Maria Which of these names appealed to you the most? Bence is a Hungarian variant of Vincent. Mattia Violet is one of our favorite floral names, and it was also once popular in England. Axton – Meaning “sword stone“, this name of the English origin. Alvaro In Spain, where the name originated, this soft, romantic moniker is the 5th most popular choice among parents for baby boys. In Norse, it means eternal ruler. The meaning of Xavier is ‘brightness’, which your kid brings in your life with his arrival. This European name for babies has been popular in Wales since the 19th century and surprisingly, holds the 24th spot for boy’s names in France. Alissa, Hungary It is a popular name in Italy and Spain. Marcell Dr Chetwood explains that although these names were probably insulting to some extent, they weren’t anywhere near as offensive as they might be considered today, when using rude words related to bodily functions and sex is seen as taboo or rude. Jesus – This name is of Hebrew origin and means “to rescue”. I have to warn you that there is some graphic language in the answer. Alejandro is a Spanish version of Alexander. Milan – This is a Slavic name that means “kind“. The name has so much more Debonair than plain Christopher. David, Alexandre It appears in the Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy books. By the end of Chetwood’s period of study, the way in which the people of England used personal names had been completely transformed. Maximilian is even more popular in Germany, where it’s 12th, and in Austria, where it sits in the very respectable second place on baby naming charts. You may find the perfect name that is unique, but not too far out there. Chiara is such an adorable Italian name. As a result, there was very little repetition of names and any two people within a community or family would be unlikely to share the same name. Briven – A unique boy name that appears to be of Old English origin, with an unknown meaning. The meaning of Evan is ‘Lord is gracious’. s.setAttribute('data-uid','718b8a66ec_XX');document.head.appendChild(s) Dr Chetwood explains: “In the 600/700s, people would live in very small, dispersed settlements with maybe a couple of other extended family groups in close proximity. The meaning of Marcello is ‘young warrior’. This Latin name would be a great first or middle name for a baby boy. Long ago, it was the name of a popular saint who is now the patron saint of travelers. And to add to its current popularity is Lady Gaga’s song ‘Alejandro’. In recent times, Europeans have begun choosing a lot of Spanish names and are turning excessively towards Junior or Jr names as well. Isla, coming from the name of a Scottish River, is a beautiful name to consider for your daughter. Gillian – While this name is typically used more for girls, it can be a boy’s name, too. Why did we start using surnames? We love it too. This captivating and confident name has been beginning to be used parents of all ethnic backgrounds. First name … Ogden – A boy’s name of English origin that means “from the oak valley”. And while it hasn’t hit the popularity charts in North America just yet – it’s ranked 430th among U.S. Nameberry users – boys’ names ending in “O” are becoming increasingly popular (think Arlo), and there’s a good chance Hugo may start climbing the ranks.