Everyone knows who I am. Are you for real? People die all the time booty bumping booze at alarming rates. They told them to head east and collect the chemicals that today create MDMA. u know if u wanna know about drugs come to me or someone who really knows! Christianity is responsible for most of the wars that have occurred. The first Nocturnal Wonderland was held in Downtown Los Angeles in 1995, making it not only the oldest Insomniac festival but also the longest-running electronic music festival in America. I remember I would always wanna dance with her and she would glowstick in front of me I fucking love her, This is my Hippie Rave Bat Queen friend ✨ we went to Nocturnal Wonderland 2018 together her lovely dreads got us a blunt wrap with a wooden tip and 3 joints inside the festival @vulva-nova, Nocturnal Wonderland 2018 was the most magical weekend of my life, Get ready for a wild ride this weekend for #NocturnalWonderland Virtual Rave-A-Thon!, It’s going down with 12th Planet, ARMNHMR, ARTY, BIJOU, Borgore, BORN DIRTY, Champagne Drip, DJ DEMIGOD, Jason Ross, Ship Wrek, Spencer Brown, TJR, VNSSA, DJ Z-Trip, ZEDS DEAD + host Pasquale Rotella are set to lead our adventure into #VirtualNocturnal this Friday & Saturday at 8pm PT! Idk, I don’t listen to her. Report as inappropriate. wow that’s an aggressive statement. Please stop spamming us with it. ©2020 Insomniac This is what it’s all about. - Plurlife - Electronic Music, DJs, Clubs, and Parties. Parents should be sending their children to summer-long Bible Camp where their hormones will never have the chance to run wild like this. It’s used all the time. pshhhh i WISH they did that for us, that would be AWESOME! spoken like a true liberal. And don’t ever say you will pray for me! Met super cute werewolf @xoxosarak in @nocturnalwland ✨. Its called: “Booty Bumping”. This was at Nocturnal 1999 she’s the one that introduced me to house, trance, drum n bass, and happy hardcore when I was 6. Even so, parents still allow their children to walk down the red carpet to Satan’s own VIP party of cosmic rape and glittery sinful lullabies. Heaven is within you, Jesus said it himself. I myself have a cousin who has inserted things into his anal cavity, and he is fine, he just can’t sit down for about 4 hours afterwards. My friend is a dealer. Hmmmm. Follow. NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND 1999 NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND 2000 NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND 2001 AUDIOTISTIC 1999 NARNIA 1999 JUJUBEATS 2000 ALL FOR $30.00 . There’s a Nocturnal Wonderland virtual rave-a-thon happening Sept. 18th and 19th, a Friday and Saturday. The reason they pick five, is because the number five represents the five nights the two gods spent doing drugs, performing mouth sex act on each other and co-masturbating while creating the “Raver Utopia”. I lmao when I saw “best taken anally” I was like O.o Do what?! FUCK YOU ALL. The Queen’s Grounds: And yes Satan’s grip is in all of us, it is the force that we Satanist’s call natural instincts. It is the same thing and but without as much sodomy. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly called Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.It was co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen in 1999, and is organized by Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Presents. Poi shows, is where ravers use electronic lights to spin around to imitate the sperm streams that were ejected out of the tips of their Abe’s skin torpedoes. Be too sweet and you’ll be a gonner I am Cannibal (I’ll eat you up). These mushrooms turned their brains upside down and spoke to the gods. Alice’s House: You’ll forgive me if I find that idea disturbing. It simply lets people express themselves as human beings. It does! The first Nocturnal Wonderland was in 1999 and was held at the future local of the sex infested festival known as Coachella Fest. I think we have a very serious responsibility to ensure that our children are raised correctly and aren’t exposed to demonic influences. What’s going on in this picture? With this list you can pre-order your compressed pills of lustful deviance and they will mail it to you three days before the big event. Thank you, Brother Tyson, for warning us. Nobody gets it. I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer, I am Cannibal The following is an incomplete list of music festivals that feature electronic music, which encapsulates music featuring electronic instruments such as electric guitar and keyboards, as well as recent genres such as electronic dance music (EDM). Nocturnal Festival is a single-day sex and drug event that is held to worship the rave God’s “Abe” and “Adam”. I think you’re hot I think you’re cool The Sunken Garden is the place Abe and Adam rested after their first experience with the ecstasy drug that they just created. Tyson travels the country giving lectures to students ranging from middle school to college about the dangers of homosexuality and liberals, Nocturnal Wonderland – A Pagan Rave Festival to Honor Homosexual Masturbatory Gods, Chaz Bono Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars Lineup For Not Being a Real Man. To celebrate this joy for the swapped mushrooms, ravers mix their pills and “infected mushrooms” to enter into a state called “Candy Hip-E Flip” and it supposedly turns their brain upside down and allows them to speak with Abe and Adam telepathically. #TerryPham (at Los Angeles, California)https://www.instagram.com/p/B-zpBMlAsSZ/?igshid=27wtlxc9jzod. [img]http://fapit.net/imgs/1384/internet_white_knight.jpg[/img]. People have the free will of choice and they have every right to make their own choices without being judged. Hey, I've been trying to find the line-up for this year's Nocturnal Wonderland but no luck. Instead the mushrooms were swapped for infected mushrooms. The Upside Downroom: Now I’m gonna eat you fool! weed is good it numbs u and all u do is get the munchies! So get the fuck over it. You can’t take drugs up the ass…! They were the only ones who knew the recipe for ecstasy and they used that power to control the masses. I am curious what is the difference between a “reverse orgy three way” and a regular orgy? The story goes that Adam and Abe were given magic mushrooms to be given strength to travel a long distance to find a new land for their people. L. Liquid69Raver Actually that is so false, you are to be laughed at by me. : @girlsgonerave. We have to get rid of this idea that the church implanted in us that heaven and hell are physical places, they are not and it doesn’t say that they are in the bible. “… the number five represents the five nights the two gods spent doing drugs, performing mouth sex act on each other and co-masturbating while creating the ‘Raver Utopia’.”. I suggest you speak to your local pastor, minister or priest as soon as possible to discuss possible paths to redemption. never. Nocturnal focuses on the key elements of Family, Community and Culture. Burning man isn’t a bad thing either. The Upside Downroom is all about drugs. Good. Everyone who believes this is a fucking idiot. The difference? I am Cannibal As the cup is passed they take turns drinking random stranger’s twiddle rompus, baby juice and give thanks to their lords. Creamfields was called off because of poor ticket sales and Mekka was canceled because promoters felt … You see, these vixens of sexual masturbatory imagery are hired by the Insomnia rave lords to send taint tremors down the male raver’s Adam whistle and excite them to the point where they can not fight the bad touch urges no more. The stages, art and design are developed with an old-school, organic aesthetic. Nocturnal will always hold a special place in my heart. I hate how many of these so-called christians are very judgemental of others, and what type of entertainment helps them live their lives. Together they created their own label, Anjunabeats, in order to release their samples and electronic music. And you Christwire guys…. That means Satan’s grip is strong on you, and you have little hope of being relinquished from it. Susan.. This is a photo from Nocturnal Wonderland 1997. ALISON MANSON, Hello, my love. I for one am taking it upon myself to inspect my child’s anal ducts for any such sighs. These circles of Satanic delight are energized by the BPMs of techno trace drummed and based music, being created by the terror jungle lists DJ, Diesel Boy. , What questions would YOU ask these artists? I am Cannibal Once a week Abe would come to Alice’s house and use her as a masturbatory assistant. It is also a very easy way to overdose as well. What’s impossible is you thinking at any coherent level. Past(09/2/2016) ... Hailing form London, two electrical engineering students-Jono and Paavo-met at The University of Westminster in 1999. Nocturnal Wonderland is currently a two-day boutique event across four stages and features a wide array of blacklight art, performers, and camping amenities and activities. What would be the POINT of drugs up your ass? I think if you use your anal-passage responsibly you should be fine. All you’re capable of is spitting insults at people who disagree with you. Then when I’m thirsty, I drink their blood Those look like the candies that kids pass out on Valentines. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU BIBLE SUCKING TURDS. Joshua L. Los Angeles, CA; The five stages or circles at the event are tailored to celebrate a specific event in the life of the raver’s drugged out gods and to praise their master dingles in a mesmerized fashion. I find it shocking how all these anally ingested drugs fly under the radar. Oh she has, look at her body~! Is that Ke$ha? There is more detail here about sexual activities between men than I find on most gay-themed websites. It is very easy for a drug slamming, raver hussie to attain such outfits. Comment yours below ⬇️, #RaveMeetup Never have I done drugs up the arse. If you had your way and the majority of the world followed Satan, the entire world would degrade to an anarchist pit of homosexuality, fornication, drug abuse and pedophilia. Are you kidding me? Yes! I could sit here and talk all day but the bottom line is the christian community is brainwashed and doesn’t know anything about the bible even if they say they do. It is simply a fun time where rock fans can get together and cheer on their favorite bands, not a huge orgy of paganists.