As such, your vet will look to provide supportive care over the course of the illness, treating the symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, and boosting their strength with optimal nutrition. Therefore, its important to note that your dog can pick up the virus during a routine walk, or the virus could be brought into their home via a shoe that has stepped in an infected stool. Using dog-friendly water battles and water-fountains make the whole process easier. Let us know explore the topic further to help you understand why you should not feed peanut butter to your rabbit. If you don't have the supplies or don't know how to perform the procedures, your veterinarian does. When analyzing the nutritional content of peanut butter, you soon see why this is not an appropriate food for rabbits: With this in mind, rabbits should not be given peanut butter for the main following reasons: 1. Rabbits need foods that promote good gut bacteria, so aside from nuts, rabbits, should not be fed the following foods: When it comes to caring for your pet rabbit, you do need to pay special attention to their diet. Therefore, you need to provide high energy whilst simultaneously providing easy to digest foods that will be gentle on their delicate and irritated stomachs. We are pet enthusiasts and love sharing everything that we learn about them! That is of course, if you get them the specialist care they need promptly. These include calcium, phosphorus, and acid. How do you think about the answers? Load him up in the car and get moving, or you'll likely watch him die. Routinely visit your Vet and get frequent health checkups. I have a 4 moth old neo mastiff and he has parvo, he is really skinny i'm keeping him hydrated with this emergency parvo tea but it's not working i give it to him every hour what else can i do please help me please? The home remedies below are often recommended by vets to improve well-being, speed of recovery and to generally ease symptoms. Here are some of the main symptoms commonly observed with dogs with the Parvo virus: If you are concerned that you dog has Parvo, you may see the following symptoms: One of the most outwardly observable symptoms to the Parvo virus is a unique and increased odor to the smell of your dogs feces. While peanut butter is perfectly fine for humans and some animals to consume, for a rabbit, the effects of eating peanut butter (especially in large quantities) can be catastrophic to their health. Instead, their diet must be high in fiber and low in overall energy – which is why hay is ideal for them. Their digestive systems cannot cope with any food that is high in fat, protein, and/or carbohydrates.