[44] He starred in a West German thriller Crime and Passion (1976) and had a cameo in Edwards' The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976). [78], On 12 July 2015, Sharif's funeral was held at the Grand Mosque of Mushir Tantawi in eastern Cairo. In each city, a team of local experts participated in the exhibition. Omar Sharif[a] (Arabic: عمر الشريف‎ Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʕomɑɾ eʃʃɪˈɾiːf]; born Michel Dimitri Chalhoub[1] [miˈʃel dɪˈmitɾi ʃælˈhuːb], 10 April 1932 – 10 July 2015) was an Egyptian film and television actor. At the 1964 World Bridge Olympiad he represented the United Arab Republic bridge squad and in 1968 he was playing captain of the Egyptian team in the Olympiad.[53]. *Les UltraPacks n’expirent jamais tant que vous vous connectez au moins une fois par an à votre compte. Sharif is the son of a Canadian mother, Debbie Sharif and an Egyptian father Tarek Sharif . La licence libre de droits de Getty Images comprend : Journaux et magazines (à l’exception des couvertures), émissions d’actualités, documentaires, sites Web à vocation non commerciale, blogs et publications sur les réseaux sociaux concernant des questions d’intérêt public, Couvertures de livres ou de magazines, utilisations commerciales, promotionnelles ou publicitaires, publi-reportages, recommandations d’achat, merchandising, tous médias confondus (presse, émissions commerciales, films, médias numériques). You should've seen the letter I got from my Aunt Rose! [12], His father, Joseph Chalhoub, a precious woods merchant, moved to the port city of Alexandria with his mother in the early 20th century from Zahle in Lebanon. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The funeral was attended by a group of Sharif's relatives, friends and Egyptian actors, his coffin draped in the Egyptian flag and a black shroud. On 10 July 2015, less than six months after his former wife's death at the same age, Sharif died after suffering a heart attack at a hospital in Cairo. ``The Italian journalist came to interview me about 25 years ago,″ Sharif said in an interview published Sunday in the Egyptian magazine Rose el … [81], His position on the 2011 Egyptian revolution. As of 2012 he was living in Cairo,[1] however shortly thereafter, uneasy about the “new Egypt,” he left the country. His dark good looks brought him to the attention of director David Lean, who cast him opposite O’Toole in Sharif’s first American film. [66] The two fell in love; Sharif converted to Islam, changed his name, and married her. In 2000 at Maastricht, he joined Egypt's senior team, finishing in ninth place. Les tableaux sont le meilleur endroit pour sauvegarder des images et des vidéos. Sharif was third-billed in Columbia's Behold a Pale Horse (1964), playing a priest in the Spanish Civil War alongside Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn. In 1954, Sharif starred in the film Struggle in the Valley with Faten Hamama, who shared a kiss with him although she had previously refused to kiss on screen. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The event was to present bridge as a rich, exciting spectacle and to break through into television to bring the game within the reach of millions. He had a supporting role in a French Marco Polo biopic, Marco the Magnificent (1965), starring Buchholz and Quinn. Only 25 have been struck, as determined by the agreement between UNESCO, Russia's Mosfilm and the Vivat Foundation. Omar was an Egyptian actor with Lebanese origins. Sharif was also praised for his portrayal of Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl (1968), at Columbia. In 1966, he won a third Golden Globe award for the titular role in the film Doctor Zhivago. [4], He has also worked as a model: He was “the face of Coca-Cola for the Arabic world and appeared in a major Calvin Klein print campaign in Egypt.”[5]. "ABC's 5 Years of Film Production Profits & Losses". Sharif, who will be forever remembered as the eponymous "Doctor Zhivago", died on Friday of a heart attack in an upmarket Cairo clinic at the age of 83 after a struggle with Alzheimer's disease. Votre chargé de clientèle Getty Images vous contactera pour le renouvellement de votre compte. In 2003 he said, "I went 25 years without making a good film. He had his first decent role in a big Hollywood film in a long time with The 13th Warrior (1999).