I struggled on with it for a while, and what came out of it was a good relationship with Simon Day’s character and Mark’s, so in the end we came to enjoy doing the characters with an audience.". Back during the 2008/2009 season, Arsenal raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a foundation Daltrey has been instrumental in promoting with yearly concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and other events designed to raise money for the cause. Ruddock went white, he panicked, 'I didn’t say a thing Billy, honest'. Jude Law is actually Tottenham Hotspur's most famous fan, or maybe it's the King of Norway. | Gareth Southgate called Jordan Pickford to offer support after Merseyside derby, ‘Stupid’ to predict Southampton could top table, says Ralph Hasenhuttl, Fans to see how much agents earn from transfer deals under new regulations, Ian Baraclough grateful for Slovakia scouting help from Stephen Kenny, Northern Ireland to allow 1,060 fans to watch game against Slovakia. Billy Whitehurst was madder and badder than Gary Briggs and Malcolm Shotton (Oxford's fearsome defensive duo) put together. "When I first did Ron on the telly, I didn’t get it right and I could see it wasn’t really as funny as it should have been. But at that age ignorance is bliss and I went out to play my normal game. I suppose it sounded good. Next thing there was a mass brawl, and I'm there as a 16-year-old on my debut thinking, 'I caused all this'. Sadly, in 2005 the club's commercial director John Fillingham admitted the tale that Gorbachev would await Wigan results while sitting in the Kremlin in his club colours was made up. I’m starving." Early on Whitehurst was in my ear with the verbals and constantly swinging his elbows at my head. The quick character changing that is Fast Show trademark is not something that Whitehouse finds particularly difficult. Supports English football team Tottenham Hotspur. Read Craig Hope's unforgettable interview with Billy Whitehurst here. So here is Dominic Cork apparently he supports Stoke. The history of Oasis, and in particular its chief protagonists Liam and Noel Gallagher, is one entwined with that of Manchester City. "Always had time, make a little bit of space, look up, bag. Mr Saynor said Whitehouse, who had admitted speeding earlier, had taken a driver improvement course. On the end of a B-side, Oompah (Watery Bint), Plant used observations made by Wolves legend Steve Bull on telephone clubcall line. As we go through the most famous fans of each English Premier League club, you'll notice there is a mix of both categories. It makes you think that Whitehouse is a bit more complicated than he would like to let on. Paul got up thinking, 'Ah yeah, he wants a piece…', before realising it was Billy, who just lifted him in the air.