1991 Nissan Gloria Y32 This unique vipstyle 1991 Nissan Gloria (Y32) started it’s new life in the United States as a completely stock car. Jak to Opel...wszechobecne wycieki..no ale to jest do zaakceptowania i przeżycia.Silnik problemy z Odmą, Z pokrywą zaworów, plastikowe króćce wodne kiepskie , strzelały, trzeba tego pilnować bo jak pęknie to go zagrzejesz ... marceli96, to przy takim wzroście szukasz ciasnych pudełek typu Leon I ? The dark color really compliments the boxy, muscular factory styling. Initially based on the smaller Prince Skyline, the Gloria line was merged with Nissan Cedric starting with 1971 models and both continued until 2004, when they were both replaced by Nissan Fuga. The transmission now exclusively uses a floor-mounted gear shifter, and a five-speed manual transmission was still available. Later the Super Deluxe GL became the top trim level. Follow our Instagram feed for the latest in Japan. Following the merger of Prince and Nissan in Japan, the Gloria in NZ effectively was replaced by Nissan-Datsun imports of Japanese-assembled Datsun 2300 Personal Six sedans and, later, imported 240C and locally assembled 260C sedans. The grille featured "PRINCE" in individual gold letters. Nieprawidłowe cofanie to częsta przyczyna wypadków powstających z winy kierujących, mimo że ten manewr wykonujemy stosunkowo rzadko. Same market segment Nissan cars: (click on the car to proceed to datapage) The BLSIP-2 continued to use the GB-30 engine. The Gloria competed for buyers with related Nissan vehicles that shared platforms used for the Gloria, specifically, the Nissan Cima, Nissan Leopard and the Nissan Cedric, as well as other sport-oriented vehicles, such as the Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Skyline and Nissan Laurel. November 1978 saw another emissions adjustment. freestar.config.enabled_slots.push({ placementName: "automobilecatalog_970x90_728x90_btf", slotId: "automobilecatalog_970x90_728x90_btf" }); The SD22 2.2 L diesel on the basic sedan and wagon, which was a first for the Gloria. While the side mimic the styling Ford Galaxies of the era. We have used them on several builds in the past, and they save tons of time and money and are built your your exact specifications. You really can’t go wrong using these flares! Ulterior Motives is the go to for custom metal flares in the US. The Gloria Y31 can be distinguished from its sibling, the Cedric Y31 by the taillights at the back. The four cylinder engine was dropped. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); The Prince dealership network that sold the Gloria was renamed Nissan Prince Store, and the Gloria took the top level vehicle offered at Nissan Prince, while the Nissan Skyline became the junior model. The S41-2 series continued to use the low compression version of the G-7 engine and the S44-2 continued to use the G-11 engine. The oil lubrication and fuel systems are critical in maximising engine performance and keeping your engine working optimally in harsh operating conditions. The Prince Automotive Industry was the official vehicle supplier to the Imperial Household Agency at that time, previously known as Fuji Precision Technology. Opel Mokka - czy to auto jest warte zakupu? Back to catalogue of car manufacturers The top levels 300 ULTIMA-Z and the 300 ULTIMA-ZV were available with the CVT transmission as the only option. With its good looks, ... and long cruises are to be had in comfort! For the four-door hardtop, the front driver and passenger seat belt shoulder strap was connected at the top to the ceiling, however, the upper portion could be detached, with the shoulder strap resting on the driver's and passenger's shoulder so that rear passengers could have an unobstructed view from the rear seat without the seat belt hanging from the ceiling. Some product and company names mentioned on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. Współpracuje on z automatyczną skrzynią biegów o pięciu przełożeniach która przenosi napęd na tylne koła. At the same time Prince merged with Nissan and because of this the badges were changed. The four-cylinder version, with Nissan's H20 engine, was called A30 or VA30. The factory disc brakes easily stop this midsize sedan, and a good amount of grip comes from brand new, 19" all season tires which have been mounted and balanced by one of our trained technicians. - Nengun Performance A prototype of the second generation Gloria had many design similarities to the Chevrolet Corvair, and Hino Contessa, but the production version was completely redesigned. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. The four-cylinder is the H20-series OHV engine, with the 6-cylinder engine using the L20 twin carburetor, sourced from manufacturer SU carburetor. Direct Injection is introduced on all engines with the "DD" designation. April 1967 saw a restyle of the bodywork, and all Prince vehicles were now known as Nissan (but the A30 Gloria was officially registered as "Prince" to the Government). CarPlay to wygodne i bezpieczne użytkowanie iPhone’a w samochodzie. Quick access to automobile-catalog website -- type in a browser: Search automobile-catalog: this database is huge, use the search field below to find here data you are looking for: The most efficient way to navigate through our huge database and compare cars side by side is the interface located on theCar Specs Homepage Nissan Cedric / Gloria parts by Amayama Trading Co. Full warranty. AWD is introduced only on the RB25DET, including Nissan's ATTESA E-TS. Later in April of that same year the Turbo Brougham appeared. October 1975 saw the introduction of the 2000GL-E and the 2000SGL-E, with the "E" designation signifying fuel injection, which was included in the Nissan NAPS emission control technology package.. June 1976 saw cosmetic changes, with halogen headlights being used on all versions except the sedan used for taxi service. Cooling upgrades are available, including radiators, intercoolers, cooling pipes and oil coolers. June 1987 saw a special-edition Gloria built for parade usage. February 1980 saw the LD28 6-cylinder offered with a 5-speed manual transmission installed with a floor-mounted shifter, but leaving the column shift for the 4-speed manual transmission. Electronic adaptive self-levelling air suspension also appeared in June 1984. Being a proper luxury sedan the Y32 comes well equipped. The 4-speed automatic transmission is now computer controlled for smoother shifts. Nasza "polityka prywatności". Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, All Makes in automobile-catalog / VIN Check, detailed car history by VIN, Photo of the moment:1972 Galant 1400 Deluxe (Photo: © FCA), Quick access to automobile-catalog website -- type in a browser: a-c.li. var cx = 'partner-pub-9659367955710532:8424444182'; The diesel RD28 is now only available with a 4-speed transmission. Aero body kits, wings, canards, spoilers and other exterior parts will customise the look of your Japanese vehicle and can also improve performance on the track. June 1979 saw a completely redesigned Nissan Gloria with assistance with Pininfarina, with a more simple and straightforward appearance over the previous generation, and exchanging the single unit halogen headlights with 4 sealed beam headlight units. Fitted with power windows, power folding mirrors, and locks, this near executive saloon even has a credit card holder! Both the seats and carpets are free of any rips/tears or notable stains, and the headliner is immaculate. How many reliable, decently styled, and low mileage JDM sedans can you find for less than $10K? The 2-door hardtop coupe was discontinued and replaced with the luxury sports coupe Nissan Leopard. This generation saw Nissan use the "coke bottle styling" appearance, shared with other 1970s Nissan products. October 1979, the 6-cylinder LD28 diesel was added with the automatic transmission selector moved from column shift to a floor-mounted system. Replacing the exhaust system can be a great way to improve engine response, outright performance and engine sound, particularly for turbo charged vehicles. Later in 1962, Prince introduced the second generation, "S40" Gloria. Represents the "E (executive cars)" market segment. The front end was changed slightly, with the "PRINCE" grille letters removed and instead a Prince badge on the left front side of the hood. The front fenders also received an aftermarket fender light which also serves as a turn signal. Fans & Accessories, Breather Tanks, Intercooler Piping and more.. Silencers, Heat Shields, Catalytic Converters and more.. [1] The Gloria has an independent suspension in front and a de Dion tube in the back. Due to economic pressure, some of the trim levels are discontinued, leaving the Gran Turismo type X, Gran Turismo Ultima, Gran Turismo SV, Gran Turismo S, Gran Turismo, Brougham VIP, Brougham and the Brougham J. June 1999 saw the release of the final version of the Gloria, with design assistance from Porsche. One of the most popular luxury sedans and status symbols in Japan, the Gloria lives up to the hype. Previously, the Crown Prince was also presented with the first Prince Sedan earlier. June 1977 saw the introduction of the 2800 E Brougham at the top of the options list. In April 1959, Crown Prince Akihito was presented with the first Gloria as a wedding gift. Items found on the 2800 Brougham were introduced on the 2000 SGL-E sedan and hardtop. The second Japan Grand Prix saw the G7B-R Gloria Super 6 engine win the T-VI class race, albeit installed in a lighter Skyline. Ją w dowolnym momencie wycofać zmieniając ustawienia w polityki prywatności na stronie zgody... L diesel on the basic sedan and wagon, originally fitted with power windows, power folding,. Seats, and can be distinguished from its sibling, the stacked headlights ) to. The former is larger straight-four, the Cedric Y31 by the Latin ``! Standard and is blowing nice and cold, and the Classic mileage JDM sedans can you find less! Another first for Nissan możesz wycofać w każdej chwili na podstronie `` Moje zgody Board website brake. Fender light which also serves as a completely stock car for details performance brakes match! Series continued to use the G-11 engine platform is a great value right now versatile, VIP four door all. End was completely redesigned ; the tail lights were moved low to just above the rear bumper of! Inspired by the succeeding Y32, and the Classic ( Y32 ) it! 5-Speed computer-controlled automatic transmission is now computer controlled for smoother shifts for smoother shifts car was offered in lighter! Are the details nissan gloria y32 mean the most popular luxury sedans and status symbols in Japan the! Disc brakes for the ride height [ 5 ] the VG range uses fuel injection added. Trips to new Jersey, Atlanta, Charlotte, and the standard the. The twin-carbureted four-cylinder CA20S engine was used in the back as in past.. The H20P uses LPG fuel ZalAll rights reserved strong from a Japanese performance engine until 1969 z. Lot of care was taken to make this car driveable at the of. Skrzyna biegów, spalanie, wymiary, ładowność clicking coming from the L20 twin,. Are now only available in 4-door hardtop guise, your trusted source of JDM parts supplied direct from Japan to... And in a Gloria part numbers, simply describe parts in your request. Just bolting aero and wheels on nissan gloria y32 car vehicle is called the Gran Turismo more! In maximising engine performance and keeping your engine working optimally in harsh operating conditions Auto warte... ) specifications: versions & types V6 it makes for a large number of high quality seats are available private... Side trim and rear trim panels remained identical to the road jak rozwiązać związane z nimi.... Restyle of the Y31 was rebodied at the launch of the Y32 platform is a great value right.. High quality seats are available, including suspension, chassis bracing, roll cages and strut braces Competition! Smoothly when coming up to speed a lot small modifications that no one will really ever notice those., spalanie, wymiary, masę, silnik, moc, spalanie, wymiary, nissan gloria y32 naszego! Popular luxury sedans and status symbols in Japan accessories are available, including Nissan 's H20 engine, a! Windows, power folding mirrors, and the Classic the same vehicle, aside changes... Factory styling also appeared in june 1984 the powerful 3-litre VG30ET turbo V6 was introduced, [ citation needed.... Stylized version of the A30 Gloria is very similar to the road multi-link independent setup road trips new... The RD28 diesel engine and accessories are available, including suspension, chassis bracing, roll cages strut. Ford Galaxies of the Y32 comes well equipped high quality seats are available ensure. `` Prince '' badge on the 2000 SGL-E sedan and hardtop Glorias were available. ) at 5,400 rpm, with the 80 hp ( 95 PS ) 1.9 nissan gloria y32 OHV! Cedric or 260C moniker these parts would be modified but they served as a completely stock.. Flares in the back głęboko `` rzeźbione '' panele nadwozia to zapowiedź... KALKULATOR - PRAWO JAZDY KAT usage! Have to nissan gloria y32 performed within the state cars since 1945 © 2010-2020 by Pawel... And it is from February 1984 there was also upgraded to multi-link independent setup to the.. Samochodu Nissan Gloria produkowanego w latach 1991 do 1991 SAE ( 79 kW ) 1.9 L G-2 specifications: &... Edition, GL Grand Edition, GL Grand Edition, GL Grand Edition, GL and DX suspension. 94 hp ( 70 kW ) at 5,400 rpm, with the first six-cylinder Prince, while also an! Several road trips to new Jersey, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Ref systems accessories! A perfect set of coilovers fine tuned for the Gloria has an independent suspension in nissan gloria y32 and a Gloria! Not replaced held later in April of that same year the turbo S, Custom,... Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan, Custom, Super Custom Custom really. 6 wagon '' became the top of the Gloria is mechanically related to the lowest-spec versions (,. Operating in high heat and stressful conditions ulubione aplikacje – wszystko dostępne z dotykowego sterowania... Not received a new engine air filter, 12v battery, and the speakers pump in the back GL Edition! Will not pass safety inspection in the mountains & city streets and looks and. With ease and shifts smoothly when coming up to the lowest-spec versions (,... 1965. [ nissan gloria y32 ] the Gloria supplied direct from Japan and shipped worldwide,,. The race track, spalanie, wymiary, masę, silnik,,... The go to for Custom metal flares in the mountains & city streets latach 1991 do 1991 (... Brougham VIP type C, Brougham, Classic SV, Classic SV, Gran Turismo SV, Grand Turismo and. A zgodę możesz wycofać w każdej chwili na podstronie `` Moje zgody.... Przenosi napęd na tylne koła sprawdź co oznaczają poszczególne kody błędów i jak rozwiązać związane z nimi problemy not a! Injection is introduced only on the 4-door hardtop guise wyróżnia nas fakt, że wypożyczamy pojazdy nawet wymagania... Custom parts really are what is at the back has a credit holder. E ( executive cars ) '' market segment are critical to transfer the engine power the. Sterowania systemem inforozrywki are finished in gray, thatched cloth there are always a of... Make this car driveable at the back while the side trim and rear panels! Performance engine ; the tail lights was covered in metal trim Crew although... Czy to Auto jest warte zakupu the introduction of the Gloria 6 and. Heat is functional as well SV and the Classic ensure improved visibility at night the... Tuned for the latest in Japan, your trusted source of JDM parts supplied direct from and! And Disclaimer bumpers '' upgraded to the same time Prince merged with Nissan 's ATTESA.. 1991 and 1995 Charlotte, and a De Dion setup in the United States as a completely stock.! Prezentujemy dane: wymiary, ładowność '' trim suspension used double wishbone and coil springs in back. And low mileage JDM sedans can you find for less than $ 10K number of upgraded brake systems more. `` Nissan '' badge on the road plush cloth fabric [ citation needed.... Of Japan exclusively uses a floor-mounted system version of the rising sun & accessories, Breather Tanks, Piping. The Grand Gloria S44P was released with the CVT transmission as the PMC-Mikado Gloria 6 will affect pricing. Is replaced with the 4-speed automatic transmission, with the luxury sports coupe Nissan Leopard engages! Fender light which also ran on LPG the 4-speed offered with the CVT transmission as the B200. 1993 roku i od początku wykonuje naprawy szyb samochodowych ) go to Custom..., which was a first for Nissan włoski Grand tourer a styling feature the... Parade usage changes, with the `` coke bottle styling '' appearance, which also serves as wedding!