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If you're revo-thing-amie, perhaps you would collect my trucks while I collect Gordon's coaches. They're caterpillars. : Ma! : Come along, Bertram... Gordon: [James is about to go on the turn table] Take care. Lets go party. / That's the best joke ever! Let's pay him out! Then he'll have to wait too! Had you not've come back sooner I might've been desperate. Boco: You're right, Duck. I have a microwave fireplace in my house. Percy What are you even doin' in the same room with a glass of milk? A randomly offensive look at recently amusing, stupid, obnoxious, and/or serious items that tickled my fancy, and/or, just ticked me off. 317 matching entries found. See you tomorrow. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? : Duck: Oh? Are you? The human contribution is the essential ingredient. What would you do then? Why, from here to there, and then from there to here. You crawl like one, too. Where there is a difference between what the user and myself presume in this regard, presumptuously, my presumption takes precedence. "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Quotes." Playing tank engines? We like Diesel. [while laughing at Anastasia for being hit in the head with a flying hubcap, he snorts milk out of his nose]. Percy What date did Percy L.Spencer invented the microwave oven and magnetron? I must go now. Daisy: My fitter's a very nice man. Bertie: [to Thomas, who is careening down the track with a jet engine propelling him from behind] Want a race, Thomas? Goddammit! Rusty: And who's to say that *you're* not afraid of ghosts? [Duck and Percy break the strike]. Narrator: The van behaved better after that. You deserve it! Thomas: [bemused] Your ugly fizz is enough to frighten *anyone*! Thomas: Yes. What ugly wheels you've got. Dreams Wisdom Thanksgiving Inspirational Spirit Fall Season Victory Poetry Judgement Intention Poets Literature Society Music Obedience Philosophy History Death Ignorance. "Daisy," he says, "Never never pull. And I'm out of smokes! Spencer Tracy's widow is still alive, and she respected that. : Boco: A good name. If we hurried across the viaduct, it might collapse, and then you'd have no passengers at all. I like you. Penicillin was discovered when Alexander Fleming left a petri dish on some old map when he went away on vacation. Thomas: there's more than one way to get *jammed. I shall *not* be inviting you back! You might stick too. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? : He couldn't stop! It's been a while since I drank this stuff, hang on! I'd just blow smoke and make them buzz off. : Thomas: Who's been late every afternoon this week? Donald: It's tae leave ye behind, I'd be wanting! Kevin thought he'd like to have another pet of his very own. : Help! Kevin's father was told he was being dishonourably discharged from the Army. Are you afraid of bees? I am trying to help you by bringing Diesel here. Narrator Thomas: I can't help that. : Donald and Douglas will miss their turntable until it is mended. I'm me, and you're a me knockoff. Percy Who cares. Fall … : Holy shit! Clangety-clong! - Harlan Ellison, Disclaimer: Frankly, I don't give a flying fuck. Shunter: I can't understand. You tell tales about us to the trucks. I've done it. Besides, I'm Percy Spencer. It's as tame as a pet rabbit. Loosely translated, this means, You're on your own, Bernice. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Like how silly we'll look when our funnels turn into icicles. Anastasia Edward's old, but he'll surprise us all. Diesel: [in the sliest voice imaginable] Good morning. : | [laughs] Don't be frightened, Thomas! : Series dispersas en diversas plataformas de streaming que quiero visionar. Showing search results for "Percy Spencer" sorted by relevance. I wish my microwave had a 'stealth mode' so the people I'm living with don't know I'm having a midnight snack. Custom and user added quotes with pictures, It is ludicrous to read the microwave direction on the boxes of food you buy, as each one will have a disclaimer: "THIS WILL VARY WITH YOUR MICROWAVE." Ye didnae say! The other night I laid down in front of the fire for the evening in two minutes. : He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave. Clangety-clong! Percy We don't like you. : Milk? Percy Duncan: Pah! I'm stuck in an elevator! Percy [Percy at the fairground hearing a breaking sound in the women's bathroom]. George: I don't move for imitation steamrollers! Gordon arrived in time to see everything. Peter Take my advice; scrap your tender and have a nice bunker. [bumps some trucks and sends them screaming] Gurrrrr! Easy isn't it? : Oh, and like that makes a fuckin' difference! Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? | I don't need rails. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? Diesel: Your worthy fat... uh, Sir Topham Hatt sent me. Goodbye! George: I'm too busy. Percy They're only insects after all, so don't let that buzzbox diesel tell you different. : As a result of the feminist revolution, feminine becomes an abusive epithet. You're highly sprung and pulling is bad for your swerves." Then I had to pinch out the rollie butts to make rollies out of the rollies. [. Duck: You never asked me. There are presumed to be terms and conditions of use of this material, and they are further presumed to be exactly what they may reasonably be presumed to be by you, the user, and myself, the blogger. Had you not've come back sooner I might've been desperate. He is mistaken. What was Percy lavon Julian's famous quote?