224 to 205I agree. Even when something bad happens to someone (getting stabbed), they can still feel like they actually belong somewhere (with the Royals). What good is it to die because of a hate for the jacket rather than Andy? Science Teacher and Lover of Essays. It didn’t really have to do with any gangs though. The producer who recorded us couldn’t really come up with a band when we asked him who we sounded like. #215 I think that they didn’t stab Andy because they didn’t know who he was. Click on the item to download a copy of the assignment or task. #216 This first quote means to me that they didn’t stab Andy because of who he was, they stabbed Andy because of who he was involved with, or who he associated with. The other man vs. himself conflict is between Andy and himself. I think that if Andy would have known the consequences of being in a gang, he would have never done it. It helped me a lot, thank you. He survived, but while that was happening he thought about all the mistakes and decisions he had made. He did so with great effort, but just because he took off the jacket, it didn’t stop him from dying. What I learned from the story was that everyone makes mistakes in their life that they will regret, and they learn from those mistakes. He also, knew that he was going to have to watch his back 24/7, but that still didn’t happen. On The Sidewalk Bleeding. 219 Andy is a bandwagon junkie at first. This response is completely juvenile therefore no one should use this. I flipped a couple times and I had a huge gash on my leg oozing out blood. Andy was stabbed because the Guardians didn’t want him there. To:201 From:202 You used a lot of detail from the story in you blog. We’re also into August Burns Red and Atreyu.” - Fort Saskatchewan Record - 2007. Being a gangster is what got him shot, and now he won’t get to marry his girlfriend and have a life with her. Can you give me some more examples of things you liked, or that don't make sense, or that I could change? He had been stabbed ten minutes ago. I was one of those people. The world didn't know he was alive. He was thinking about how he wanted to get married and have kids with her. Andy at the end of the story decides that he does not want to be a Royal anymore. The story was first published in Manhunt magazine in 1956. I have to disagree that he wanted to die as a royal, because in the story he takes off his jacket. Andy did look back at his life, feeling sad. questions, poured over Andy as he lay in his final minutes on a rain-washed sidewalk, at the end of an alley, where he suffered an open wound gash to his stomach just moments after being confronted by a rival gang. Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction are now offering a free compilation of new and old tunes via ninja2009.com.Fort Saskatchewan's On The Sidewalk Bleeding is taking the free route too. On the Sidewalk Bleeding Worksheet . To ensure only genuine musicians and bands are creating and applying to band openings. Andy’s personal image alters my opinion of who someone really is. If you have true fiends talk to them about it. They didn’t cut him because he was Andy, they cut him because he was a Royal. Don't let yourself be shut out you might miss something. "This is really to reach a new audience, so we decided to give it away. Author Evan Hunter shows the importance of self-identification and the use of labels in the short story “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” Andy went out to get some cigarettes while wearing his bright purple jacket with lettering across the back that read the royals. #206What Andy finally thought about his life is that he didn't want to be a royal any more. On the Sidewalk Bleeding, brings to light conflicts between man vs. man and man vs. self, a setting that exemplifies the tone of the short story, a theme of identity, and a single piece of symbolism. The theme of the story “On the Sidewalk, Bleeding” is identity. He wanted people to know hes andy. He wore a bright purple silk jacket. Being part of a gang is just a symbol, it means nothing. He wants people to know him for him not from a label that is on his jacket. (: Blogger#228 Blogger#225 Agree with what you say about Andy`s thought process, but I wrote different then you. The boy did not stab him, he stabbed the jacket. The man in the couple walks up to Andy and considers helping him but then he sees his jacket, which is a jacket for the gang, the Royals. I know how you feel about that. He struggles in pain to do so. Walking down the street at the wrong time could be absolutely deadly, and for Andy, it was. What I learned from Andy’s experience was not to get involved in a gang. 213I think Andy’s thought process and what he decides about his life is that he wants to live. On the Sidewalk Bleeding is headlining a show of four acts at the local youth organization.Mapping the Escape, All Shaded Squares, and Eli Ritz, all from Edmonton, will take the stage before On the Sidewalk Bleeding closes the show.In May, On the Sidewalk Bleeding hits the road on a western Canada tour that wraps up in mid-June. Andy also fights with himself over the decisions he has made in life. In the beginning of the story, Andy is stabbed by a rival gang called the Guardians who, during the stabbing, say “This is for you, Royal!” These two gangs stand for different things and hold different territory. Factors Affecting Students Gender Identity, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrialization. Many people think it’s cool to be in a big gang but truthfully I don’t think it is, it’s just unnecessary violence. This third quote means that the world didn’t know he was Andy, they didn’t know he was alive, nobody knew his name, all they knew about him is that he was a Royal and that’s all they cared about. I think as a band Underoath is probably one of our biggest influences. To me it has to be one of the worst life choices.All in all, being in a gang will just cause inconvenience. I think that Andy should have used more thinking and actually seen what happens when you join gang and all of its consequences. With one cross-Canada tour under their belt already, OTSB is planning their second tour for May. This world is full of fakes. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Being true to yourself is more important.--219. It seems like it’s the favorite song of a lot of people that have heard our stuff,” he said.“And as a band we really like it.”The album’s exposure has been limited to the band’s Myspace site.“Anyone that’s heard our stuff live or on Myspace has told us that they really like it. 1) Cover Page. Andy realizes that he wants nothing to do with the gang he is in. It took a knife impaling his stomach and an hour of fluent blood flow running from his body to realize that he is human. Brothers Andrew and Paul Hansen, and Reuben Wurtz represent the Fort, while Tom Pawelec and Jeff Reirson are from the Park.“Paul and I were in the band Tragedy at Sunrise. He believed that being in the gang made him unable to do what he wanted to do in life. You could get arrested and put in jail for some of the things gangs do. It was an important song and we named the EP after it. They’ve got the whole Alexis on Fire thing going where they’ve got really nice harmonies and some pretty aggressive style too. We include a link to your profile in band openings, to build trust with musicians and help them decide if they will be a good fit. I thought that was a good part to add. It was his choice to be a Royal he didn't have to be one, he chose to be one. 214Dear 218,Thanks! To 201- Thanks for the feedback. Tom gave us a call and asked if we’d jam with him. All because of his choice of being in the Royals made him lose his life at a young age. For people supposedly claiming a certain territory of their location, when in fact that place never really belonged to thing in the first place? Let the 'judgers'think what they want. 209@205I liked how you tell why Andy got stabbed. This title does not serve as any good if your dying because you are dying as a royal not yourself. You might think your “cool” and top of the line but it’s just a mix up of trouble. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Science, English, History, Civics, Art, Business, Law, Geography, all free! There are three narrative elements to the short story, “On the Sidewalk, Bleeding.” The ones that will be discussed are conflict, theme and setting. 220 That's crazy your brother got stabbed at, I know the feeling of knowing that experience. The closest thing I’ve been to being stabbed was in a bike accident. In this story, the setting makes a huge difference to the power of the book. To celebrate the release they along with many of their friends in the music scene are assembling at Avenue Skatepark, 9030 118 Street, to showcase the material from their new album. People get music for free, it's great exposure for us, and I think everybody wins. I want to be known as me I don't want to just be known for being in a gang. 225to 221 Honestly I think it's horrible to get judged for anything. I am sorry you get judged too. 216@209 I agree with you because if Andy wasn't wearing the jacket he wouldn't have gotten stabbed and he wouldn't be lying there on the sidewalk. He wanted people to know that Andy died.From Andy’s experience I learned that gangs are no good.