It is the oldest remaining mining cabin in the Rogue River canyon. If you want to visit this remote and wild bit of undeveloped Lake Huron shoreline there is a marked trail. The Kernan family has preserved 45 acres of this beautiful shore. Vintage E C Booz Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle Green. VTG Amber E.C. Oh, yeah, that enterprising whiskey makers name, E.G. In 1989, the family donated the land and harbor to the Michigan Nature Association. EG Booz Old Cabin Whiskey The distinctive cabin-shaped EG Booz Whiskey bottle is certainly one of the most famous of American bottles and one of the most reproduced. Old Log Cabin Whiskey and Its Association with the Purple Gang and Al Capone There is no brand of whiskey that is more synonymous with the Purple Gang and Chicago gangster Al Capone then Old Log Cabin bourbon whiskey. Capone, through an intermediary, got word to Bugs that a shipment of the finest whiskey of the time was sitting in The S.M.C Cartage warehouse and was his for the taking for just $57.00 a case (a lot of dough at the time). The hit men whipped out Thompson machine guns and brutally gunned down the gang. The newspaper said that barrels of whiskey were lost in the harbor during the smuggling era in the 1920s. Vtg Amber E.c. E.G. The boys grew up in a neighborhood was known as Paradise Valley in Detroit’s lower east side, and most of them went to Bishop School. Cabin Atildecentacircsbquonotacirceurooelig, Kool Milds Kings Box 200 Class A Cigarettes Fed Ex Championship Indy Car. Many years ago I read he once lived on W. Mechanic Street in New Hope, Bucks County PA in what later was the Towpath Restaurant, where I lived for 6 years. Read on…. To my knowledge all original facts seem right. Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey empty Liquor bottle Collectiables. I have one eg booz bottle with all the same numbers as Tam and Sue, but mine has the labels on it. It was thought that such temperance would reduce crime, improve family life, and increase employee productivity. If there is anyone who is aware of this, it would be Tom Haunton who wrote the book on EG Booz. so you can contact him directly. Enjoy reading The Whiskey Jug? Please support me on Patreon! That dirt is millions of years old, but your bottle isn’t. She gave me this bottle with this story: ” I saw it in an old cabinet at my great-grandmothers house when I was little, I told daddy that I wanted that bottle and he got it for me. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Pa. Lots Bubbles In Glass, Amethyst Glass Bottle - Old Cabin Whiskey, Cast Iron Deer Wine Bottle Holder Whiskey Antler Rustic Hunting Wildlife Cabin, Vintage E C Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle Purple Glass Philadelphia Pa 1840, E.c. Booz's Old Cabin Amber Whiskey Figural Bottle 1840, Pheasant Hunter Whiskey Decanter Bottle Old Fitzgerald Cabin Still Jim Beam 1968, Vintage Cabin Still - Buck - Whiskey Decanter Bottle Sportsman Collection - 1967. Thanks Mike for your great article. I just spoke with Tom at the Baltimore Bottle Show about stocking copies of this CD as well as his new book on New Jersey glass…won’t have them for a month or two. Their efforts succeeded in 1916 when the citizens of Michigan approved a prohibition amendment to the state constitution. This bottle was originally produced in 6 molds and originals are almost always amber or olive green in color, with rare aqua and clear. Here are a few shots from an early springtime walk to the shore. Only 1 left! I will try to post photos. There was a lot of bad blood between Al Capone’s Gang and Bugs Moran’s Gang. 2. I’ve researched the above brands history and even found a matching label but did not find d anything about the using A Booz’s or Wheaton bottle. OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE. You can contact him via eBay at (you need an eBay account and must be logged in). “The Old Log Cabin brand is kind of like the Zelig of the Whiskey world, it’s been popping up in the strangest places throughout American history” says Batch 206 Distillery owner, Jeff Steichen, with a chuckle. Old Log Cabin Whiskey While Batch 206 Distillery’s expression of Old Log Cabin Bourbon is approx. The bourbon was distilled in Montreal Canada by Distillers Corporation, at their LaSalle distillery. Yup, they may have bought it when they were in their 80s in 1975. Amethyst was not a color found in the original bottles. Can someone tell me more on this please? Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform.