Register new or connect your old … It’s been played by millions of people around the world for more than 10 years, making it one of the web’s top browser-based games. Take your defense and offense in space and have pride for your state. Updated: 2020-01-18Tags: birds-eye view genesis original game helicopter isometric middle east military multi-directional shoot em up war. Especially, The lack of sporting action due to the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many seek out new forms of enterta, If you would like to take your career to the next level or are thinking about a career change person, Family poker night is a great way to break up night after night of sitting in front of the TV. Is it a waste of time? Control the helicopters altitude to navigate through the level and avoid the deadly obstacles. Use your left mouse button to move the helicopter up, then let go of the mouse button to lower the helicopter. These three games provide you a representation of what you can expect from our helicopter titles – why not check out what other games we have to offer? This. Hunter is a 3D action adventure created by Paul Holmes and published by Activision in 1991 for the Amiga and Atari ST. Zeewolf is a 3D helicopter shooter developed and published by Binary Asylum in 1994 for the Amiga. All your war planning and strategy will be used in helicopter game man shooting where the enemy can be challenged with your air fighter jet shooting combat game skills. Updated: 2019-07-17Tags: arcade flight helicopter shoot em up transport. LHX Attack Chopper is a 1990 war helicopter simulation game developed and published by Electronic Arts. by guest1234 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:20 pm, Post Genre: Action The game was also ported to the NES and MSX (apparently, there was also a coin-up in Japan). Drive through hostile terrain, kill gunships, destroy buildings and eliminate elite enemy units. Helicopter Games: Fly high in the sky, engage in intense war action, and drop bombs on your enemies in one of our many free, online helicopter games! Gunship 2000 is a helicopter combat flight simulator created by MicroProse as a sequel to Gunship. Raid on Bungeling Bay is a helicopter shooter game created by Will Wright for the Commodore 64 and published by Broderbund in 1984. Well, Gunship 2000 is such game, and if you aren’t a fan of old-school games, the get out! Secondly we have Desert Force which is a top-down helicopter arcade game – you control a military copter and must fight a range of different enemies across some fantastic desert landscapes. The feel was magical, Choosing a legit online casino can be difficult, and many aspiring gamers are at a loss as the optio, Believe it or not, but we’re now almost done with the first year of a new decade. If you’ve got time to spare and feel like enjoying an amusing and surprisingly addictive challenge, get your button-clicking finger ready, put your brain into focus mode and jump into the pilot’s seat. v Best stealth helicopter navigation and assault controls. Instead, the mechanics are simple and straightforward — keep going while avoiding the obstacles. The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations (2020) Platoon (2002 video game) (2002) The Helicopter Game is simple. The Helicopter Game runs within your browser and uses very few resources, meaning you can play it on almost any PC. Never before have you found yourself shooting a middle intense enemy gunship crossfire! Hold the left mouse button or spacebar to increase the helicopters altitude. By and large it does that, A shock to the community of the multiplayer battle royale game, Free Fire, one of the most downloade, Even though Safari is the default browser that comes together for macOS, Google Chrome is still the, is owned and run by LinkBaits Ltd, Copyright © SeeThru 2017 | All Rights Reserved. How many metres do you think you can travel? Genre: Action Jungle Strike is an action/shooter game with strategy elements created by Electronic Arts originally for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It was the premier game for Binary Asylum and was a success for the company. The Helicopter Game is one of the most famous Flash games of all time — a classic that’s been around for years. Thanks for reporting your concern. I was looking for this game too, played it through back in the days and wanted to do it again, but could not remember the title of the game. Some helicopter games have realistic 3D graphics and allow you to engage in deadly combat in the sky. The enemy forces have invaded with their special assault commando squads and lethal military helicopters. Time your actions carefully to avoid the floating obstacles and see how far you can travel without crashing.