Bill and Melinda Gates have been married since 1994, and she has stood beside her husband as his right-hand-woman over the course of their careers. That’s because Anne herself is a pretty big deal in the business world. She became one of the most recognizable faces in Ukraine. Oleksandra is great friends with American president Donald Trump and the rumours say that he was the one who introduced Oleksandra to Phil, who also happens to be one of his good friends. So, they have become each other’s domestic partner instead. Oleksandra explored her passion for modelling early in her life and she dedicated herself to healthy eating and exercising in order to prepare herself for the future as an international beauty queen. There’s no doubt about the fact that this man has made his mark on the world over the years, and that’s all thanks to his engineering brain. He’s become extremely famous across the world…. Hailing from France, Arnaud Lagardere is a million who has made some serious dough over the years. We’ve all reached for that tub of ice cream or had one too many pizza slices to get us through the tough times. George married Tamiko Bolton back in 2013, and while many have questioned their 40-year age gap, they seem to have also won people over with their love. The former couple had two children together during their marriage. He’s supposedly worth $3.4 billion, and he once had to spend $1.45 million of his fortune to kidnappers after his ex-wife was taken and held hostage. Oleksandra Nikolayenko was born in Budapest, Hungary on 3rd July, 1982 to an economist mother and an army officer father. Over the course of his career, Larry has been married four times. Not only is he the current United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, but he’s also the co-owner of the New York Jets – alongside his brother. As a former actress, this blonde bombshell has no trouble calling herself a trophy wife, and it seems as though she loves the money and the fame that comes with being Dr. Benveniste’s wife. About Us | Advertising Info | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, © 2020 The Hollywood Gossip - Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Food Innovation Group: Bon Appetit and Epicurious, Oleksandra Nikolayenko Married to Billionaire Phil Ruffin. While they welcomed three children in the world together, it seems as though his playboy ways were just too much for her. Over the course of his career, he has been able to amass a seriously impressive fortune, and it’s believed that he’s now worth around $33.2 billion. After divorcing his wife and courting Joan for a year, he managed to convince her to leave her husband and marry him instead. Bernie Ecclestone has been a huge name within the world of Formula One for as long as we can remember, and he served as the chief executive of the Formula One Group for decades. She’s the founder of One Kings Lane, which has gone on to become a hugely successful home and furniture website. She is now actively seen judging beauty competitions among other events. In fact, the billionaire and the vitamin business owner tied the knot in a ceremony that took place across a whole weekend. Before she met Michael, she was a talented athlete who had succeeded in various fields within the sporting world, but she now focuses her time and attention on philanthropic work. Although mostly a natural beauty, Oleksandra did have a minor plastic surgery done while she was a child. He has welcomed a whopping eight children into the world over the course of his life! It turns out that our four-legged friends could soon be by our side as... Major League Soccer is one of the many sports that has continued to thrive in these difficult times. That’s because this internet entrepreneur is the man behind the Zynga mobile gaming company, as well as Freeloader, Inc.,, and Tribe Networks. He has often been considered as the “F1 Supremo,” and he has racked up a net worth of $3.2 billion over the course of his career. Famous for her breathtakingly gorgeous features, she is a multi*pageant winner and quite a popular philanthropist. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. They have since welcomed two children into the world, though, and are still married today. The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, owned by her husband, was designed by her. With an estimated net worth of around $18.7 billion, there’s no doubt about the fact that he isn’t short on money. That’s largely due to their 46-year age gap. Now, they have moved away from the Royal Family. You probably don’t need us to tell you that Google is kind of a big deal. Larry Page is the co-founder of Google, and his net worth comes in at a whopping $67 billion. By Robert Coleman, Published on May 17, 2020, Are You Stress Eating? While they didn’t get married, they did welcome a child into the world together, and they eventually broke up in 2018. This Italian beauty is a former model who is still famous today, and it seems as though she is now using her fortune and her platform to help those around the world. He also doesn’t have any problems when it comes to winning over the ladies, as he has now been married – and divorced – three times. When Warren and Susan Buffett started living apart in 1977, Warren and Astrid got together – and they lived as a strange love triangle until 2004 when Susan passed away. When you head to the dentist, there’s a high chance that you visit a regular doctor who gets pretty well-paid but isn’t rolling around in a Ferrari on a regular basis. As if that wasn’t enough, Bernie has also been a hit with the ladies in the past, and he has been married three times. They have three children, Michelle Ruffin-Stein, Chris Ruffin, and Phil Ruffin Jr. Submissions? He’s most famous for being the first president of Facebook, and the co-founder of Napster, and it seems as though he has even more ideas on the horizon. Silvio Berlusconi is a well-recognized name across the globe, and that’s largely due to the fact that he served as the Prime Minister of Italy for three years. With a net worth of $8.3 billion, he certainly has a huge amount of money under his belt, but he also has a wonderful wife as well. It’s no secret that there’s a huge amount of money in gas and oil, and that’s exactly how Eike Batista has made his millions. As a model, actress, and television host, she has been in the business for decades. Named after his billionaire grandfather, this man has already built up millions of dollars for himself over the years. There are countless billionaires in this world, and Ernesto Bertarelli is one of them. Although his net worth has plummeted and he has been arrested for bribing a Brazilian governor, his girlfriend has stood by his side throughout the whole ordeal. While he has since welcomed a child into the world with his current partner, there was a time where he was with Talulah, who is a famous English actress. It seems as though this isn’t the only thing to be proud of, though, as John also has the pleasure of calling Eloise Broady his wife. The Niarchos family is known throughout the world as being one of the most successful Greek families that we have ever seen, and Stavros Niarchos II is the newest success on the block. After obtaining an MBA from Yale University, Wendi went on to become an investor, entrepreneur, movie producer, and art collector, and she is now pretty rich herself. Today, she spends most of her time working as a philanthropist. Oleksandra Nikolayenko, age 27, is married to 72-year-old billionaire Phil Ruffin. There’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Mark Zuckerberg. While he may not be a billionaire businessman, it’s fair to say that Prince William is still a big deal. She and her husband use their privilege and their money for various philanthropic ventures. Oleksandra got a very lucrative offer from Playboy to feature on their cover, but she refused. Although he has since remarried, Sergey and Anne were together for eight years from 2007 and 2015, and they became a hugely popular power couple. This social media platform has become extremely popular over the years, and this has allowed its co-founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel, the chance to become one of the richest men in the world. You probably don’t need us to tell you who Steve Jobs is. With a net worth of $3.1 billion, he was able to build up his career as the owner of famous Las Vegas hotels such as the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Three of those have been with his second wife, Stephanie Seymour. George Soros may be nearing his ninth decade, but that doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about him. He has founded numerous Silicon Valley companies over the course of his career and been able to build up a billion-dollar empire for himself at the same time. If you’re a gaming fanatic, you’re probably familiar with the name Mark Pincus. You may be familiar with the Paul Mitchell line of hair products, and if you use them yourself, you have John Paul DeJoria to thank for that. His last wife was Princess Ameera, who was married to the prince from 2008 until 2013. Most notably, she founded the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which helps those in poverty. Although he has since been declared bankrupt after his partying and playboy ways, there was once a time when British businessman James Stunt was a billionaire. Thanks to his impressive career, he’s worth around $4.2 billion. Over the course of her own career, Wendi has established herself as a woman to watch.