Check out these excellent stands! Fire (KO), Explosion (KO), Electric (KO), Shock (KO). Defense is 6. These are the Tuff Puffs that break off when you damage Huff N. Puff. Its attack power is exactly the same as the character it's imitating. Dry Dry Desert. This is a Piranha Plant. While the Water Vellumental is in the air, maneuver Mario close enough that he can jump on the dragon's back. It'll definitely hurt if you jump on 'em. He's a sight to behold in the heat of battle. These security bots patrol Fort Francis day and night... Max HP is 5. This is a Stone Chomp, who guards the treasure in this room. The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department. Do you really want to know what a Smack attack feels like? It's your call, Mario. Take care of him before he can pump up his companions! Attack is 6. This will cause the Hole Punch to land upside down for one round. This is a Koopatrol. Bill Blasters are the cannons that shoot out Bullet Bills. Let's take this chump! He's training under The Master and is happy to fight us. Remember, he can't stay disguised forever. He seems tougher this time... Luckily for us, he also looks pretty tuckered out. The power of that attack is 2. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan. Now's your chance to hit the Fire Vellumental with your best attacks. Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0 He's the boss of Red Goomba and Blue Goomba. They look almost exactly like your garden-variety Dark Goomba, so be careful... That's Dark Luigi. And by the way, is he not THE HUGEST KOOPA EVER!?! This will freeze Scissors in place so it cannot do it's insanely overpowered attack. You can use that time to either jump on its rubber back with your strongest boots or reach an activated 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle to hit the rubber backing. But now I can’t seem to bring him back. When it looks like this, direct Mario to the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle (make sure you turn it on first). All Bombshell Bills fired from Bombshell Bill Blasters have the same formation. He seems to be weak to explosions, so try using Boomer on his feet... You remember that after setting a bomb, you can use. Category:Enemies in Super Paper Mario - MarioWiki, the encyclopedia of everything Mario. If you're playing without motion contols, press A several times until the Earth Vellumental is defeated. Attack is 4. Some say they live between dimensions, but nobody knows for sure... That’s a Dark Headbonk Goomba. They also have an annoying habit of calling in reinforcements. This is Lee disguised as Kooper. ...Big surprise, huh? Max HP: 99, Defense Power: 2 He has a huge arsenal of attacks, from blowing clouds of fire to jumping on us. Don't forget to a chart a course through hearts if your health gets low. OK, that wasn't funny. They are rarely seen. His Max HP is 20. These flowery followers of King Croacus live underground... Max HP is 12 and Attack is 3. This strange weed will stay low if you cozy up to the side of its pipe... That's a Paragoomba. Slide Kick (10), Double Combo (5 + 6), Triple Combo (5 + 6 + 7). Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0 Even Jump attacks can't reach 'em when they're hanging on the ceiling, but earth tremors will knock 'em loose. This is Lee, of the Dojo. Groove Guys wear weird clothes. If you leave the Tuff Puffs, Huff N. Puff will swallow them up and restore his HP. Paper Mario is a role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 home video game console. Don't underestimate these nasty Koopas, Mario. Max HP: 60, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0 His thunder attack is very dangerous. We'd better hurry up and take them out of the mix. This is a Dull Bones. Max Hp: 2, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0 You can't hit 'em with the Hammer while they're airborne. Gamers on iPhone and iPad could be able to play Fortnite within months, but they'll need to do it via their web browser and Nvidia's cloud solution. Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0 They attack by singing a song. When reporting a problem, please be as specific as possible in providing details such as what conditions the problem occurred under and what kind of effects it had. Max HP: 20, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0 He has mastered the art of disguise, so don't let it faze you when he suddenly mirrors us. It's said that only the foulest Skellobits are promoted to Spiky Skellobit... That's a Skellobomber. Unlike other cacti, this one can move. This won’t be easy. Who knows why they moved here... Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0 They sometimes attack consecutively. They dwell in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 15. They live in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 20. Is it a plant or an animal? Lava Piranhas are plants that can somehow survive in lava. Watch out, that little song it hums can put you right to sleep... That snarling, tethered iron ball is a Chain Chomp... Max HP is 4, Attack is 1, Defense is 4. Hey, if you were a fiery plant, you'd love it in there, too. Some say the gas comes from their mouths. Petit Piranhas spew from Lava Buds. Be careful as he becomes incredibly powerful at this point. But I hear that it won't try to attack you if you stand on the bottom of the ocean. If you hurt it, it splits into smaller versions of itself... Hit it hard enough, though, and it will disappear... It’s a Dark Choppa. Attack is 4. They sometimes attack your friends (like me! This is a Yellow Magikoopa. Tip: if it's hard to remember the correct path, take a screenshot before the Ice Vellumental moves the rings around and then refer to it when solving the puzzle. You need to remember the safe course it created, and then turn the rings so that Mario can easily make it to his destination. They're pretty resilient. Try using Bowser's fire... That's a Dark Magiblot. All Origami Characters and Enemy List | Origami Character Gallery, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) Wiki Guide, Pokémon Sword and Shield Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Marvel's Avengers Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, >>[3]actually its more like Nightmare!sans passive form. Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 Be careful of the spiked hats they wear. To begin, move each of the wedges vertically across the board before rotating any rings. This is General Guy in his tank. Pretty brilliant, eh? Shell Toss (4), Charge Up, Shell Missile (10), Summon Friend (summon Koopatrol), Stand Up. Lee has disguised himself as Parakarry perfectly, so his attack power is the same as Parakarry's usual power. Maybe they wear sunglasses because they have really sensitive eyes. Move around the arena to dodge, then run up to the Buzzy Beetle's nose and start pulling Kamek off. But that might also give you an opportunity to attack... After all, she's not the real Peach... She's just a bad copy... That's Dark Mario. The Koopa Bros. have formed a tall Koopa tower! This is a Spike Top. Who cares if he's strong? It will only take 1 damage per attack... Gigabites are even more annoying than Megabites... No one knows where they come from or where they go... That's a Dark Boo. They are like other Fuzzies. Attack is 6. Finally, after all this time! It has tough skin and an appetite for everything... Max HP is ? As mini-bosses, the Bill Blasters in the Koopa Bros. Even flames can't hurt this beast... Its strong Defense protects it from most attacks. It's probably not very difficult for this Duplighost to disguise itself as Kooper. You can find these enemies in the 2nd part of Breezy Tunnel, after saving Olivia.Make sure to challenge them while on foot, using the Boot Car will defeat them immediately. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Toad Town. Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0 If he's the best in the Dojo, he must be pretty tough! They are strange on so many levels... Max HP is ??. It also shoots rings of energy from its mouth... You can’t break its barrier, but you can flip to get places it might not want you to... That thing is a Longadile. Try attacking them from a distance. If the Magic Circles aren't turned on, try to place an On button in your path to set up for next time. This is a Ruff Puff. That’s your only chance... Don’t let his quick movements confuse you. If they divide they become even stronger, so try to beat 'em before they can split. This kid...he's got guts! Normal: Enemy (Ex: Goomba) Italic: Mini-Boss (Ex: O'Chunks) Bold: Chapter Boss (Ex: Fracktail) Underlined: Support enemy (Ex: Frackle) Italic and Bold: Optional boss (Ex: Wracktail) Location(s):The location(s) the enemy appears in. It's a Sproing-Oing... For some reason, this creature lives to hop endlessly... Max HP is 1 and Attack is 1. This page was last edited on August 25, 2020, at 15:29. He can also clone himself. Defense is 3. This is truly the final battle... Winning is the only option... That's a Ninjohn. Touch it, and you will have a hard time jumping... You can’t tell what kind of Cursya these Dark Cursyas are by looking, so ask me... It’s a Dark Spania. This is a Bzzap! Black is pretty fashionable... Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1 He has a little bit of defense power, but you can flip him over by jumping on him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa. You'll have the best luck beating it if you flip it. (Ex: Goomba) Bold: Boss. Fire Stream (7), Ignite (becomes fiery again). It's a lifeless Koopa that enjoys throwing bones... Max HP is 15 and Attack is 4. It will shock you if you get too close... You'd better keep your distance until you see an opening to attack... Do you think it's related to the cloud Lakitu rides around on? Fire, Explosion (standing), None (flipped), Shell Toss (2), Ceiling Drop (3), Stand Up. Attack is 2. Fire Hop (4), Fireball Barrage (2, Partner). They live in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 10. It is a spiteful monster that curses everything it touches. Attack is 10. If you haven't already, work on removing the On button and Fire Vellumental Magic Ring from the treasure chest, plot a course to the activated Magic Ring and burn this bears ice shield away. Max HP: 15 It's hard to take him seriously. Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1 When you jump on 'em or use a POW Block, their wings fall off and they become normal Koopa Troopas. If the enemy only appears in special battles that cannot yield coins or items (such as bosses), or it is never present outside of battle, then this category will be listed as "N/A". It's very hard to stomp the last one... Pigarithms often drop many coins, so you may want to hunt them if you're broke... That's a Barribad. It floats in the sky, like a little grumpy thundercloud... Max HP is 15 and Attack is 4. ...Hence the name. This is Lee disguised as Lakilester. These little creatures depend on Skellobombers... Max HP is 5, Attack is 2, Defense is 1. Bowser...? If anyone notices some attacks from enemies which I … Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 1 Apparently he's grown wings, so he can fly now. The Fuzzies in Koopa Village disappear when a group of them is defeated in the backwoods. Eventually, Scissors will remove the protective covering and become incredibly deadly. They live in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is ??. While his cohorts are electrified, don't attack them directly or you'll be in for a shocking surprise. Attack is 4. Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now, best Nintendo Switch games with split screen or co-op modes, Best microSD Cards for your Nintendo Switch. During your next turn, activate and use the Ice Vellumental Magic Circle. If you use an explosion, you can make 'em fall down at once. Only enemies on the field will drop items; the player can use the. This guy doesn't mess around at all! Don't worry if you're fireproof. This aquatic boss will wash away any icons that are on the same wedge as the water sprouts, so make sure to keep that in mind while creating a path. It's a Dark Skellobit. Swoopers got their name because they swoop down out of the shadows. Flipping: It's a Goomba, one of Bowser's minions...Max HP 1, Attack 1.