Tony, wearing his full Imperial battle armour, fought back against the creature as best he could while Iced ordered their reserve forces to launch an air-strike on their position. were common, leading a few to predict the character on screen was not the true Tony. Proving to be insurmountably powerful in this form, Antony began a final beat down of Tony. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Picking up on the hint, Antony went with him - not to their original destination - but to somewhere new from which to ambush their stalkers. Ki Blast Over their time together, Goma outlined his vision for the new world: the Multiverse replaced by a Monoverse - timelines and universes merged in harmony without paradox, and the destructive powers of change, the realm Zen-Oh, removed. Hoping to assassinate Zen-Oh during the Finale of the Tournament, he was stopped by the unplanned presence of Beerus, and was dealt a near-defeat by Tony before withdrawing. Antony appeared to consider this for a moment: stopping when Iced called him by his true name, "Tony", but ultimately followed through on the orders of his God, and disappeared from the battle. As in the original timeline, the Wizard Babidi sought out the resting place of Majin Buu - an ancient and powerful chaotic entity who once threatened Universal extinction, before the intervention of the Kais. Full Power Energy Wave is one of the most common Blast 2 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and Raging Blast series. Having taken control of the Cold Empire from his murderous cousin Frieza in Age 746, and exiling his cousin Cooler and Uncle King Cold to the edge of the Universe, Tony's Forces spent the next few years mopping up hold-outs of Frieza and Cooler loyalists. When Tony asked "why him" , Goma responded cryptically that he and he alone was (in another life) able to "survive the death of a Universe, only to transcend" (referring to Demigra's destruction of Universe 7, and the Time Patrol Tony's miraculous survival and ascension to God Form). Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 382. To meet this role, the physical design of Antony had to be identical to Tony (early ideas involved different head/horn types, inverted colour schemes, and even different sunglasses). Arriving in an unknown timeline many eons in the future, in an-specified lifeless Universe, on a planet clearly ravaged by destruction, decay, and extinction: Antony explained that this was the fate of every world - all worlds - in every conceivable timeline, under the stewardship of Zen-Oh. It was decided then that Tony needed to confront his other self, and take the information by force if necessary, while also removing this potential threat. Trunks had been identified as the "weak link" in the organisation, with whom he could most easily ingratiate himself in order to gain the trust and acceptance of the organisation leaders. The universe itself had attempted to correct an imbalance while the two fought: the result, it seemed had been the loss of his "God" Form, this immense Universal Power, forever. Bardock kills Toolo with a Full Power Energy Wave, Toolo vaporized by Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave, Bardock charges an Energy Wave to kill Dodoria's Elite, Bardock fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Dodoria's Elite, Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave blasts Dodoria's Elite, Bardock ends the Flash Spirit combo with an Energy Wave, Bardock fires a Full Power Energy Wave in, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket about to shoot his Full Power Energy Wave, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket fires his Full Power Energy Wave, Jeice fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goku, Goku dodges Jeice's Full Power Energy Wave, Jeice fires another Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha fires his Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha's Full Power Energy Wave explodes, Salza fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goku, Goku blocks Salza's Full Power Energy Wave, Salza fires his Full Power Energy Wave at Piccolo, Android 13 uses an energy wave against Goku, Android 13 charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Neko Majin Z fires a surprise Full Power Energy Wave at Vegeta, Goten is hit by Super 17's Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 charging his Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 prepares to fire the Full Power Energy Wave at Dr. Gero, Super 17 fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Vegeta, Vegeta charges a Full Power Energy Wave in, Fasha charging her Full Power Energy Wave in, Fasha firing her Full Power Energy Wave in, Salza charging his Full Power Energy Wave in, A Saibaman charges its Full Power Energy Wave in, The Saibaman fires its Full Power Energy Wave, Tarble charging his Full Power Energy Wave in, A Saibaman uses a Full Power Energy Wave in, Frieza Soldier prepares his Full Power Energy Wave in, The Frieza Soldier's Full Power Energy Wave in, Bardock charges a Full Power Energy Wave in. Updated Appetizing Rush and all it's recolor variants descriptions. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2. hide. The brand started as manga, but was quickly adapted as the anime series, and later also film screenings and games. He told Tony of Zen-Oh, the childlike being who had fallen far since he ousted Goma from his rightful place alongside him, and who was now managed by bureaucratic and scheming Angels, the Grand Minster - leader of the Angels - pulling Zen-Oh's strings as little more than a puppet. ... PSN: Xaroc__ (playing Xenoverse 2 on PS4) CaC-Name: Xaroc 交代だ ("Kōtaida") "My turn." Death SlashDeath Wave, "Fire a beam from your fingertips and mow down the enemy!". how can i get the "before creation comes ruin" or "berfore destruction comes ruin" super soul? These "raids" could be a single planet at a time, or a prolonged months long attack seeing hundreds of systems lost before he eventually disappeared - either to rest for a time or find new targets elsewhere in space. Tony demanded to know who the voice was, but it neither answered nor showed itself, simply stating that he had "nothing to fear" and that he was only here to offer a solution - the voice admitting that it was truly he who needed Tony. We aim to grow to support many more games and modding communities. However the announcement of Xenoverse 2 and wrapping up of the Xenoverse 1 episodes delayed the execution of this concept, and allowed for further story development. Not yet aware of what had attacked them, Tony ordered Bushmir to reinforce trade routes and major trade hubs within the Empire in an effort to keep order and prevent panic or riots - a measured and sensible, if ultimately hopeless response. Full Power Energy Wave is one of the most common Blast 2 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and Raging Blast series. Note: As discovered in Dragonball Xenoverse 2 #34 "History of Antony", the biographies of Tony and Antony are identical up until the timeline split caused by Shenron plucking Tony from his own timeline to join the Time Patrol. Having failed once to kill Zen-Oh, Goma and Antony spent an unknown amount of time (three days from the perspective of Max, back in Conton City, and mere hours at most from the perspective of Tony and Iced, though very likely far, far longer) traversing the Omniverse, erasing realities and absorbing the Universal energies of each. Everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you can find it here. The player gains points based on the damage dealt to the boss, which is obtained at the end of the quest regardless of victory or defeat. The 100 skills included here will just have to do for now. In return he requested just "one thing" to be included in Goma's new world. Deciding that this pitiful reflection of himself needed to experience the same terror he had endured, Tony began to systematically destroy worlds throughout the Empire. Battling Tony this time proved to be far less easy. Granted limitless time to train by Goma, by their next encounter the scales had once again tipped vastly in his favour through repeated timeline and universal erasure to fuel his Universal Power. After a brutal battle, one in which Tony appeared to be holding his own, Iced realised that Antony was not using the immense power he once displayed when they had fought previously. (Gold/Yellow, Red/Orange, Cyan, Royal Blue, Green, White, Black, Purple, Magenta). Goma, realising what had happened began to scream at Antony to kill Iced "lest he undo our victory again", but was silenced by Maximum Stone who continued their own battle. Anthony (most of the time when mentioned in the comment section by people who can't spell). With no other forces close enough to respond, Tony ordered his command ship to the system and led a ground force including Iced to investigate. Knowing Tony to still be out there, Antony prepared for an infiltration mission of The Time Patrol itself, located in a pocket dimension of the Kai of Time's own creation, called "Conton City". Then, offering his own Universal Power in the fight against himself, he transferred the collective energy of untold universes to Iced with the instruction to get it to Tony on the battlefield, who would be able to control it without risking death. Antony remained off the Time Patrol's radar for a while, traversing (and eliminating) more timelines with Goma while seeking Universal Power. He was alone, the Universe was falling apart, and while it may be too late to save this reality, he - Tony - was destined to save all others from a similar fate. It also appears as a common Ultimate Skill in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and can be obtained by the Future Warrior by purchasing it from the Skill Shop after completing the Battle of … I'm not exactly looking for the overpowered skills, unless they just happen to be a pain to acquire in Xenoverse 2. Unchanging: until Iced reappeared. Show more. When the Finale came, with "Mr.Goa" facing none other than the Time Patrol's Tony, the plan was put into action, with Goma summoning Antony to the arena just as Grand Zen-Oh appeared. Having hit a dead end from his office in Conton City, Iced "borrowed" a Time Machine from the Patrol in order to follow up on a lead, outside Universe 7 and the Time Patrol's jurisdiction, leaving him AWOL for weeks with only a recording left for Max explaining his disappearance. Tony arrived at Earth, the ground-zero of Buu's invasion. The Kais of Time were too limited to see the scope of even their own Universe's branching histories, and could at best contain the worst incidents of direct Time Breaker hostility: yet more harbingers of chaos across the Omniverse, who deliberately split and corrupted timelines to their own ends. However no "God" transformation - as Goma explained it had been dubbed by the other Tony - had been achieved. Sorry for the inconvenience please enjoy! Despite this potential, he initially possed limits to his power; jealously lacking, at his first meeting with Tony, the "God" transformation that Tony had managed to achieve.