GU / GR Nissan Patrol; ZD30 upgrades? What this means for you is that the standard OEM turbo, while optimal for a brand new factory tuned engine, will rarely actually still be suitable on either an older engine with wear and tear, or on any performance application, it will be operating completely outside of the initial design parameters. Again, this is dependent on how much performance you are after. The desired performance enhancement is achieved by changing the injection duration, the same way the system was originally designed to operate. The ZD30 engine has suffered a poor reputation for premature failures including melting/cracking pistons and overboosting, largely due to some common issues. Nissan Patrol Performance Upgrades. All AXT X11 products come with a 24 month warranty as standard! We can also upgrade the factory turbo actuator to help with reliability. 2) Do you upgrade to a new Landcruiser at $60-120k, and then spend another $50-60,000 decking it out to the extent of your current Patrol? To compensate for these problems, the AXT X11 Series Turbochargers are designed to handle a reduction of oil supply pressure and volume ( can handle 25% less than OEM minimum specification ) as well as handling much higher carbon contamination, in both lubricant and exhaust gases ( commonly triggered from blocking the EGR system ). OUR VIDEOS: … © 2020 Just Autos Mechanical & Repairs – Nambour, Sunshine Coast QLD, Website by: | Sitemap | Blog, Pre Purchase Inspections / Pre Trip Inspections. ZD30 Direct Injection Nissan Patrol. There is well over two hours work for us, just in this, but as I keep saying, the gain is more than the upgrade intercooler gives. 3” Stainless steel exhausts are available for your Nissan Patrol and are fully customisable to achieve your desired exhaust note. When it comes to Nissan Patrol upgrades you won’t believe what may be possible with our extensive range of specialty 4x4 parts and accessories. The Nissan Patron’s ZD30 engine can maintain its reliability when upgrading correctly, contrary to popular belief. //-->, 04 ST 3lt auto, not enough Mods to keep me happy, but getting there, EXTRAS - Fundraiser, Polls, Interactive Mapping and 4x4 Games, Nissan Patrol Manuals / Nissan Patrol Software, Mechanics / Spare Part Suppliers / Product Reviews, Welcome to the Nissan Patrol forum. Within a short period of time a couple of very obvious issues were apparent, however with further investigation, it became clear that these “OEM issues” were actually specifically part of the design and manufacture process. This also allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine. An ECU rampage figures with boost actuators and a 3” custom exhaust, plus with our master tunes remapping your ECU, we can get your Nissan Patrol up to 380nm of torque and 135 hp at the wheel. Harsh roads and conditions won’t be any match for you. Over-boosting is a very common issue with the ZD’s and is also rectified using the AXT X11 series Turbochargers. 1) Do you repair the ZD30 (or other) at a cost of approximately $14,000 for this to potentially happen again in a few years? Gains – 156HP to 190HP and 354Nm to 425Nm. A custom ECU remap for your 3.0 Patrol can yield nice gains in torque, horsepower and engine efficiency. This kit serves as a replacement for that system, reducing running engine temperature with its 80% larger surface area compared to factory units as well as the integrated 9" Thermo fan. ENVIRONMENT. From the factory, your stock 3.0 Nissan Patrol has 220nm of torque and only 80-90 hp at the wheels. Additionally, the performance improvement potential offered, allows the installer far greater options and diversity, than from simply sticking to an OEM turbo. By replacing the actuator with an aftermarket boost actuator from TurboSmart, your Patrol receives a more accurate boost control and helps with improving the boost response time. The actual need for the NADS kits shows how the wear and tear on these engines effects the driveability and reliability. When an OEM is called to produce a turbocharger, they will be looking at designing the best solution to suit the client’s specific application.