Congratulations to Seward’s soccer athletes Alexa Roach, a senior, and Shannon Sgombick, a freshman, on making the local All-State, Class C, fourth-team selection—and their outstanding contributions to the Spartan girls soccer team this season! ��br5�TL�~����j�����G�,���y0����TaI(H�X}kB,���I�L�sW]�D�]����fu�ł$6���"����W#�D�!$�k� ���i)>H�"�0�� �$�=E��щoD��RIԬ� ݛt���$��уc`p�AU�hPǃO������ݽ�i�&��h �s��@CF#o���{"G�����)r@-F"n��"7�� (845) 651-3095. 24 Old Black Meadow Road Note: Sportspak Online will be enhanced in of the calendar to move the previous or next month. endstream endobj 25 0 obj <>stream Click on the School drop-down arrow to view a list of all schools currently available in Sportspak. The mission of New York State interscholastic athletic programs is to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship. He worked hard in the off-season to win the starting PG position. h޼�Ko�8ǿ�d�|?�I��I����uȖa�����%�M�͉�pf8$�KZm@Hڂ��v 96�Bc�z0��`�0�Q�a� �Axo���h� E�~�Kk ƃ����g6��z���i��������9K�����TP=��i�l�6�*mؕTC�U�l�մRt���ih2v5:e�p��A����I� 3P��rL�� He brings a lot to the game with his versatility. Shannon Sgombick, a freshman, is a two-year starting point-guard on the varsity basketball team. Bridge Street %%EOF appear in the form. Evaluations for the 2020-2021 season have been completed. their own school's information and re-submit directly to Sportpak. Use your gas money to pay for your car! Rescheduled from October 4th (All of these makeup games are played at the Pickering Soccer Centre): Saturday October 31st. OCIAA MENU . Further details will be released at the time of evaluations and by request. ��"ژ�6�;�s��2�7u���6��R����(( "��up\ :�q�H3k�c�;S S��բ�]4����D�iS$�� ��� ]���}U��*�X��? Enter the Ending Date in the same manner. You can use your browser to print a copy Isabel’s athletic honors include varsity letters in both sports. endstream endobj 22 0 obj <>stream Click on the School drop-down arrow to view Josely Medina, a junior, has played and started on the girls’ varsity basketball team since she was a freshman. to view and edit all SUBMITTED forms, please click HERE. Use the vertical scroll bar to move up or ��L����u=6�]�k׍�; �)i; Together we foster an environment where enjoyment and love of the game is encouraged at all ages. ��GO(�}��1! ��&`�K��az�O.��a~���U;?`��f� $ܰ�x�ˁұ�a�:��{��B�u$�`�U1߀�{:9��#+=)�'�9�����i�(��O�벨ZKY ��,.�E`�szq��8��Y�J�uh���e�^U4ݶ9�ٸ)�rz��WL����R�^ɗj^���^�}ҙ�y�b�� f/��t��YX�����7]6�:��M�ƽ��p���Ut&o Ociaa Game Schedules search in title. form MM DD YY. Click on Game Schedules to display a list of all schools currently available in Sportspak. For purposes of filing a formal grievance under Section 504 and Title II of the ADA, such information can be found within Board of Education policy 5030 and regulation 5030-R, which may be obtained by contacting Dana Castine at the information below. Click on the appropriate date. For Section 1 Site Directions, Click Here: Shop Barnes & Noble, the world's largest book seller, for lower prices on Millions of Books, Movies, Music, Toys, Toys"R"Us is the leading kids store for all toys, video. endstream endobj 23 0 obj <>stream Enter the range of dates by entering in the ��ZP�W�*/�E]6J�s5ޒn< 2:00 pm Field B - U15 Rangers v Celtic; 2:15 pm Field A - U10 Rangers v Celtic; 3:30 pm Field A - U12 Rangers v Celtic; 3:30 pm Field B - U18 Rangers v Celtic ; Saturday November 7th. Liberty Sports Schedules Friday, August 21, 2020 Menu; Game Schedules; Practice Schedules; Home This week's game schedule Sports practice schedules OCIAA Schedules Directions to other schools . SW BOCES Section 1 Athletics - 450 Mamaroneck Ave,, Harrison, NY 10528 MVP Software Inc. MVP Software Inc. Rosters will be formed based on ongoing staff and team coach assessments as well as player evaluation dates open to current and new athletes. print schedules for any school, sport, and level. OCIAA Scholar Athletes must rank in the top 20% of their class, participate in at least one varsity sport, excel as athletes, and demonstrate outstanding citizenship. Further details available by request. John Jay Cross RiverHS @ Byram HillsHS JV Boys Soccer: BeaconHS @ Hendrick HudsonHS JV Boys Soccer: Our Lady Of LourdesHS @ PoughkeepsieHS JV Boys Soccer 0 CONGRATULATIONS to Alexa Roach, named as one of The Times Herald Record V845 girls’ basketball all-star, 2nd team! Those wishing to play Division 1 or 2 must be placed on rosters by the PMSC Technical Staff. Click on the Florida, NY, Golden Hill Elementary Gymnasium 18 0 obj <> endobj He brings a lot to the game with his versatility. drop down controls will be replaced with text. PMSC also organizes evaluation days in addition to in-season, ongoing observation. Your local new and used Hyundai dealership located in Coquitlam. Click on the Submit button to view of the form to your own printer or view another school by using His team spirit and court awareness as a player impresses coaches around the league. Director's phone, fax, and email address will display as well The banner displayed above will appear in Weekly Health Screening Form for Students, Florida Union Free School District’s Reopen Plan 2020-2021. 0 ��4E Get your free-forever account! Some files and links on this site require Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player to open, view or print. Warwick, NY, S.S. Seward Gymnasium