"Steven Sees a Ghost" Both characters are 32 at the time of their deaths. A year later… and no further information. ( Log Out /  Her musical efforts have been recognized in her native Dominica where she has won two Golden Drum Awards. Last Remembering my younger brother Trevy with loving fondness. Craig first rose to fame after winning the first series of the reality show in 2000. The duo were also panelists on the monthly pan-african radio show “Harambe Table”. He captioned the adorable image of his sleeping daughter nestled in a pink rug: "Can anyone spot my gorgeous little daughter Nelly having her first photoshoot at just 12 days old! BIG Brother winner Craig Phillips, 47, has become a dad for the first time after welcoming daughter Nelly. In the novel, Eleanor becomes attached to Hill House to a disturbing degree and is forced to leave by the others, who are concerned about the state of her psyche. As a child, Eleanor has long, pin-straight brown hair and a round face. Wow-totally overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous baby gifts that @_mrsdiy and I have been receiving. In the novel, Eleanor climbs a rickety library staircase in a fit of madness, presumably to commit suicide. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Missing him. Taking to Instagram Craig shared a snap of him and Laura leaving the hospital with their newborn daughter last month. Eleanor admires the little girl for her stubbornness, and later lies to Theodora about having a cup of stars of her own when she was a girl. He asks her for coffee and they begin dating. Not even officially declared dead. She is often shown wearing dresses or skirts. He pulls her aside and accuses her of not taking her pills. In the series, Eleanor is hanged from a similar staircase. Jamaica’s King of Comedy, Oliver Samuels to be Celebrated by Jamaican Arts and Culture Fraternity! She appears to each of her siblings in the outfit they last saw her in. Her neck broken by the fall, she realizes that she is the Bent-Neck Lady. After her death and in subsequent apparitions, Eleanor is shown in various stages of decomposition. The proud papa is making sure to capture every special moment of Nelly's progress, and shared a picture from a baby photoshoot she had recently. Got a story? In the series, Eleanor is killed by her mother in order to keep her with her in Hill House, and her death is looked at as a suicide. 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He had a lasting effect on everyone with whom he came in contact. Eleanor Crain In Dominica, Nelly Stharre and Ras Trevy made recent marks on the entertainment landscape with their weekly “Zion Train” open mike series which featured local talent as well as Nelly’s vegan meals. Nellie, Nell, The Bent-Neck Lady Eleanor asks that she touch spots in her room to see if she could sense anything about Arthur's death, which makes Theo mad. The reader sees Nelly’s sympathetic and forgiving nature. Violet McGraw (child)Victoria Pedretti (adult) These sightings caused distress for the Crain family, who dismissed them as figments of Nell's imagination. February 21, 1986[1] He and his brother had spent eight years in foster care after the death of their mother when he was 10. When Eleanor wakes up later in the night, she finds the Bent-Neck Lady floating above her and that she's unable to move. MEDIA Actor Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. No further investigation. The group released five albums Best Defenses (1992), Freedom Now (1996), Creation (1998), Celluloid, 1987 (re-issued 2000), and Fertile Ground (2005). She sees a young girl at another table refusing to drink out of anything but her cup of stars, which her mother says they left at home. Nelly Stharre (born Antonia Raffoul) and Trevy (born Trevor Felix) both made significant in-roads on the international music scene before their respective return home to Dominica in recent years. Eventually the visions fade away and she is left with the ghost of her mother, who convinces her to put a noose around her neck and pushes her off the stairwell, resulting in Eleanor's death. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Trevy’s six children live abroad. Nelly, who lived in Jamaica for over 15 years, has performed to glowing reviews at major music festivals such as Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival, the St Lucia Jazz Festival, as well as Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute and Jamaica Jazz and Blues.