This would be the centerpiece of any motorcycle collection, a remarkable piece of history and a genuinely beautiful example of industrial artwork. WE know better. The early models had single-speed transmissions and were started by pedaling, not unlike a moped. Being ignorant by CHOICE is a flaw–or at least it ought to be. Editors are usually people with training in English or possibly journalism... or degrees in English–which is how one sees so many mistakes regarding technical and historical information to this day in 2015. • Next is 1901... WHERE IS THE REFERENCE TO PIERCE-ARROW??? In 1906 George and Percy Pierce’s business was doing so well that they decided to expand and separate the automobile manufacturing division from the bicycle and soon to be motorcycle division. If you’ve never had a frightened horse bolt with you on its back you’ve missed one of life’s memorable experiences. Pierce-Arrow was only in business from 1901-1938, but the company made some incredible cars at that time. Failing to care is not a plus- it's a minus. NADDA! Pierce Cycles are highly collectible because of their Unique and Superior Construction, Widely considered the upper echelon of Antique Bicycles. As the 1890’s progressed Pierce introduced improvements to their bicycles with the “Cushion Frame” being one of the most important. FN were, and still are, a manufacturer of fine firearms. While the Providence, Rhode Island, dealer advertising this Pierce on provides little information about its condition, the photos show an antique motorcycle that looks nicely restored. In all likelihood, there will continue to be these strange myths–especially now with the Internet and the fact that anyone can claim to be a bicycle history expert simply by saying so! Slightly negotiable There is no evidence that bicycles from George N. Pierce Company ever were branded “Pierce-Arrow.”. Chopper Cruiser & Lowrider Parts (69), Vintage & Reproduction Parts (62), Fixed Gear, Track, Road Bike, Fixie Parts (37), Seats, Seat Posts, Clamps, Etc. In a forum, one can be a big hero by picking up partial information from elsewhere (like borrowing it from us without crediting us) and presenting it as if the poster knew it all on their own! • "Who REALLY Invented The Mountain Bike?? George Pierce sold all his rights in his company in 1907, shortly after the new factory had been built. This Bicycle would Be Perfect For a Collection, Conversation or Decoration. And that's fine. The very first Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow produced will be offered without reserve at #RMHershey this Friday Oct 6. There are 1 items available. No. The former briefly did, though, after buying out Ace, the company started by Henderson’s co-founder. During the time that Percy Pierce was establishing his motorcycle business dramatic changes were happening for his father and the automobile division. Surely you MUST know this! The big HEADLINE of these ads usually said "PIERCE-ARROW" in big letters... and then in the text of the ad... simply "PIERCE." But despite its age, it can still keep up with modern traffic. You’ve no doubt heard of the song “Only a bird in a guilded cage…” and the manufacture of delicate guilded cages was the way the Heinz, Pierce and Munschauer company began business in the wake of the Civil War in 1865. Same hands and face. As a result, Pierce-Arrow only built 5 Silver Arrows. Even scholarly articles, lovely books, Internet sites seem to repeat a lot of the same mythical stories in one way or another. Do you see anywhere it says "Pierce-Arrow"??????? Follow more updates from MotorBiscuit on our Facebook page. (13), Sprockets, Cogs, & Freewheels (7), Tires: Vintage Cruiser & Chopper (15), Wheels: Vintage Restored & Custom (2), Antique Spalding Chainless w Spoon Coaster Brake TOC Bicycle $6800. Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. That engine design would be changed and improved on over the years of production with the capacity changing to 707cc (43 cu. In taking over the bicycle company Percy Pierce was determined to move into motorcycle manufacture and looking for the best ideas he made the journey to Europe again., Fixed Gear, Track, Road Bike, Fixie Parts, LL Craigs List Bike Sales & ebay Part Auctions. But the bicycles were already prestigious in their own right BEFORE the cars appeared. Pick up in sea cliff ny only!!! The motorcycle brand was started by Percival Pierce, the son of George N. Pierce. The bike had a rigid frame but was installed with sprung front forks and a sprung seat to ensure a comfortable ride. All Rights Reserved. Based on a set of photos and captions published in, Internet forums are sometimes good. And the 1911 Pierce-Arrow Four that recently sold for almost a quarter-million dollars has both. Percy was making and selling his Pierce Arrow Four motorcycles priced at USD$350.00, which was very expensive at the time but which was actually below the cost of manufacturing them. and surely you folks out there KNOW we have the catalogues. So, it’s hard to dispute the lofty asking price of $150,000, which puts it still in the realm of wealthy enthusiasts. The gearlever for the two speed gearbox was mounted to the left of the frame. Not only were the economics of production for the Pierce Arrow Four troublesome but competition from other motorcycle manufacturers was also telling. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The company that made the bicycles was originally the George N. Pierce Company of Buffalo, NY. Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. An item that has been used previously. Multiple US presidents rode in Pierce-Arrows; Woodrow Wilson’s is still around. The people who write the history... are the people who write the history. Details and accuracy DO count- whether you are making cars, building houses or writing history. The Pierce Arrow Four featured in our pictures is a 1911 model and is completely original, making it a remarkable 108 year old motorcycle. Like most stupidity, It is a train that won't be stopped. It is STILL wrong! Vintage, one hand-brake, foot-break, I just put two new tires on it. –INCLUDING THE LATEST (2015) NUTTY ARGUMENT! The Cushion Frame incorporated springing in a rear shock device and subsequent to that spring forks in 1903. At the time of its release, Autoblog reports, the Silver Arrow cost the modern equivalent of $198,300. During their production, only about 500 Pierce Four motorcycles were built, making them exceedingly rare and collectable today. The Pierce engineers made significant improvements, and the Pierce Four was ready for customers in 1909. These were expensive motorcycles, directed at the same wealthy buyers of Pierce-Arrow automobiles. In a forum– in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.