues, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identify the basic elements of a negligence tort, an analysis of…… [Read More], Negligence of Auditors He acted very much like a drunk would act. Precise Engineering Corporation had a contract with Quik Mart Stores to provide customized software for Quik Mart Stores' inventory control system. Under such statutes the question of Clumsy's contributory or comparative negligence would not be at issue as orkers Compensation laws do not concern themselves with either concept. In our case, Van Voris admits to signing the release in earlier data. However, a person is generally "under a duty to all persons at all times to exercise reasonable care for their physical safety and the safety of their property" (West, 2008). The next phase in the litigation process will be a series of discovery, where each side will be given the opportunity to research the case by asking each other questions and demanding specified documents. Statement of Facts Supervisory issues with reference to this matter would unquestionably rest on the shoulders of Ms. Paulson. It has also been considered to be a derivative of the Latin word tortum which can be loosely translated as twisted or crooked or wrong (Best, Arthur, and Barnes, 2).